Sunday, September 05, 2010

16 of the Best SciFi Cartoons

I have to admit that I am a bit of a geek. I used to be a freak but I got better. Not a nerd as I was athletic (football, baseball, hockey), knew how to dress, liked girls AND wasn't afraid of them, played chess, was on debate team, liked science but didn't like math.

I used to think that I was a tecky, no NOT trekkie! Although, I have liked all the various incarnations of ST, except for Voyager but that is because of my, short fat girl with a munchkin voice phobia, but I digress.

I used to sell computers back when they were still low tech compared to the boss kit computers like Altair 8800 or Heath kit H89. You know, the more user friendly kind like the Commodore Vic 20 or 64. The Atari 800, Apple Lisa, Apple III, the portable Osborn and the IBM PC. I really liked the multi-user Altos ACS8000-2. However, I wasn't into all the minutia of 'puter lingo of ROM, RAM, bits, bytes, bauds and playing with solder irons and circuit boards. I just wanted to play games, write without having to use White Out, and do a simple spreadsheet (remember Visacalc and Supercalc?) to figure out my selling range to make a good commision. I was just pretty much a knowledgeable user and not a tech head.

Back to b
eing geek. It probably was my love for SciFi that got me interested in technology, computers and kept me interested in animation within the SciFi Fantasy genre (especially the things that those Amiga programmers came up with.) Remember Heavy Metal Magazine? And the Heavy Metal movie? Awesome for its time.

There have been some great animation shows on TV for years. Most haven't lasted long enough and one (thank the Deity) has made it back to cable! So, here it is my fellow geeks, 16 of the best SciFi cartoons compiled by
Geeks are