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TSA Transferring Disease with Gloves?

Not only demand a pat down but that they also CHANGE THEIR GLOVES!!!


November 23, 2010

More Questions for the TSA

Some helpful observations from E.S.:

“I would like to point out that with respect to the TSA (or anyone) wearing gloves, the gloves are meant only as a barrier to the wearer. The article you linked says the TSA wears latex, but given the prevalence of allergy to latex and the pictures I’ve seen, I think they are wearing nitrile. The type of nitrile gloves used by the TSA are relatively porous (more than latex), especially after being worn more than 15 minutes or so. The gloves are never sterile to start with, so the TSA keeping them in their pockets doesn’t really affect passengers. However, the gloves should at the very least be changed between each search. Can you imagine if a passenger has lice or crabs and the TSA does the waistband check, then moves right on to the next passenger? What if someone has MRSA?”

“I work in a laboratory where I routinely test all manner of bodily fluids for infectious agents and I occasionally draw blood intravenously. I use the same kind of gloves. They are not marketed as anything but a basic barrier for the wearer, not to keep patients clean from the wearer’s germs. Had I been subjected to a search, I definitely would have insisted that the TSA wear new gloves, and that they change them in front of me. There is also a proper way to remove gloves that have any chance of being soiled. Essentially, in the lab we are taught to regard all samples as highly infectious and take proper precautions to prevent the most minor of chances that there could be disease transmission. I somehow doubt the TSA are trained in these details.”

Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro - TheHill.com

Next step for body scanners could be trains, boats, metro - TheHill.com

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big Pharma + Big Oil + Big Military = The Unholy Trinity

By Phasma Scriptor

No news here. Pharmaceuticals are corporate criminals. In my post "You, too, Bru Crew?" I cited the documentary, The Corporation (2004), based on Law Prof. Joel Bakan's The corporation: the pathological pursuit of profit and power, in which Bakan proposes that corporations, when behaving badly, should be viewed as pathological, as sociopaths. My proposal, pursuant to Prof. Bakan's thesis was that corporations, like Massey Energy and, more recently, BP, should be sued civilly, under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). RICO is a statute which was originally believed to allow prosecutors to go after organized crime figures and organizations under a statutory umbrella providing for treble damages, a severe financial club with which to kneecap, e.g., the Mob, La Cosa Nostra, the Organization, the Mafia, etc.; however, when clever attorneys read RICO carefully, they realized that there wasn't much, if any, restriction against whom or whatever fit the vague definition of possible targets. When the Supremes finally got the first cases appealing the onerous RICO damages taxed against ordinary corporations in the trial courts, they said that ordinary citizens could, in effect, use RICO to act as "private attorneys general"; see Private attorney general: West's Encyclopedia of American Law. Since then, attorneys-general-gone-wild have expanded the use of RICO into a specialized area of litigation requiring volumes of explication and examples; RICO is unquestionably the primary reason the rabidly pro-criminal-corporation Rs have such a twisted bunch in their Hanes over trial attorneys. The pharmaceutical companies that peddle death and disabling side effects via their brands of poisonous snake oil should be and have been brought into the cross hairs of RICO.

Because of the broad brush that RICO wields, whenever Big Pharma gets sized up for a royal hosing under RICO, Big Oil should be as well. Why? The HuffPost by Sen. Dianne Feinstein about her attempt get Bisphenol A (BPA) x-ed out of baby products (Chemical Industry Lobbyists Block Measure to Protect Infants and Toddlers) gives you a clue: Sunoco, a major oil company, makes BPA. Although BPA is considered a plastic, plastics and pharmaceuticals suffer from the same problem - both are completely dependent on petroleum as a raw material, see, e.g., Center for Science in Society. "[Blythe Hoyle, a former petroleum geologist] predicted that, although science will find ways to replace, with other sources, the fuel we need both for car transportation and the heating of buildings, we are 'going to be in trouble' in trying to replace [the petroleum needed to make] jet fuel ('unless we are willing to slow down again') and other products (such as plastics and pharmaceuticals." Hoyle's expressed quandary for continuing world prosperity of "trying to replace" the raw materials for jet fuel and plastics/pharmaceuticals proceeds from her "prediction of the end of the petroleum age, in 2040."

