Friday, September 14, 2007

Freedom Shenanigan #14
Help Someone, Anyone, Whomever needs it,
Anonymously or Notoriously

Here are two examples of Freedom Shenanigan #2 "Create an Internet Blog" in use.


From Jeff Zurawski,
Hello All,
Last night Julie Anderson (one of our lawyers from the Collins Law Firm) and I appeared on the Comcast TV show Public Perspective with Kevin McDermott. It will air on Comcast's public access channel this Saturday the 8th @ 8:00pm and again on the 22nd.
Mike Barr the activist/videographer was also with us, camera in hand. Check our YouTube channel ( ) in the coming weeks for new video clips from tonight's interview and a West Suburban Faith Based Peace Coalition meeting I spoke at recently. Please help spread the word about our case by subscribing to our YouTube channel and watching, sharing, and commenting on the videos.
I think the show went okay overall. Being in the spotlight is quite uncomfortable for me. I'll never lose sight of this issue's importance though and will continue to speak out as best I can. Julie did an outstanding job advocating for free speech and representing her firm and us. I am extremely impressed with the work she and Shawn are doing. We are so very fortunate to have them on our side.
I wanted to say a few things during the interview and unfortunately I let the opportunities slip by. Mostly I wanted to thank all those who've shown support for the cause. Without it, I'm not sure we'd have had the strength to hang in there for the long haul.
Thanks to my family and all of my friends (new and old) for listening and standing up for me.
Thanks to all the bloggers who've gotten the story out far and wide. We've received responses from people in the U.K., Australia, Ireland, China, and from all across the U.S. It is truly amazing!
A very special thanks to Sheddhead at Daily Kos for doing so much to help us out! From continuous coverage of our story, fundraising, and organizing letter writing campaigns, to just checking in once and a while to see how we're doing.
We have planned to protest against our prosecution on October 11th, 12:00pm, near Joseph Birkett's office building 503 N County Farm Rd in Wheaton. We hope you'll join us. Stayed tuned for more details as they develop.
Our trial date is still set for October 15th, Building 505, Room 4007. The jury selection starts @ 9:30am and the trial follows immediately.

Jeff Zurawski
5633 Lee Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60516

#2 Walworth County Wisconsin Corruption Created by

This is a story about a young married couple who were victimized in Walworth for offering a solid piece of silver (a private currency called the Liberty Dollar which is 100% legal to use) at an ICE CREAM stand! I can't even begin to describe it. You will have to read for yourself.

The victims are Shaun and Svetlana Kranish. Yup that Shaun. Shaun!

From the WCWC Blog:

You can help by calling!

"We would ask that you take a minute or two out of your day and call the numbers listed on the left side. These are the three businesses that were allegedly "victimized" -- two of them freely accepted the Liberty Dollar and one of them called the police. None have sought a simple solution -- such as asking Shaun to give them federal reserve notes instead!!!

We ask that you be as polite as possible and simple ask them to look into this matter and try to resolve it in a simple way, by asking for paper instead of silver. They may also wish to post that they don't accept the Liberty Dollar or train their employees to let patrons know. Just like many stores don't accept credit cards -- Dari Ripple included -- they can simply let people know. Having them arrested and/or pressing charges is ludicrous!

Thank you for standing with us!!!"

Also, please take a moment to check this link out: