Friday, February 25, 2011

Seattle-Area Restaurant Refuses To Serve TSA Agents

No food for you!

Seattle-Area Restaurant Refuses To Serve TSA Agents

Fed up with what he views as crappy treatment from the TSA, the owner of a restaurant near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has decided to put all TSA agents on his No-Eat List.
"We have posted signs on our doors basically saying that they aren't allowed to come into our business," one employee tells travel journalist Christopher Elliott. "We have the right to refuse service to anyone."
She says that whenever a TSA agent attempts to dine at the restaurant, "we turn our backs and completely ignore them, and tell them to leave... Their kind aren't welcomed in our establishment."
The restaurant claims that 90% of its patrons are in agreement with their stance and that the local police have actually helped escort TSA workers off the premises.
"Until TSA agents start treating us with the respect and dignity that we deserve, then things will change for them in the private sector," says the employee.
Business bans TSA agents - will more follow? []

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Freedom Shenanigan #52 - Spread the Statist Censored Article Far and Wide!

Frak the Federalist Fascists!! 
Freedom Shenanigan #52
Spread the Statist Censored Article Far and Wide!

Federal Marshals Threaten, Censor «Libertarian Enterprise»

From Bill St. Clair on Sat, 2011-02-19 08:51.
L. Neil Smith at Libertas - Federal Marshals sent a take-down notice to GoDaddy, the domain registrar of, the Libertarian Enterprise (TLE). They were unhappy about the inclusion of the addresses of some federal judges in a 5-month-old article by Jim Davidson, addresses that Mr. Davidson easily found in public sources. TLE has replaced They're Here... ...and Here, and Here with "CENSORED BY FEDERAL MARSHALS" in big, bold type, and documented the emails they received from GoDaddy here.
I have archived the offending article at, as have lots of others.
Hey! Marshals! You neglected to consider the unintended consequences of your actions, didn't you? Instead of that article being a forgotten single post on a fairly obscure web site, it's now spread far and wide. Way to go.

If you'd like to put up your own archive of the banned article, I've made it very easy.

Download, and unzip it in some directory on your web site.

That will result in a new file, theyre-here.html, and a directory, theyre-here_files.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Larken Rose on American Underground Network Thursday February 17, 2011 at 9pm Eastern - 8 PM Central.

Larken Rose author of The Most Dangerous Superstition will be on the American Underground Network National Call in Show
Thursday night
February 17, 2011 at 9pm Eastern - 8 PM Central.
Call: 402-237-2901 code-5092984# or Broadcast Live on Use call ID: 48335

Excerpts from:

Bragging, Because it Matters
By Larken Rose

Remember that deal I made recently? I said that I'd send a copy of my new book to the first 20 people who responded, on the condition that if it changes how they see the world, they pay for it. (If it doesn't, they just send it back.) Well I'm past 150 people taking me up on my offer, and I'm still doing it. So if you want in on the deal, all you have to do is send an e-mail to "" with an address where I should send the book, and promise to read the whole thing (210 pages).

And if you need more of a reason to get the book, here ya go. If the following seems like bragging ... well, maybe it is. But I decided that, since I consider this the most important issue in the world, I can't be bashful about trying to get it out there. So here goes...

There are now three reviews of the book posted on If you go there, and search for "The Most Dangerous Superstition," you can find them in their entirety. Here are some excerpts:

"This is a book to read to discover just how adult YOU really are. The book as a whole is a litmus test that will show whether the reader is an adult with independent judgment, or still a child, believing every fantasy and superstition that the "authorities" in his life have told him to believe."

"This is a book to stretch your mind, and that may be uncomfortable, if your mind is out-of-shape. But like any good workout, the results are very rewarding."

Here are a couple comments that dig right to the guts of the matter ...

""Government" is commonly believed to have a RIGHT to rule us, and we commonly believe ourselves to have a DUTY to obey their commands (which are called "laws.") Rose unleashes a ferocious array of arguments proving that neither that RIGHT nor that DUTY can logically -- or morally -- exist. If that sounds silly to you, YOU
need to read the book. ... The most dangerous superstition IS dangerous because it enslaves our minds, which leads to the enslavement of our whole lives. This is a book to set us free."

"This is an entertaining and informative apologetic against the "divine right to rule" by those who claim to have some secret superior knowledge granted to them by their deity, the State. ... [Mr. Rose] minces no words and is exact in his examples to articulate the absurdities and contradictions that produce an ongoing state of cognitive dissonance in the American public specifically, and the world generally."

I was also happy to see that two people commented on something I mentioned before, which is that, although the language and logic in the book are very simple, so that anyone can comprehend what is being said, many will nonetheless find it difficult to face the disturbing conclusions which the simple, obvious reasoning leads to.

"This book is very easy to read and follow the logic, and does require honest reflection of one's beliefs, as it presents ideas, ideas that have the power to change the world."