This isn't news, either, unless you live in the Rs' dream-state echo chamber, blissfully ignorant of what's known as Hubbert's Peak, or Peak Oil, the forecast made in 1956, by Shell Oil geophysicist Dr. M. King Hubbert that by, oh, let's look at the old clock on the wall, by 2004, global oil reserves will have reached their maximum accessibility; Hubbert Peak of Oil Production and Hubbert peak theory. which translates to "it's starting to cost us as much to get it out of the ground, as we can possibly afford to pay for it." Not exactly brain science, uh, rocket surgery, well, anyway, there are any number of excellent film docs about this horrendous fate awaiting all of humankind, all depressing, all gloom-and-doom (to which I, personally, am ill-suited), except for one, which I recommend as being, at least, a lot of laffs, that is, if you like Brits humor, which I do; Peak Oil by Robert Newman, takes awhile to get to the Peak Oil point, but does summarize the history of oil with far less drudgery than any other. Plus, as you'll note, it's only 45:37 in length because apparently the guy on the bike supplying the power to make the video got leg cramps.

The looming doom of this Big Trouble facing Big Pharma and Big Oil, as co-passengers in the same sinking boat, which Robert Newman so engagingly underscores, is being kited into oblivion by the American's Big Stick, currently on display in the latest neo-con episode of The Power of Nightmares - Part 1+2+3, on location in Afghanistan, where it's more about Big Dope than Big Oil. Oh, is that their solution? Put everybody into a coke/heroin-induced stupor, the globalization of the pacification of the Chinese hordes via the opium den? Our less self-destructive political solution, per Newman, is us doing them.

Mine is more pathological, as in, sue BP as pathological. Sue BP as pathological? My proposed path for that RICO strategy in You, too, Bru Crew?, using Massey Energy and their criminal negligence in the West VA Upper Big Branch mine disaster in April of this year, as the model, is similar in mode to Newman's. According to counsel for the United Mine Workers (my interview), most of the families of the victims quickly refused the lucrative, but pathetic, offer from corporate pathological master-criminal Don (yes, his real name is Don) Blankenship who cynically wants to avoid the glare of a public trial; the burn-off of Blankenship's weaselly maneuver by those families may be the catalyst in the very recent public ruminations about the sale of Massey (Massey Energy For Sale?). Also, named would be the Big 6 pharmaceutical genocidalists named in Dr. Mercola's post; http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/11/18/drug-companies-are-ranked-in-the-top-100-corporate-criminals-of-the-1990s.aspx. Why? BP's "accidental" oil spill wiped out several millenia worth of coral. Dr. Reese Halter, conservation biologist at Cal Lutheran University:

Research from Israel in 2007 clearly showed that dispersant [like that which BP spewed all over the Gulf] kills coral reefs and significantly retards regrowth. Florida is the only state in continental United States to have extensive (about 6,000) shallow coral reefs near its coasts, and most are located in the Florida Keys. These reefs range in age between 5,000 and 7,000 years old, and they are the third largest coral reef formation on Earth. Surrounding the corals are extensive beds of sea grasses. Between the reefs and the sea grasses are more than 500 species of fish, spiny lobsters, snow crabs, Caribbean manatees, American crocodiles, leatherback, loggerhead, Kemp's ridley and green sea turtles. Coral reefs have been likened to the Amazon rainforest because of the rich array of life-forms.

Potent medicines come from the coral reefs. Philippine cone snails are 100 times stronger than morphine. Prialt, the blockbuster drug, comes from them. Soft corals from northwest Australia are the most efficacious cancer compounds ever found. Caribbean sea squirt is used to treat melanoma and breast cancers. Sponges from Florida Keys have been used to treat leukemia since 1969. And research from sponges led scientists to develop the blockbuster AIDS drug AZT.

