Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Personal Declaration of Independence



by Don Cooper

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one to dissolve the political bonds which have connected him with his government, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature entitle him, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that he should declare the causes which impel him to the separation.

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is one’s right to alter or to abolish one’s allegiance, in the hopes of instituting a new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is the right of the individual, it is his duty, to oppose such government, and to do what’s necessary to provide new guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of citizens of these United states; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government. The history of most recent past and present presidents and legislators of the United States of America is a history of repeated civil rights violations, constitutional travesties, usurpations of state’s rights, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute political control over these states. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.

The unconstitutional regulation by at least one federal agency, office, commission, bureau, or department of all goods and services traded domestically and internationally.

Establishment, in direct violation of the constitution, of a privately governed central bank whose sole purpose is to manipulate the monetary markets and which is not subject to public scrutiny and whose actions undermine the value of the American dollar to the detriment of the welfare of these United states.

Unconstitutional invasion, overthrow and occupation of sovereign foreign countries which pose no threat to the security of these United states based on political ideology to the detriment of the foreign nation and the welfare of the citizens of these United states.

Unconstitutional presence in allied foreign countries which pose no threat to the security of these United states and which levies unconscionable debt on the current and future citizens of these United states.

The implementation of an electoral system intended to marginalize third parties thereby limiting the choices presented to the electorate and giving an unfair advantage to the incumbents and leading to one party and/or one family or members of previous administrations also holding high-ranking offices in successive administrations, effectively creating an unconstitutional monarchy.

Unconstitutional manipulation of the tax laws to serve political agendas to the detriment of the welfare of these United states.

Unconstitutional alliances with special interests and big businesses to the detriment of the welfare of these United states.

Severe unconstitutional civil rights violations to include:

Restrictions on the freedom of speech.

Restrictions on our rights to bear arms.

Restrictions of use of private property.

Unconstitutional wire tapping on the citizens of these United states.


Suspension of habeas corpus.

Furthermore, the consistently irresponsible behavior on the part of the elected congress in passing, without fully reading or understanding, legislation which violates the civil rights of these United states and levies unconscionable debt on the current and future citizens of these United states.

The impractical and logistically impossible size of the federal government makes it, by definition, an inefficient leviathan to the detriment of the welfare of these United states.

In every stage of these digressions citizens of these United states have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms: our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A president or legislator, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

I, therefore, a citizen of the United states of America, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of my intentions, do, in the name, and by the authority given to me by nature and the constitution of these United states, solemnly publish and declare, that I am, and of right ought to be free and independent from the federal government; that I am absolved from all allegiance to the federal government, and that all political connection between myself and the federal government, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as a free and independent citizen of these United states, I have full power to bear arms and defend myself against the federal government, conclude peace with the federal government, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent citizens may of right do. And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the human spirit and the American spirit, I pledge to these United states my life, my fortune and my sacred honor.

March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simply submit? Are you Nuk'n Futz?

Vin Suprynowicz hits the nail on the head again with this article about unquestioned submission to the poLice. Only when cops are subject to the same terror that they impose on civilians, will they change their ways. It is a cross jurisdictional "cop-culture" (an oxymoron for sure) that needs a cross jurisdictional civilian payback culture to stop this.

‘Simply submit’

By Vin Suprynowicz

“I just finished reading the article on Excessive Force on page 2B,” wrote in Ron the Former Police Officer, on March the 5th. “Another person was apparently injured in a police confrontation, followed by the usual lawsuit. As a former police detective, I have a solution on how to avoid 99 percent of all injuries, lawsuits, and deaths sustained as a result of a police confrontation,” offers Officer Ron:

“When stopped by an officer, do as he asks. Never run from the police, never fight with the police, never get into a shouting match, don’t try to escape from custody. Simply submit, but try to obtain all the info you can, i.e. why am I being stopped, etc. If you feel the officer is in error, there will be ample opportunity to contest the allegations later.”

That comprises the entirety of Officer Ron’s letter, and advice: “Just submit.”