"This is an easy to read, hard to digest for some and ultimately conscience freeing treatise on the rightness of the rule by none."

So if you haven't already, either order the dang book directly ( or take my challenge, by promising to read it and giving me an address to send it to. If it changes how you see the world, you pay for it ($10). If it doesn't, you send it back. You're not chicken, are you?


Larken Rose

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sleep By Kenneth John

Its All good, 
don't worry be happy, tomorrow is another day, 
yes my pretties Sleep, sleep, sleep...


By Kenneth John

The silent shrug of myopic minds,
deters the wake of caring sighs.
It steers away from heartfelt ache,
the pain of knowing the real mistake,
of clinging to comfortable diatribes,
from politicians to media lies.

The tunneled vain of vanquished care,
for plights of those we’re not aware,
shall bring a path of forgetful bliss.
The moral dilemma won’t seem amiss,
as drone like brain-waves usurp a hint,
of gross injustice in our midst.

Super bowls and reality shows,
jackpot troves, and numbing loaves,
of bread and circus pablum fare,
it keeps our minds from real despair.

Shell games crossed with Ponzi malice,
invade the state with viral madness.
Revenues stolen to fund the scheme,
from you and me to bring the dream,
of rule by force to the looter class,
and deified power within the grasp.

Super bowls and reality shows,
jackpot troves, and numbing loaves,
of bread and circus pablum fare,
it keeps our minds from real despair.

Jackboot thugs claim innocent lives,
with drug war raids-- no law provides.
Yet swat teams crash and shred the law,
matters not the purported cause.
Alphabet agencies storm with guns,
for views or vitamins-- unsanctioned ones.

Super bowls and reality shows,
jackpot troves, and numbing loaves,
of bread and circus pablum fare,
it keeps our minds from real despair.

Collateral damage rules the day,
as innocent people are bombed away.
The hydra snake in Islamic dress,
multiplies fast, and so, to stress,
the self-fulfilled prophesy now is real.
Let’s go after Goldstein, now, with zeal!

Super bowls and reality shows,
jackpot troves, and numbing loaves,
of bread and circus pablum fare,
it keeps our minds from real despair.

Hush, little ’mericans, don’t say a word,
Uncle Sam provides a life secured.
Though that type of life is shallow,
making your brain a tower of jello.
Uncle Sam does the thinking for you,
just obey the call of the red, white and blue.
Hush, little ’mericans, don’t say a word,
Uncle Sam provides a life secured.
Hush, little ’mericans, don’t say a word,
Uncle Sam provides a life secured.

Sleep . . . Sleep . . . sleep . . . sleep . . .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The belt sander and the battle for privacy, a body hack

Oh ouch! Do scabs count as fingerprints?


The belt sander and the battle for privacy, a body hack

My government has gone nuts. It's tough to admit it but they've enacted laws here that would have made the former Stasi, the VoPo's, KGB and other secret services in the former SovBloc countries drool with envy.
And if those countries had adopted laws such as these we'd have condemned them roundly for the privacy violations against their citizens, and we would have pitied those citizens for having to live under such regimes.
Since a few years we now have to file 4 fingerprints when applying for a passport or an identity card, as per the EU directive on 'biometric passports'.
Supposedly this is to guard us against criminals falsifying passports. One slight problem with this theory is that nobody *ever* checks those fingerprints. But they do want them.
My government goes one step further (or maybe they're just a bit more open) in that they not only want your prints, they also file them, in case you might become a criminal at some later point in your life. The idea here is that since you've got nothing to hide you should not have anything to fear.
Tell that to Brandon Mayfield, whose only crime was that he converted to Islam, and whose print turned up in the aftermath of the Madrid bombings:
and (section 'criticism').
Two people here have started lawsuits against the government, one of them died while waiting for a ruling (for the conspiracy nuts: no, he died of natural causes), the other is still waiting.
Having nothing to hide is not good enough, even if you have nothing to hide you can easily become a suspect in a crime committed many years later with which you have absolutely nothing to do.
To avoid getting in to situations like this and because I do not actually trust my government to be able to store my fingerprints without losing them to parties unknown (or having them copied by compromising the data store) I resolved to do without a passport / identity card.
Technically that's against the law here and lots of people have been fined over the years for being unable to identify themselves but I thought that was the lesser evil.
Unfortunately my business depends to some extent on my ability to travel and I simply do not like to be without a passport so I decided to hack the problem.
Everybody has fingerprints right?
So what about someone that lost both hands?
What about old people?
What about people with a genetic mutation that causes them to have no fingerprints?
People using certain drugs:
And on and on.
It is estimated that 1 in 50 people do not have prints or prints clear enough to be registered by the fingerprint readers currently in use.
That's a lot of people, and I decided to artificially increase that number a bit. I'm not sure if the following is legal but frankly I do not care. I've got nothing to hid *but* I refuse to cooperate with the current security craze fueled by fear of terrorism and criminals. The country where I live has one of the highest incidences of death-by-the-grim-reaper-of-old-age and I think that we have farm more important things to worry about than either terror or crime. An out of control government for instance that seems to think nothing of violating the privacy of its citizens.
Enter the belt sander.
After thinking about the problem for a while I decided on trying the most simple and direct way that I could think of to simply remove my fingerprints. The belt sander is a pretty simple tool, I have one in my toolchest and it did the job quickly and relatively painlessly. The way to do it is very simple (of course I'm not responsible if you get jailed, tortured or executed by doing this, or if the authorities refuse you a passport):
- set the belt sander down upside down with the moving belt exposed.
- have a glass or small bowl of water handy
- sand your prints off one finger at the time pressing down *very* lightly on the fingertip
- whenever your finger feels warm or hot immediately dunk it in the water, that way
you avoid burning your finger
- check your prints using a mirror and some cinnamon or other fine powder, if it works
you'll see just a smudge instead of a clear print. Try comparing with a finger
that you have not done yet to see the difference.
- make sure you spend about the same amount of time on all your fingers
After about 30 minutes of work you should not longer have prints. Touching stuff will feel very strange at first, specially smooth surfaces. Since the prints allow the oils that coat your fingers an escape when you press down on them (the whole reason we *have* fingerprints) when your fingers are smooth you'll notice that when you try for instance to lift a glass that you have noticeably less grip.
To see how well it worked I applied for a passport. Several times the scanner completely refused the print, one finger (left thumb) came up clear and three others were clear enough to be registered as 'prints' but they looked pretty bad to me. So, partial success in my case, if I had known how good the scanner is I would have spent some more time on sanding them off, the method does work I just did a sub-optimal job of checking the result, it *seemed* good enough at the time though, so when you think you're done add another 10 to 20 minutes or so to make sure you got it right.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

News of Interest to Realists

News of Interest

Egyptian protestors are angry at the U.S. for supporting the dictator Mubarak for 30 years. This was done largely to promote Israel since Mubarak is like a lap dog in regards to the Jewish state. Egypt even helps Israel maintains its concentration camp for Palestinians known as Gaza. If the pro-democracy people win in Egypt, Israel will also be at a disadvantage since it will no longer be able to claim it's the only democracy in the Middle East. (Of course, Israel is not a real democracy since it does not even have a constitution. It's more of a theocracy based on the superstition of the Torah.)

U.S. Republican presidential hopefuls journey to Israel to boost their chances of winning the White House. This helps illustrate the death grip the Jewish state has on the United States. In November, just days after winning a seat in the U.S. Senate, Marco Rubio went straight to Israel, too!

Obama says he and his Pentecostal director of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnership's office, Joshua DuBois, (that's the office which violates the U.S. Constitution by giving government cash to religious organizations) start each day with "meditations from Scripture." Perhaps they meditate on Isaiah 60:12 which has God saying that any nation that will not serve Israel "shall be utterly wasted." This would help explain why Obama has never taken a meaningful stand against Israel's aggressions and weapons of mass destruction while at the same time giving them BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars.

Surprisingly, a Tea Party backed U.S. Senator, Rand Paul, is calling to cut U.S. handouts to Israel! This is a first! However, Israel will still probably get its over $3 BILLION U.S. taxpayer dollars every year from the political prostitutes since U.S. Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia is planning on removing give aways to Israel from the category of "foreign aid" and placing them in the defense budget to protect them from any possible foreign aid cuts.

France is willing to host meetings which could bring about a Palestinian state in 2011.

A Christian couple who allowed their two-year-old son to die of pneumonia because they followed the Bible teaching of healing through prayer were sentenced to 10 years probation and ordered to provide medical care for their remaining children. Every month children die in the U.S. because of this Christian superstition. Deism is desperately needed! It's up to us to see to it that it reaches its full potential.

South Africa bans Christian church from making false claims about faith healing.

A Catholic priest who performs exorcisms has admitted to sexual misconduct with some of those he "helped" free from demons.

This Chicago area Catholic priest says the Devil is real. He mentions that some thinking people don't believe the Devil is real but that it is just something Christianity made-up in order to control people and to put fear in them. He then says to protect yourself from the Devil you should pray to Jesus and take part in the Catholic sacraments. Seems like a scam to me! They create something to be afraid of and then offer the only cure!

The St. Petersburg, Florida Diocese violates an agreement it had with victims of sexual abuse.

A dog chews a Bible and a Christian woman burns it alive saying that God told her to.

The act of mutilating a newborn's penis through cutting it/circumcision may be outlawed in San Francisco.

Female circumcision is spreading to the West.

Space without time and black holes. It's amazing how little we know about Nature and the Universe.

Reason is creating more ideas for saving our environment.

Why you're right or left handed.