Monday, February 04, 2008

Freedom Shenanigan # 20
Sue the Media Bastards!

From Bob Graham's Blog:

The Greatest Grassroots Campaign in Political History IGNORED BY BIG MEDIA

If every supporter of Ron Paul would write the following message to his/her local newspaper in a letter to the editor and be prepared to file a ‘lawsuit’ in small claims court for their violation of the contract stated on the newspapers ‘editorial’ page this would go a long way towards stopping the media censorship of Ron Paul and maybe he might get our message to more Americans. It does make a difference between thief R or thief D!

I am going to file a lawsuit in small claims court for breach of contract with the editor of my local newspaper for Censorship. First for his not printing my guest Opinions and also my Letters to the Editor and secondly for censoring Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

I will place my lawsuit on my Blog for one and all to read and maybe as a guide! Only if you care enough to get your freedom back!

Can you imagine if over 100 fellow Americans did the same thing to their local editors, to start with!

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