On March 27, 2006 People magazine published an article (easily found at http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20061695,00.html) that reported what happened to a number of Americans who “just submitted”:

“Heather Southerland had just gotten in her car after an evening visit with a girlfriend in Leesville, La,,” wrote reporter Bill Hewitt in the article, headlined “Phony Cops, Real Victims”

“As she drove away, a green Ford Bronco pulled close behind her, flashing its lights. Southerland, 24, turned onto a deserted side street. ‘The man got out of his Bronco and said, “Leesville Police Department, undercover narcotics, step out of the car,” ’ she recalls. He ordered her to walk backwards toward him and put her hands on the trunk of her vehicle. She asked to see his badgeƑand he refused. ‘He said I didn’t need to see his badge,’ she says. ‘I knew right then something extremely bad was about to happen.’”

It did. Seconds later, as she tried to flee, the man grabbed her and raped her at knifepoint. Because she “just submitted.” MORE HERE

Google Cuffs by Scott Bieser

Obama worried about the 2nd American Revolution

March 29, 2009

From: Freedom Fighter Radio

Dr. Bob Basso, the guy that made the Youtube videos where he dresses up as Thomas Paine, coming back from the past to warn Americans about their country, received a call from yours truly, Barack Obama.

Apparently Obama was pissed off that Dr. Basso’s videos were gaining speed and he “invited him to the White House to discuss the nature of these disturbing videos”.

We put the latest video in question up on the main page at http://grou.ps/zapem along with a 10min. audio from the Jerry Doyle show that explains matters further.

Jerry Doyle has been interviewing Dr. Basso on a regular basis. Not only was Dr. Basso warned by Obama not to go public about the interview, Jerry Doyle’s show also received a call from the administration warning them not to air it.

That didn’t deter either of them…. they immediately told everyone what was going on, putting a hitch in the giggy of Obama’s plans. Jerry Doyle believes that the warnings were made to give the Obama administration time to turn Dr. Basso into a rerun of Joe The Plumber.

Glen Beck is also covering this story as far as we know. WND did a short article on it. But the Doyle audio explains much more than either of the two. We refined it last night since podcasts of the show are pay-only.

Keep an eye on this story and spread it to your friends. There’s no good reason why Obama is inviting this man to the White House. Basso is calling for a march on Washington soon and he may just be the man to accomplish it!

YouTuber Dr. Bob Basso Summoned to White House to Discuss
“the disturbing nature of the videos“.

The Jerry Doyle Show Discusses Obama’s Attempt To Intimidate
Dr. Bob Basso After Revolution Video Is Released On YouTube

Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama Wants to Read Your Laptop

Proof that Obama is licking the gonads of the Corporatist Junta!

Freedom Shenanigan # 34
Grow Your Own Food

Localize yourself. Start a Freedom Garden today!

“In our society growing food yourself has become the most radical of acts. It is truly the only effective protest, one that can - and will - overturn the corporate powers that be.” (Path to Freedom)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Road to Hell

Background music for Citizens in the USSA:

Chris Rea - Road to Hell

Well I'm standing by a river
But the water doesn't flow
It boils with every poison you can think of
And I'm underneath the streetlight
But the light of joy I know
Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows
And the perverted fear of violence
Chokes the smile on every face
And common sense is ringing out the bell
This ain't no technological breakdown
Oh no, this is the road to hell

And all the roads jam up with credit
And there's nothing you can do
It's all just bits of paper flying away from you
Oh look out world, take a good look
What comes down here
You must learn this lesson fast and learn it well
This ain't no upwardly mobile freeway
Oh no, this is the road
Said this is the road
This is the road to hell

The Importance of Saving Money

Thursday Links

US General Dwight David Eisenhower’s Death Camps

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!" -
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

Harvard economist: Legalize ALL Drugs Immediately

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More On (Moron?) Involuntary Servitude

By ANN SANNER The Associated Press
Monday, March 23, 2009; 7:24 PM

WASHINGTON -- The Senate agreed Monday to take up legislation to triple the size of the AmeriCorps program and open up opportunities for more people to serve their communities.