Ocean-derived pharmaceuticals are so important that Merck, Lilly, Pfizer, Hoffman-Roche and Bristol Myers Squibb have all established marine biology divisions.

Worldwide, coral reefs are our grandchildren's legacy.

Some of the dispersants and oil have entered the Loop Current — a powerful conveyor belt that carries the warm Gulf water through the Straits of Florida. It contains 80 times the volume of water of all rivers combined on Earth. It then joins the Gulf Stream Current, which barrels past Miami [toward another massive coral reef structure up the Southeast Coast] carrying one billion cubic feet of water every second. As it passes Georgia and then South Carolina it triples its volume, and once it reaches Cape Hatteras, N.C. it heads out into the Atlantic toward the only open sea on the globe, the warm Saragossa Sea [More coral? Yeah, more coral, deep-sea coral].

Why wipe out a vast amount of coral, when it's used to provide miracle cures? To eliminate competition for the much more expensive, patentable, pathological-corporate-strategy-of-charge-you-up-your-punk-ass petroleum-based pharmaceuticals. Y'know. The ones that inflict horrendous side effects requiring more pharmaceuticals. Which require more pharmaceuticals blahblahblah, ad nauseam/infinitum. Natural cures have no side effects. Of course, pharmaceuticals cure nothing; they only mask symptoms. Hell, you don't expect the poorpoor victims of disease to wait 5000 to 7000 years for those damn coral reefs to come back, duya? Nooo-ho-ho-ho. Big Pharma and Big Oil to the rescue. Kill me now.

Where's the Big Stick, the US military in all this? Protecting us ... like the Coast Guard's Cap'n Crunch guy. The bald guy who's been covering up offshore oil spills for as long as he's bobbing up and down on CG cutters. Besides the dynamic aptly laid out by Newman (US as gangster beats up, with difficulty, on Iraq), there's also the R&D conducted secretly, or not very, at the United States Army Military Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) at Fort Detrick, MD; see, e.g., The Hot Zone - Richard Preston. Although USAMRIID is, for public consumption (like The Hot Zone), doing defensive research to prepare antidotes, prophylactics, treatments and cures for scary weaponized bugs, like anthrax, the high-security Level 4 facility, where sci-fi is born in Level 4, was also where the US military concocted biological weapons, from 1943 to 1969, meaning that, after 1969, the weaponizing facility was moved elsewhere and nowhere in particular, into various CIA-funded university programs, as well as corporate labs with Level 4 facilities financed by CIA black budget $. The bio-weapons research was originally organized and overseen by George W. Merck, CEO of pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co.

After the outbreak of HIV1 in the homosexual population in the US entered the collective consciousness during the early 1980s, the Soviet Union, so the counter-tale as told to debunk the tale told by alleged KGB agent Jakob Segal goes, revved up a disinformation campaign, Operation INFEKTION, calculated to frame the CIA and the US military (USAMRIID) for inventing and introducing HIV1 into the homosexual population in North America. Although the CIA itself set about to debunk that particular conspiracy theory (Operation INFEKTION - Soviet Bloc Intelligence and Its AIDS Disinformation Campaign), the debunking article itself cited examples of why the theory was believable.

One example was the secret Special Operations Division (SOD) at the premier US chemical and biological warfare research facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland, which had created a number of germ weapons for the CIA (codename MKNAOMI). Later, an SOD report surfaced, detailing a simulated biological warfare attack in New York in the summer of 1966—Army personnel had released aerosol clouds of a “harmless simulant agent” into subway stations along the 7th and 8th Avenue lines to assess the vulnerability of subway systems to covert biological attacks and to explore “methods of delivery that could be used offensively.”

* * * * *

The emergence of the mysterious illness [AIDS] so soon after revelations about US biological warfare experiments therefore provided Soviet active measures specialists an opening to exploit. In addition, the Soviets were extremely sensitive to charges against them concerning biological weapons. A US State Department report released on 22 March 1982 accused Moscow of using chemical toxin weapons (“yellow rain”) in Southeast Asia. This allegation may have provided an impetus for the KGB to respond in kind.

