Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Freedom Shenanigan #55 Penises (& other body parts) for Potholes!!!

Freedom Shenanigan #55 
Penises (& other body parts) for Potholes!!!

A local Hero has shown the way to get potholes fixed by cheapass authorities.

"Imagine waking up one morning, getting into your car to go to work, turning down the corner and there you see it- a giant sketch of a penis on the road. What do you do? Laugh it out or get offended? Well, the locals of Teesside used this obscene gesture for something completely different.
A Facebook page dedicated to this surreal phenomenon called ‘Teesside Connected’ circulated the story of the gaping open potholes, which could be fatal to drivers and pedestrians alike, and how a couple of them were sporting giant penises all over it. After the potholes were fixed, most locals decided that it was all because of the power of the ‘willy’. Good golly!
In another photo, a local called Brad Nicholson reported that one of the potholes were repaired almost immediately after being, well, ‘disfigured’. Ironically, the pothole was unrepaired for a whole year before that."

Copy this Hero in YOUR town!!!