Lawmakers voted 74-14 to move to the legislation that would expand AmeriCorps from its current 75,000 positions to 250,000 over the course of eight years. Sixty votes were needed to bring the bill to the floor. The measure is expected to come up for a final vote in the Senate sometime this week.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., who is being treated for brain cancer, made a rare appearance on the Senate floor to vote for the bill that he co-sponsored with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. Kennedy's office said he is expected to be on Capitol Hill until Congress goes on recess April 4.


The legislation would also create five groups to help poor people, improve education, encourage energy efficiency, strengthen access to health care and assist veterans.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, said the proposal is an investment that "will pay dividends long beyond anything that we can imagine."

The House last week passed a similar bill to add 175,000 participants to AmeriCorps and other national service programs. President Barack Obama backs the legislation and has said he is eager for Congress to pass a bill so he can sign it.

Both bills would set up a fund to help nonprofit organizations recruit more volunteers and establish a Summer of Service program for middle and high school students, who would earn a $500 education award. Each measure would also create fellowships for older people who get involved in public service. Both would also increase the education awards of AmeriCorps participants, whose work ranges from teaching young people to responding to disasters.

After completing their service, AmeriCorps participants can receive up to $4,725 to help pay for college or pay off student loans. The Senate and House bills would increase that award to $5,350 and require that it match any future increases in Pell Grant scholarships. Unlike the House bill, the Senate version would allow older AmeriCorps members to transfer their education awards to their children or grandchildren.

Some AmeriCorps participants get a living stipend while they are working for 10 to 12 months. The stipend ranges from $11,400 to $22,800 for the year. Most participants, who are predominantly 18 to 26, get $11,800.

The Senate measure is slated to cost $5.7 billion over five years, while the House version is an estimated $6 billion over five years. Obama's proposed budget for next year calls for more than $1.1 billion for national service programs, an increase of more than $210 million.


The House bill is H.R. 1388.

The Senate bill is S.277.


On the Net:



From the email:
Concerned Citizens,

A bill that would require 18-21 year olds to "volunteer". Isn't that called a Draft?

Do you love your children and grandchildren? Of course you do. Well, how would you like it if these children were forced to enter a camp at age 18, run by Michelle Obama and other government enforcers, and forced to be trained to be a "volunteer" until age 21? How would you, yourself like to look forward to retiring and devoting your time to some volunteer service of your own choosing only to be forced to enter the same kind of government camp for seniors? Does this sound suspicious to you? Me too. Especially when I learned that just such a bill has already quickly passed the House of Representatives and is scheduled to be voted on as early as next week by the Senate - with or without going to conference as is the usual protocol when it passes out of committee. This is another rush-rush effort just like the last stimulus bill was rushed to a vote before anyone had a chance to read the whole thing and really discern what was included in the bill.
This effort was called the GIVE ACT in the House which has already passed. In the Senate, it's called the SERVE ACT (#277). Besides the fact that it is a bill that would require every 18-21 year old, male and female to attend a camp and "volunteer" to be trained and taught a government-sponsored ideology, the fact that it is being rushed through the legislature and not reported on by the media, makes me extremely suspicious What's the rush and why the silence? What is in these bills that they don't want us to know about? In addition, does it make sense to spend $75 million or more a year to put our young people in camp when we're in the middle of hard economic times?
Check it out. See what you can find out. But, in the meantime, since they are trying to rush this into law before you have a chance to investigate, call your Senators and tell them to vote, "No" on Senate bill #277, telling them that you object to this bill. The people I know who have already done so have received surprised responses that they even know about the bill.
Let us BURN THE PHONES LINES tomorrow to call our Senators to demand that they NOT vote on S. 277: The Serve Act, when it reaches the floor of the Senate next week. Then, please call all your friends and ask them to do the same; then to call their friends.

When calling Congress, it is best to keep your comments short, like this:

“I am calling to ask Senator _____ to vote NO on a bill that is due to reach the Senate floor next week. The name of this bill is The Serve Act and its number is S. 277.” That’s all you have to say; staffers are BUSY and will not ask you WHY you are stating this.

