Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They Are Building a PRISON State

Resistance IS NOT Futile!!! Making poLICE Accountable

Here is another GREAT reason to sign the WTP petitions below. We are rapidly becoming a PoLICE State UNLESS one resists and holds the poLICE accountable. Compare with how they lied under oath in the their affidavits of what happened on the street versus the actual recorded account. It is not just the poLICE, it is also the legal bureauRATS that perpetuate the pedantic persecutions by pejorative prosecutors. It is time to DARE to discipline the poLICE individually and collectively.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

And Republicans Aren't Closet Fascists Because?

Republican Candidate speaks at Hitler Birthday Party Celebration
By Times Staff and wire reports | Wednesday, April 23, 2008 |

A congressional candidate is defending his speech to a group celebrating the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth, saying he appeared simply because he was asked.

Tony Zirkle, who is seeking the Republican nomination in Indiana's 2nd District, stood in front of a painting of Hitler, next to people wearing swastika armbands and with a swastika flag in the background for the speech to the American National Socialist Workers Party in Chicago on Sunday.

"I'll speak before any group that invites me," Zirkle said Monday. "I've spoken on an African-American radio station in Atlanta."

The 2nd Congressional District includes a large portion of north central Indiana spanning from South Bend to Kokomo. It includes Pine and Jackson Townships in Porter County and parts of Washington Township, which includes the eastern edges of the Valparaiso.

It is currently served by Democrat U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly.

Porter County Republican chairman Chuck Williams on Tuesday denounced Zirkle's appearance at the gathering.

"He certainly doesn't hold the view of the of the Republican Party," Williams said. "I don't know why you would stand up in front of a picture of Adolf Hitler when millions of Americans fought against that kind of oppression."

Zirkle compared his speech to other politicians appearing at Bob Jones University.

George W. Bush, then a candidate for president, was criticized eight years ago for speaking at the South Carolina school, which teaches students that Catholicism is a cult. Also at the time of the speech, the school banned interracial dating, a policy that has since been dropped.

Zirkle said he did not know much about the neo-Nazi group and that his intention was to talk on his concern about "the targeting of young white women and for pornography and prostitution."

Zirkle will face John Frame and Joseph Roush, in addition to Puckett, in the May 6 primary.

The event was not the first time Zirkle has raised controversy on race issues. In March, Zirkle raised the idea of segregating races in separate states. Zirkle said Tuesday he's not advocating segregation, but said desegregation has been a failure.

Zirkle received 30 percent of the vote in the 2006 primary, losing to incumbent Chris Chocola, who was defeated in the general election. Zirkle said Tuesday that winning the election is not his primary goal.

"My primary purpose is to educate and inform," he said.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Who Rules The World?

The following article and link to Newsweek verifies what many have been saying for years. There IS a global elite that believes that the world belongs to them as their own "planetation" and we are their property. What we need to consider, in the light of the history of what has and has not worked, is how to limit or rid the planet of these elitists. The French, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian and multiple African national revolutions pose a dire warning to upsetting even a rotting apple cart.

"The world can only be turned right side up by the conscious collective activity of those who construct a theory of why it is upside down. Spontaneous rebellion alone is not sufficient. Without adequate advance preparation, the old world will simply reappear after any rebellion, embedded as it is in the psyches of the fabled "people." An authentic revolution can only occur if there is a coherent and practical mass movement of self-conscious individuals in which all of the mystifications of the past are being consciously swept away as they fearlessly confront the realities of the use of force with or without physical violence in a defensive reaction to undo the authoritarian constructs of the few over the many." - Mit Etagniw

Shaping Conventional Wisdom

By Henry See

Newsweek ran an article recently about the elite that run the world. It is about the group of people the author calls the "Superclass" and who are:

"part of a new global elite that has emerged over the past several decades. I call it the 'superclass.' They have vastly more power than any other group on the planet. Each of the members is set apart by his ability to regularly influence the lives of millions of people in multiple countries worldwide. Each actively exercises this power, and often amplifies it through the development of relationships with other superclass members. This new class of elites is both more permeable, and more transient, than elites of the past...

The top 10 percent of all people, for example, now control 85 percent of all wealth on the planet.