Moving the dial toward Segal, although claiming that CI agents were always good boys and never did any of that nasty disinformation stuff, too much like cheating, Thomas Boghardt, author of this particular denial from December 2009, leaves out some of the much more incriminating escapades in which the CIA did more than just "create" little weaponized buggers, nasty escapades such as MK-ULTRA (MK-ULTRA, CIA Weapons and Mind Control) which went on for almost 40 years. "One human guinea pig was subjected to an astounding 77-day trip. Some subjects suffered chronic mental problems after being dosed." An Army germ warfare research scientist, at a CIA retreat, was served cocktails spiked with LSD, and that particular lab rat decided to try to fly out the window ... from 10 stories up. Hey, man, you trippin'? Rats can't fly. Now, me, I can fly, hell, I'm Superfly. The circumstances of Mr. Rat were covered up for two decades. Furthermore, the release of documents detailing MK-ULTRA's operations clearly indicate that biochemical weapons were to be used in "clandestine operations" (Declassified Mk-Ultra Project Documents, p. 012) which could mean nothing other than operations directed at adversaries of the United States. Furthermore x 2, the worst of the MK-ULTRA crimes weren't documented, at least not in CIA files, not even the redacted ones. After the for-public-consumption breast-beating upon the exposure of the accidental suicide, MK-ULTRA was belatedly shut down in 1972 ... because it had already been shipped off to San Francisco, where Prof. Timothy Leary, subsidized by CIA outside ally, William Mellon Hitchcock, scion of the hugely wealthy Mellon family, urged his students to "Tune in, turn on and drop out" - Leary's version of the Pied Piper, only in SF's Haight-Asbury, loaded with hippies who didn't know whether they might be lab rats, part of the allure for CIA --- they wouldn't know what hit 'em. CIA assets observed the LSD culture, groovin' (and crashing) on bikes down Lombard St., as promoted by Leary (my interview; see, also, Walter Bowart's OPERATION MIND CONTROL).

Furthermore x 3, the Army conducted germ warfare experiments on civilians in various US cities in the early 1950s. Although the microbe allegedly sprayed into the air was harmless, Edward J. Nevins, ret., died in SF from symptoms similar to those of ten other hospital patients. No autopsies were conducted, but had they been, would it be a surprise if anthrax was found to have been the cause? See,
Of Microbes and Mock Attacks: Years Ago, The Military Sprayed. Just as the germ warfare researcher was the unfortunate vic who got the drink mickeyed w/real LSD, there had to be partiers who didn't as a control, which all legitimate experiments have; likewise, Nevins would have been in a control group of the unvaccinated and infected w/real anthrax in a controlled bio-attack. George Merck, who urged the use of bio-weapons (and was, thus, a natural to be USAMRIID's founder), developed the anthrax vaccine formula and, geezloueez!, what good's an anthrax vaccine unless you can test it out; gotta have real anthrax. Merck's vaccine remains the basis for that which is still used for the US military and for the soldiers of other nations as well. Certainly, military protocol demands that such vaccines be tested prior to being utilized for bio-warfare situations.

All shot up and no place to go to test the vaccine, and maybe justifiably antsy about using civilians, like Nevins? How about the military; they've always been the easy guinea pigs of first choice for the Joe Mengeles based in the USA. During the run-up to Operation Shock & Awe, USAMRIID (using pharmaceutical manufacturer Chiron) was tasked with putting a booster, or adjuvant, into the standard issue anthrax vaccine (see Gary Matsumoto's
Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That's Killing Our ), Saddam having been accused of building a stockpile of biological WMD (the other lie told by Jr. about WMD). The substance used as an adjuvant was squalene, which the body produces for synthesis of cholesterol, steroid hormones, and vitamin D. Though the cause for Gulf War Syndrome remains suppressed, mainly because Matsumoto's book remains suppressed; what that book showed was that the supplementation of a substance that naturally occurs in the body, squalene, to the Merck formulation might have enhanced the immunizing qualities of the anthrax vaccine, but also caused GWS; since vaccines are intended to induce the body to produce antibodies to fight off invading substances, squalene, added to a vaccine, conditioned the bodies of the treated soldiers to react to squalene like it was an unfriendly invading alien being. When their bodies, thereafter, produced squalene (to do its normal thing of synthesizing ordinary food and hormones), the reaction to even their own naturally occurring squalene was to pump in vaccine-induced antibodies to squalene, a true auto-immune condition, in which the body attacks itself. There is no other actual condition that can truly be deemed auto-immune, that is, the human body doesn't attack itself for nothing. Chiron regularly uses squalene in ALL the other vaccines it produces, including, the alleged vaccine for H1N1. Kill me now, or maybe I'll just let Chiron let me kill myself, or maybe there's no way I'll get vaccinated for anything.