But you and I BOTH KNOW the reason: This bill is DANGEROUS for our youth, and now also for our seniors. It is not “voluntary” but “mandatory” and we want nothing to do with it!

Here is the news from the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee on this new bill:


It DOES say that “retirees” can be called into service, too!!

Here is the article on Fox News about the GIVE ACT – the House version that did pass yesterday, 3/18:


Note that SOME House members ARE concerned about the ramifications of this bill on the young.

Finally, here is an article from our friends in CANADA that “spills the beans” on the REAL AGENDA behind these two bills:


Remember the regulation the Department of Defense made last week that would limit ammunition sales and drive the price up as well as create hundreds of lost jobs? It was announced on talk radio last Sunday and both ammunition makers and pro-gun sales people pounced on it, making phone calls, sending faxes, meeting with the proper people and it's now been shelved - in less than a week's time from the announcement. We need the same kind of quick action on the SERVE ACT.
Does Hitler Youth ring a bell?
But whoever causes the downfall of one of these little ones who believe in Me - it would be better for him if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the depths of the sea!" (Matthew 18:6) HCSB
Contact the Senate - through e-mails and phone calls.........

Senate switchboard: 202-224-3121

White House switchboard: 202-456-1414 ...
FREE NUMBERS TO CALL 1-800-828-0498 or 1-866-220-0044

What you can do......................
Make a phone call
Send an e-mail message - but call first

E-mail messages reinforce communications
sent through phone calls, and personal meetings To send e-mails
to Capitol Hill or the White House, please visit
the special e-mail action page at:

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Mandatory Service" = "Involuntary Servitude."

Larken is back with another great article exposing more of the Obama deception.

First Black President to Reinstate Slavery?
By Larken Rose

Having the word "volunteerism" in a "GOVERNMENT" Act is a bald-faced lie.

Larken Rose

March 21, 2009 - When tyrants want to take the next big step towards totalitarianism, they usually toss out some "trial balloons," both to see how people react and to begin desensitizing people to the new fascist agenda. If they're smart, they first propose a big leap toward totalitarianism, and then cut it back to a small step. By contrast, the peasants will not only be pleased with the smaller step, but will be trained to think that the larger step is at least debatably a good idea.

The American tyrants, and those in other countries, have done this over and over again with "gun control" (peasant disarmament), taxation, regulation, and so on. They suggest something startlingly bad, then scale it back to only mildly obnoxious, and pass it. And they keep doing it over and over again, until they've imposed all sorts of things that in the past seemed outrageous. And since hardly anyone thinks from PRINCIPLE, it works. Most people just compare what is being proposed to what already is, assuming that what already is must be more or less rational. For example, the feds steal HALF of what everyone earns, and then bicker over little increases here and there, each one of which doesn't seem all that important. Whether you're a 49% slave or a 50% doesn't make much difference, and those accustomed to their slavery aren't about to insist on 0% slavery. That would require them to think based upon PRINCIPLES, which most Americans are utterly incapable of.

A recent trial balloon of the Obama Regime came in the form of H.R. 45, proposing national gun registration, and enough "regulations" to basically amount to universal disarmament. It won't pass, not now anyway, but the Nazis wanted to see how people would react to the idea, and begin to get the people used to it. For now, they'll take smaller steps, like reinstating the "Depriving the People of the Means of Resistance Act" of 2009 — also known as the reinstatement of the Clinton "Assault Weapons Ban." (The weapons targeted there are NOT used in any significant amount of crime, but ARE used throughout the world to resist tyrannical regimes. So why does the GOVERNMENT not want YOU to have them? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.)

But, among all the fascist "trial balloons" already being floated by the Obama Regime — and there are quite a few — one recently came out that is particularly absurd. Again, the real intent, and the real long term goal, was included in the initial proposal, but has since disappeared from what is likely to pass in the near future. Again, the tyrants want us getting used to the idea, while pretending to "compromise" by toning down their fascism for the time being.

I am speaking of the Orwellianishly titled, "Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education" (GIVE) Act. Now, anyone who has actually thought for a second or two about political philosophy will immediately recognize that having the word "volunteerism" in a "GOVERNMENT" Act is a bald-faced lie. The state is the OPPOSITE of voluntaryism and volunteerism. Everything it does, it does by forcible coercion, no matter how much fluff and spin is used in an effort to hide that fact.