That such a group exists is indisputable. It includes the heads of the biggest financial institutions, the 14 families Blankfein joked about, and then some; the top 50 control almost $50 trillion in assets. The heads of the world's biggest corporations are also members; the top 2,000 support perhaps 500 million people, generate almost $30 trillion in sales and have well over $100 trillion in assets. The list also includes top government officials with real cross-border influence... media barons...religious leaders...cultural icons..."

The author goes on to describe the lifestyle "up there", looking down upon the rest of us peons from the leather seats of their private jets as they circle the globe entangling us in their machinations. No standing in line at airports and passing through humiliating security checks for these folks. No way. They just implement those rules to keep the rest of us in line.

It is a small group, and they all know one another.

Says Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of Wall Street's Blackstone Group, "The world is pretty small. In almost every one of the areas in which I am dealing or in which we at Blackstone are looking at deals, you find it is just 20, 30 or 50 people worldwide who drive the industry or the sector."

They meet at places like Davos to "get to know one another, hatch deals and exercise perhaps the greatest power the superclass has collectively: to shape conventional wisdom."

Did you catch that phrase about shaping "conventional wisdom"? You know what that really means, right? Brainwashing. Telling us what to think. Shaping the insides of our heads by creating the invisible prison bars of thought that keep us prisoner while they scurry around robbing and plundering under our very noses.

They have it down to a well-oiled and highly perfected machine. They have conquered our minds, and once that has happened, there is precious little one can do until the mind has been reclaimed.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Constitutional Conspiracy
April 12, 2008

The Constitutional Conspiracy:

Courts Colluding With White House
to Avoid Accountability

The proof is in. The federal courts have been found to be co-conspirators with the Executive Branch in a collusive scheme to avoid being held accountable to the Constitution by the People.

There can be no doubt. The federal judiciary is now being utilized as an weapon of oppression rather than for the ends of Justice for which it was designed.

Not only has the Judiciary abandoned its role as an independent arbiter of legal controversies involving injured citizens seeking remediation for Government wrongs, the Judiciary now refuses to even discuss the most basic, underlying Founding Principles upon which our Republic rests, i.e., the Rights of the People to Sovereignty and to hold Government accountable -- particularly its obligation to respond to Petitions for Redress of constitutional torts as provided by the First Amendment.

The most egregious result of these developments is that not only are the People effectively unable to secure Redress against Government entities that have harmed them, but the Judiciary has now abdicated its fundamental function under the Constitution by refusing to interpret the Constitution where questions of the Sovereignty of the People are implicated.

This is no small matter for the People. Without substantive recourse through the courts and no means by which to secure a declaration of these fundamental Principles from the Judiciary, the People are, indeed, left with very few means by which to peacefully secure their Rights against the majority or the tyrants.


Click here to access this important update

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Freedom Shenanigan #28

Do Reverse Graffiti

Say what you want to say, show what you want to show! It is not vandalism, it is cleaning with a purpose. The authoritarian anal orifice porcines can only arrest and then let go as it is not (yet) a "crime" to clean with intent to amuse, educate, warn, or entertain.

Spreading the Freedom Meme one dirty wall at a time!

REVERSE GRAFFITI: Clean Green Street Art

by Matt Chapman

Reverse graffiti, Sao Paulo, Alexander Orion, Clean graffiti, eco-friendly graffiti, eco-friendly street art, clean green graffiti

When is cleaning the sidewalks a crime? When you’re doing it to create art. Obviously.

A number of street artists around the world have taken to expressing themselves through an innovative practice known as Reverse Graffiti. Taking a cue from the “Wash Me” messages scrawled on the back of delivery trucks, they seek out soot covered surfaces and inscribe them with images, tags, and even advertising slogans using scrub brushes, scrapers and pressure hoses.

Reverse graffiti, London, Moose, Clean graffiti, eco-friendly graffiti, eco-friendly street art, clean green graffiti, Paul Curtis

The UK’s Paul Curtis, better known as “Moose,” is one of the technique’s pioneers. Operating around Leeds and London, he has been commissioned by a number of brands, such as Smirnoff, who want to convey a sense of “clean” in an innovative way.

On a more overtly environmental bent, Brazilian Alexandre Orion, turned one of Sao Paolo’s transport tunnels into a stunning mural last summer. The mural, comprised of a series of skulls, very succinctly reminds drivers of the impact their emissions are having on the planet.