Good idea. Same one I've had ever since the great Swine Flu of 1976 dust-up. At the time, I thought there was too much panic-peddling. Mass inoculations mandated by the 1/2 President Gerald Ford. Forget it. Didn't bother. Then, the old people started dying, soon after getting those vaccines, rushed up, like it really was the 2nd Coming of the ... 1918 model. Couldn't be; viruses mutate constantly, so there was no way the 1918 Swine Flu virus was still hanging around to do the same mischief it did almost 60 years previous.

When the timeline of the outbreak of AIDS started to fall into place, I did some checking and comparing. If, as Jakob Segal suggested, HIV1 was introduced into the homosexual community artficially by the CIA, or by, perhaps, agents of the CDC, like AIDS Nobel wannabe, Robert Gallo (making Boghardt's denial about CIA involvement plausible, but not necessarily completely transparent), that would give the altogether phony H1N1 panic a reason to have been foisted on us, benefiting, among others, Chiron (providing a cause for the slew of deaths from the Swine Flu vaccine, i.e., a bad adjuvant, the vaccine mickey), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, insofar as the scare tactics used to do the hustle on swine flu vaccinations favored a FEMA exercise to test out how quickly vaccine manufacturers could ramp up production BEFORE the introduction of HIV into AIDS Patient One, allegedly a promiscuous homosexual airline steward, just in case the CIA's HIV plot went to hell. The behind-the-scenes wrangling over, e.g., squeezing chickens to get them to lay eggs faster (necessary for vaccine production), was almost comical. Hey, you chickens, stop f**king around in there and start pushing those eggs out!! Oh, right. OK, you roosters, get in there and start f**king around!!

So. Was the sudden emergence of AIDS an accident or an on-purpose? The suddenness itself is reason for doubt. Patient One could not have infected so many of his lovers so quickly; see, e.g.,
HIV/AIDS in Italy — and “NEEDLE ZERO”. Go over those Big Pharma psychopaths on Dr. Mercola's master corporate criminal list again. Think about Gulf Oil Spill and all the lies and destruction purely for Big Oil/Pharma profit. Ask a vet how many of his buddies will be treading water for the rest of their lives. Hey, Jakob Segal, come on over here and tell us your story again.

Is there an unholier trinity on this planet?

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Freedom Shenanigan #51 Write/Call Your Congresscritter

FROM: http://westernrifleshooters.blogspot.com/

Grinding Away

Read these two stories from our friends:

Codrea: Why Did The ATF Issue And Then Rescind A Ruling?

Vanderboegh: It's Amazing We Get Anything Done

Please consider using this (or a similar) message to your elected Federal officials on Monday:

Dear [insert title and name]:

I have read in reliable sources that the BATFE has issued rulings in the past month which make both certain airguns and all pistol-grip shotguns illegal.

As my elected Federal official, please contact this agency and deliver clarifications of these issues to me as soon as possible this week. I also urge you to call for immediate hearings into the operations and the continued necessity for this agency.

I await your written response.

Your employer,

[insert your name]

Yes, I know that the rulings did not say exactly that.

This is a freaking constituent letter/call.

What staff for these people do is exactly that -- get things straightened out for their constituents.

What we are doing here is exploiting the breakthrough made by others.

Please do this on Monday, via fax and by phone call.

Thanks in advance.