As originally proposed, the law would have had the federal fascists beginning to consider the question of "[w]hether a workable, fair, and reasonable MANDATORY service requirement for all able young people could be developed." (That wording disappeared from the bill before the House passed it.) A fine synonym for "mandatory service" is "involuntary servitude," a.k.a. SLAVERY (prohibited by the 13th Amendment). In other words, Barack Obama and his fellow Stalinists are proposing reinstating slavery. Of course, it will be for NICE reasons, and have NOBLE goals, so the unthinking American public will probably fail to notice the PRINCIPLE involved: i.e., forced labor is a bad thing. (For now, let's ignore the fact that an "income tax" already amounts to slavery.)

As one who thinks from principles, let me make this perfectly clear: If anyone ever tries to impose a "mandatory service requirement" on MY kid, the results will not be pleasant. There's a reason for the Second Amendment. This is it.

Larken Rose

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Links

Big brother: Politicians using public info to find their targets

More Lying Abusive Anal Orifice Porcines

Florida man freed after surveillance video shows he did not attack police officers as indicated in police reports, but that the police officers actually rushed him and beat him to the ground. The officers, of course, were long ago cleared of any wrongdoing by one of those extra-thorough, new-professionalism internal investigations.

Is Florida Fascist?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung

From our friend Bob Johnson at www.deism.com
Happy March Equinox!
equinox earth
It's comforting and reassuring to know that regardless of how mankind decides to foul things up on this beautiful and wonderful planet of ours, Nature and the designs in Nature continue on! No matter how much greed, cheating and violence mankind inflicts on itself, no matter how much God's gift to us of reason is neglected by us, Nature is unaffected and continues its steady progress! Natural occurrences and realities such as the equinox remind us of this fact as does this quote from Thomas Paine's outstanding book The Age of Reason:
"It is only in the CREATION that all our ideas and conceptions of a word of God can unite. The Creation speaketh an universal language, independently of human speech or human language, multiplied and various as they may be. It is an ever-existing original, which every man can read. It cannot be forged; it cannot be counterfeited; it cannot be lost; it cannot be altered; it cannot be suppressed. It does not depend upon the will of man whether it shall be published or not; it publishes itself from one end of the earth to the other. It preaches to all nations and to all worlds; and this word of God reveals to man all that is necessary for man to know of God."
Happy equinox and I hope you have a great spring or autumn depending on which hemisphere you live in!

Read Bob's articles at Strike The Root

Monday, March 16, 2009

Freedom in the 50 States: An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom

By Jason Sorens, William P. Ruger
February 26, 2009
Social Change Project, Mercatus
Research Papers/Studies
Download Document pdf

This paper presents the first-ever comprehensive ranking of the American states on their public policies affecting individual freedoms in the economic, social, and personal spheres. We develop and justify our ratings and aggregation procedure on explicitly normative criteria, defining individual freedom as the ability to dispose of one’s own life, liberty, and justly acquired property however one sees fit, so long as one does not coercively infringe on another individual’s ability to do the same.

This study improves on prior attempts to score economic freedom for American states in three primary ways: (1) it includes measures of social and personal freedoms such as peaceable citizens’ rights to educate their own children, own and carry firearms, and be free from unreasonable search and seizure; (2) it includes far more variables, even on economic policies alone, than prior studies, and there are no missing data on any variable; and (3) it uses new, more accurate measurements of key variables, particularly state fiscal policies.

We find that the freest states in the country are New Hampshire, Colorado, and South Dakota, which together achieve a virtual tie for first place. All three states feature low taxes and government spending and middling levels of regulation and paternalism. New York is the least free by a considerable margin, followed by New Jersey, Rhode Island, California, and Maryland. On personal freedom alone, Alaska is the clear winner, while Maryland brings up the rear. As for freedom in the different regions of the country, the Mountain and West North Central regions are the freest overall while the Middle Atlantic lags far behind on both economic and personal freedom. Regression analysis demonstrates that states enjoying more economic and personal freedom tend to attract substantially higher rates of internal net migration.