The practice puts authorities in a definite moral quandary. According to Moose, “Once you do this, you make people confront whether or not they like people cleaning walls or if they really have a problem with personal expression.” The Leeds City Council decided to lead their attack with an hilariously nonsensical position:

“Leeds residents want to live in clean and attractive neighborhoods, and expect their streets to be free of graffiti and illegal advertising. We also view this kind of rogue advertising as environmental damage and will take strong action against any advertisers carrying out such campaigns without the relevant permission.”

What action was taken against the advertisers is unknown. What is known is that Moose was charged under the very scary sounding Anti-Social Behaviour Act and ordered to clean up his clean act. I’m not exactly sure how he managed to did this. By making it dirty again?

Reverse Graffiti Crackdown

The Brazilian artist’s work came to a happier resolution. The authorities were certainly miffed but could find nothing to charge him with. They had no other recourse but to clean the tunnel — but only the parts Alexandre had already cleaned. The artist merely continued his campaign on the other side of traffic. The utterly flummoxed city officials then decided to take drastic action. Not only did they clean the entire tunnel but also every other tunnel in Sao Paulo.



Reverse graffiti, London, Moose, Clean graffiti, eco-friendly graffiti, eco-friendly street art, clean green graffiti, Paul Curtis

Reverse graffiti, Sao Paulo, Alexander Orion, Clean graffiti, eco-friendly graffiti, eco-friendly street art, clean green graffiti

Reverse graffiti, Sao Paulo, Alexander Orion, Clean graffiti, eco-friendly graffiti, eco-friendly street art, clean green graffiti

Tom Tomorrow Says it All

On a Not too Distant Unalienable Planet


Monday, April 07, 2008

How To Brainwash A Nation

From Episode Two of the film series "The Century of the Self" by Adam Curtis. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays who was one of the engineers of the Cold War. He perfected the technique of manufacturing a distant but ever-threatening enemy and then creating a constant state of fear by generating false news reports that endlessly re-stated and exaggerated the threat.

The stated purpose of Bernay's methods was to give those in power greater control over what he called "the mass mind." It worked well in the 1950s and sadly, it appears to be working quite well today... but maybe not forever.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Freedom Shenanigan # 27

Using the Principles of Freedom Shenanigan #21 10 Ways YOU Can Fight Fascism Around the World

1. Destabilize Existing Structure

2. Minimize Destructive Backlash

3. Establish Robust Communication

The Orange Underground makes poking fun at the anal retentive authoritarians among us FUN!!!

Slightly warped and only a little destructive it beats the hell out of just complaining about those nattering nabobs with poles up their butts.

Also check out this site for You Tube postings of RAoC!!

Welcome to the Orange Underground -- a loose coalition dedicated to Random Acts of Cheetos, or RAoC for short.

Join the movement by adding us as a friend, subscribing to our videos, and joining our group page.

Four Easy Steps to Posting Your RAoC

1. Upload your RAoC video to YouTube. If you don't have an account yet, make one. It's free.
2. Come back here to our channel
3. Click "Send Message" to connect with the Orange Underground.
4. Send us a message and embed your video.

This war against anger makes me see red!!!

The powers-that-be promote happiness and demonise anger because they prefer us to be little lambs rather than assertive firebrands.
Brendan O’Neill

‘I’m a bloody billygoat trying to screw the world, and no wonder I am, because it’s trying to do the same to me.’ So said Arthur Seaton, the hero of Alan Sillitoe’s angry young masterpiece Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1958). Seaton was a womanising wideboy, who worked in a Nottingham factory by day and drank himself stupid by night, and spent the rest of his time, fuelled by booze and fury, ‘fighting with mothers and wives, landlords and gaffers, coppers, army, government…’ (1)

These days, Seaton would be carted off for a short, sharp dose of anger management therapy. He wouldn’t be given the respectful title ‘angry young man’ - he’d be labelled a ‘victim of the rage epidemic’. Anger, or at least the unmediated expression of it, has effectively been outlawed. The emotional police have declared war on anyone who remotely resembles an angry young man (or woman). The aim, it seems to me, is to turn the ‘billygoats’ into sheep, yet barely an eyebrow has been raised in response to this insidious campaign of mental manipulation, emotional conformism and spirit-dampening...

