Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Freedom Shenanigan #13

Takin' It to the Streets

by NonEntity

Exclusive to STR

September 4, 2007

A call to action.

The increase in police brutality and the militarization of the police are becoming ever more frequent laments of peace-loving people. Every day it seems I hear more stories of two kinds: First are those reports of totally uncalled for police brutality of innocent people or brutality on those who have already been secured and no longer present any threat to the officers involved; second are the reports of fed up "citizens" gunning down police.

There has to be a better way, and it needs to happen soon, for this insanity is escalating rapidly to the point of combustion. I have a germ of an idea which I really believe may be able to begin to turn the tide.

On a recent FreeTalkLive show, I heard the story of a man who was accosted by the cop in question, who called for backup support, detained this man for wearing his pistol openly on his belt. He got out of his car and was walking to the local pub for a regular meeting with some fellow "Free Staters." This act is perfectly legal and allowable under the local laws of the State of New Hampshire.

What happened next was magic. The man immediately picked up his cellphone and called a special number, leaving a message detailing the nature of his problem and his location. Within moments of the detention of this man, there was a crowd of observers and video cameras to witness and record the actions of the police and to be available to lend such support as might be appropriate. After a short bit of discussion, the man was allowed to go peaceably on his way and get to his meeting, if a bit late. The crowd dispersed. Everyone went back to their normal lives. I was impressed.

But the problem of the lack of accountability of the individuals who make up the force of government still remains. And here is where I think I have an idea perhaps as powerful as that of the phone notification system.

When a policeman, or other person claiming to act with the authority of the government, acts in a violent or abusive manner, get this person's name. Find out where this person lives. Then, using a computer meet-up group or other method of organizing with others, go to this person's home and picket. Stand up and voice your indignation so that all of this person's community is aware of what he or she has done. Talk to those who are open to hearing. Be respectful, but be firm. Make it clear what this person has done and why you find it unacceptable behavior from a fellow member of the community. It is likely that if there gets to be a regular parade of people out in the street in front of this person's house, he or she will have to start behaving a bit more respectfully or find that living in his community is too uncomfortable to stick around.

We might be able to turn our fascistic Law Enforcement Officers back into Peace Officers. Wouldn't that be nice?

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