The data used to create the rankings are publicly available online at www.statepolicyindex.com, and we invite others to adopt their own weights to see how the overall state freedom rankings change.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is "good" for the goose, should be "good" enough for the gander!

Uh huh, and so what is the real moral problem with assassinations? It is only "illegal" if you get caught? Wake up folks! The "law" is only the "law" when it can be used against you by the power elite. Polite protestations only provide them with time to build the cage around you until you have no choice but to give in to them. Time for America's underground freedom fighters to adopt the Michael Collins Gambit. Nemo me impune lacessit!

Hersh: 'Executive assassination ring' reported directly to Cheney

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh dropped a bombshell on Tuesday when he told an audience at the University of Minnesota that the military was running an "executive assassination ring" throughout the Bush years which reported directly to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

The remark came out seemingly inadvertently when Hersh was asked by the moderator of a public discussion of "America's Constitutional Crisis" whether abuses of executive power, like those which occurred under Richard Nixon, continue to this day.

Hersh replied, "After 9/11, I haven’t written about this yet, but the Central Intelligence Agency was very deeply involved in domestic activities against people they thought to be enemies of the state. Without any legal authority for it. They haven’t been called on it yet."

Hersh then went on to describe a second area of extra-legal operations: the Joint Special Operations Command. "It is a special wing of our special operations community that is set up independently," he explained. "They do not report to anybody, except in the Bush-Cheney days, they reported directly to the Cheney office. ... Congress has no oversight of it."

"It’s an executive assassination ring essentially, and it’s been going on and on and on," Hersh stated. "Under President Bush’s authority, they’ve been going into countries, not talking to the ambassador or the CIA station chief, and finding people on a list and executing them and leaving. That’s been going on, in the name of all of us." MORE HERE

The Martial Law Mind-Set

by William Norman Grigg

Immortal scholar, noteworthy victim of lethal police brutality: The heroic Archimedes (left) and the armed goon who murdered him, as depicted in this 16th century mosaic.

While Archimedes is rightly revered for his many imperishable contributions to science, he could also be considered the first recorded victim of lethal police brutality.

A native of Syracuse, Archimedes did his considerable best in the doomed but worthy effort to repel Roman invaders. Following the conquest, Roman soldiers were dispatched to "pacify" the restive streets of the newly conquered city.

One afternoon, so the story goes, Archimedes was sitting inoffensively at the side of a street drawing geometric equations in the sand when some mouth-breather in Roman military garb trod heedlessly on the improvised tablet, ruining the elderly scientist's calculations.

By this time, the venerable physicist was in his ninth decade, and he saw no point in enduring this act of thoughtless vandalism by an armored imbecile to pass without protest.

"Please don't disturb my circles," Archimedes insisted in what was probably a direct but polite tone of voice.

Like law enforcement officers who would follow in his footsteps – albeit in jackboots rather than sandals – the Roman soldier took offense that a mere civilian, and an elderly one at that, would demand deference from someone wearing the uniform and insignia of authority.

If the technology had been available, the Roman quite likely would have given Archimedes a "ride on the Taser." Instead, the thug withdrew his sword and summarily killed him.

Some might object that this crime was committed by a soldier in an occupying army, not by a civilian police officer. That objection has merit, if only to underscore what should be an obvious fact: Our militarized government police force is an army of occupation.

It makes little difference whether law enforcement personnel are of the federal or "local" variety, or whether they are dressed in quasi-civilian attire or kitted out in full paramilitary drag. American civilians are generally expected to render to law enforcement personnel the kind of docile submission that Archimedes – at the price of his life – refused to offer the Roman soldier who was patrolling his neighborhood in Syracuse.

Under the martial law mind-set, civilians are to give instant and unqualified obedience to any armed individual in a state-issued costume. I had plenty of experience with this attitude while living in Guatemala under martial law following the 1983 military coup that ousted CIA-installed President Efrain Rios Montt.