...This all-out war on anger is driven by the authorities’ deep suspicion of edgy or assertive emotions. It may dress itself in the caring language of protecting the population from breakdown, sickness and heart failure, but in truth the demonisation of anger - more than that, the borderline criminalisation of anger - is part of today’s new insidious, intimate policing of the emotional mind. The wholesale management of anger is an attempt to enforce conformity, spearheaded by politicians, police, officials, judges and health practitioners who seem to prefer a populace that resigns, fatalistically, to the problems it faces, rather than one that asks awkward questions and kicks up a furious fuss...

...Anger was once seen as an understandable reaction to unpleasant experiences or less-than-civilised living and working conditions; it was a rational, sometimes even dignified ‘strong feeling of displeasure’ (7). Now, in the Anti-Angry Decade, it has been psychologised: anger is looked upon as a condition, a disease, a moral failing on the part of individuals which must be treated and corrected...

...The psychologisation of anger has two consequences: first it separates our anger from the experience or the condition that gave rise to it, so that our ‘expressions of rage’ are always judged to be disproportionate, irresponsible and illegitimate. This can be seen in the relentless rise of rages, from ‘air rage’ to ‘golf rage’ to ‘work rage’. People who suffer from these rages, from the alleged psychological condition of losing the plot in airports, on golf courses or around the water cooler at work, are seen as irrational individuals with moral and mental flaws rather than rational actors expressing loud’n’rowdy displeasure with having been treated badly...


Just Desertion

"The president carries the biggest burden, obviously. He's the one who has to make the decision to commit young Americans, but we are fortunate to have a group of men and women, the all-volunteer force, who voluntarily put on the uniform and go in harm's way for the rest of us."

Dick "Cthulhu" Cheney, the incarnate expression of unfiltered evil, discussing the completely useless and unjustified death of 4,000 Americans in the Idiot King's illegal war

Does anyone living where
reasoning bears sway honestly believe that George W. Bush, whose brow has never known the sweat of honest labor or been furrowed in socially useful thought, is "burdened" by his whimsical decision to send Americans to kill and die in Iraq?

Is there anybody -- apart from Sean Hannity and other cerebrally-challenged and character-deficient partisan whores -- who would profess to believe that Bush, who lives in the cushion of unparalleled luxury, travels in a cocoon of impenetrable security, and whose every transient appetite is immediately satisfied, groans under a burden comparable in any way to an American GI on his second, third, fourth, or fifth tour of duty in Iraq?

With his "surge" proving to be a pointless, cynical exercise in marketing, Bush has blithely let it be known that a "pause" will take place in the process of withdrawing troops from Iraq. This means that tens of thousands of Americans who had dared entertain the hope of returning to their families and putting the war behind them have had seen those hopes ruthlessly crushed.

Some of them won't return. Many others won't return whole in body, mind, or soul.

Some will see their marriages end, their families disintegrate, their civilian jobs evaporate, or their homes foreclosed on as a result of repeated deployments to Iraq. But their burdens are trivial, according to Cheney. They are mere trifles compared to the sufferings of our divine Emperor-King.


Can YOU Handle The TRUTH?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bush Resigns!

Fraternal Order of Police to Provide Real Time Tracking of Police Officers

April 1st, 2008

Njection and the Fraternal Order of Police to Provide Real Time Tracking of Police Officers.
FOP has entered into an agreement with to allow for the installation of GPS trackers in police vehicles nationwide.

Portland, OR April 1, 2008 – has acquired permission from the world’s largest organization of rank and file sworn officers, the Fraternal Order of Police, to install Global Positioning Systems (GPS) devices in the vehicles of patrol officers, undercover cars, and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) vehicles. The information will be available on the Website giving its visitors a detailed view of where police officers are in their area and how well they are responding to crime in their neighborhood.

“This level of transparency is highly unprecedented.” says Shannon Atkinson, President/Founder of “It is very heartwarming to receive this level of access for such an organization. We feel honored to be in such an exclusive arrangement.”
Not only will the “Near Real Time” information be available on the website ( , but it will be available via Windows Mobile 6, Blackberry Mobile phones, and Palm Mobile Phones as well for anyone to access.

“I feel a lot better with this announcement.” Jeffery Jarvis, 2nd time felon looking at his 3rd strike. “This information will be very helpful for me in my line of work. I am just upset that is has taken this long to get something like this started.”

“There are always some bugs we need to work our initially,” Shannon adds, “but I am confident that injuries will be low and people will feel a lot safer knowing where they are at all times.”