Anybody who has spent any time in airports since 9-11 will likewise recognize that mentality. And Portuguese-born Canadian citizen Desiderio Fortunato can testify about the treatment one can expect if he insists on rudimentary courtesy from the anencephalic knuckle-draggers who act as border guards for the Department of Homeland Tyranny.

Mr. Fortunato resides in British Columbia and maintains a part-time home in Washington State. He regularly crosses the border separating quasi-socialist Canada into the quasi-fascist U.S.A.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heads Up: Cramer v Stewart Continues! Yea!

Jim Cramer set to appear on 'The Daily Show' Thursday

Now this is going to be Must See TeeVee!!

The ongoing feud between CNBC host Jim Cramer and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart will culminate with a personal face-off. After fielding jabs from Stewart about the calls he's made about Wall Street, the "Mad Money" host has agreed to make an appearance Thursday on "The Daily Show," according to Comedy Central. Before then, though, Stewart plans to take another swipe at Cramer and CNBC's coverage of the financial crisis on tonight's program.

Ooo! Ooo! Jon Stewart! Lookee what HuffPost dug up:

Oopsie daisy! Someone just got even more ammo to use against Wrongy McScreamington Thursday night, didn't someone?

But come on, let's give Cramer a break. Shorting stocks can be fun... as we can see in his 2006 interview with TheStreet.com's Aaron Task:

In it, the host of Mad Money says he regularly manipulated the market when he ran his hedge fund. He calls it "a fun game, and it's a lucrative game." He suggests all hedge fund managers do the same. "No one else in the world would ever admit that, but I could care. I am not going to say it on TV," he quips in the video.

He also calls Wall Street Journal reporters "bozos" and says behaving illegally is okay because the SEC doesn't understand it anyway. [...]

-On manipulating the market: "A lot of times when I was short at my hedge fund, and I was positioned short, meaning I needed it down, I would create a level of activity before hand that could drive the futures,"

-On falsely creating the impression a stock is down (what he calls "fomenting"): "You can't foment. That's a violation... But you do it anyway because the SEC doesn't understand it." He adds, "When you have six days and your company may be in doubt because you are down, I think it is really important to foment."

-On the truth: "What's important when you are in that hedge fund mode is to not be doing anything that is remotely truthful, because the truth is so against your view - it is important to create a new truth to develop a fiction," Cramer advises. "You can't take any chances."

Okay, Jon Stewart, take it away!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Fat Lady Has Sung!!!

Mark tells it like it is! Bolt your socks to your shoes folks because this ride is going to be harrowing!

The fat lady singsby Mark Yannone

Speaking at a joint news conference at the Pentagon the other day, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said it's impossible to know when US troops will leave Afghanistan.


The Dictator of Afghanistan and Iraq, Barack Hussein Obama, has authorized the bankrupt, overthrown United States to send a double-surge military force to Afghanistan to bring the troop count there to 55,000.


"Bankrupt" means the United States cannot afford any government, let alone illegal invasions and occupations of foreign countries and the murder, maiming, and displacing of many millions of innocents.

A UN report released three days ago said that while important initiatives for reforming the courts were launched last year, "the judicial system remains weak, corrupt, and dysfunctional, and at times does not comply with international human rights obligations."

They could be describing the US judicial system. And America's role in fixing Afghanistan's judicial system is what? By what authority? This country can't even fix its own judicial system. And what is it using for money? We're bankrupt.

But the horror doesn't end with the bankruptcy. In our country of 306 million, we now have nearly 32 million Americans on food stamps; 22.5 million Americans in government jobs; 12.5 million Americans unemployed; more than 2 million men, women, and children in steel cages for such crimes as trying to keep the fruits of their labor; and one $50 billion thief we keep in a $7 million luxury penthouse for taking the fruits of other people's labor. We also have a Pentagon that can't account for trillions of stolen dollars and a Federal Reserve that won't account for trillions of stolen dollars.

WTC column cut by shape chargesBut wait! It's worse than that. The outlook here and abroad is dismal, and the monumental efforts being made to ameliorate the economic conditions are guaranteed to be catastrophic, as though they were special-ordered to do to the American economy what the carefully placed shape charges did to the three World Trade Center buildings when they were intentionally demolished on September 11, 2001.

From the currency to the income tax, from the elections to education, Americans and their dead and decomposing Congress are mired neck-deep in fraud and theft.

And somebody pretending to be a secretary of defense in a country that no longer exists is telling the world that he doesn't know when the troops he can't pay will leave our doomed empire-building project in Afghanistan, a sovereign country where we never had authority?

Are you kidding?

Stand down, gentlemen. You've lost your country, your contract is canceled, and your orders are null and void. A Continental Congress is being assembled from the 50 states to lawfully secure the federal government and impose the limits of the Constitution for the United States.

Police Militarization Roundup

Cop seriously sounded, suspect killed in a Houston drug raid.
Police near Memphis conduct a 10:30am raid on a child care home.
“They held us at gunpoint, slammed us to the ground, stomped my hands and butted me in the back of the head with a shotgun.” They had the wrong house. But they arrested the occupants for assault and resisting arrest, anyway.
FBI agent shoots another FBI agent during a drug raid.
Hmm…. Police get burglary call. Accidentally break in to wrong house. Discover marijuana grow.
Atlanta police chief denies arrest quotas, widespread short-cutting and corruption in his department. FBI report on the Kathryn Johnston case apparently says otherwise. But neither APD nor the FBI will release the report to the public.
SWAT team terrorizes Indiana woman during a warrantless wrong-door raid on her home. Seems several police departments were fanning the area after the recent shooting two police officers after a robbery. The woman grabbed a gun, thinking the cops were criminal intruders. Fortunately, they didn’t kill her. They did, however, trigger a heart attack, requiring open heart surgery. We’ve seen this happen quite a few times in the past. When a cop goes down, other cops seem to think the Fourth Amendment, police procedures, and laws against excessive force no longer apply.
Keep an eye on this one. Lots of things about the police account of the shooting just don’t add up.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bank Crisis in Terms I Can Understand

Click on image to enlarge
The financial crisis explained in simple terms.............................

Heidi is the proprietor of a bar in Berlin. In order to increase sales, she decides to allow her loyal customers - most of whom are unemployed alcoholics - to drink now but pay later. She keeps track of the drinks consumed on a ledger (thereby granting the customers loans).

Word gets around and as a result increasing numbers of customers flood into Heidi's bar.

Taking advantage of her customers' freedom from immediate payment constraints, Heidi increases her prices for wine and beer, the most-consumed beverages. Her sales volume increases massively.

A young and dynamic customer service consultant at the local bank recognizes these customer debts as valuable future assets and increases Heidi's borrowing limit.

He sees no reason for undue concern since he has the debts of the alcoholics as collateral.

At the bank's corporate headquarters, expert bankers transform these customer assets into DRINKBONDS, ALKBONDS and PUKEBONDS. These securities are then traded on markets worldwide. No one really understands what these abbreviations mean and how the securities are guaranteed. Nevertheless, as their prices continuously climb, the securities become top-selling items.

One day, although the prices are still climbing, a risk manager (subsequently of course fired due his negativity) of the bank decides that slowly the time has come to demand payment of the debts incurred by the drinkers at Heidi's bar.

However they cannot pay back the debts.

Heidi cannot fulfill her loan obligations and claims bankruptcy

DRINKBOND and ALKBOND drop in price by 95 %. PUKEBOND performs better, stabilizing in price after dropping by 80 %.

The suppliers of Heidi's bar, having granted her generous payment due dates and having invested in the securities are faced with a new situation. Her wine supplier claims bankruptcy, her beer supplier is taken over by a competitor.

The bank is saved by the Government following dramatic round-the-clock consultations by leaders from the governing political parties.

The funds required for this purpose are obtained by a tax levied on the non-drinkers.

Finally an explanation I understand...and it explains the description of Wall Street Bankers spending money
"like drunken sailors!"

Friday, March 06, 2009

"Chimes Of Freedom" - Jefferson Starship

Chimes Of Freedom

By Bob Dylan

Far between sundown's finish an' midnight's broken toll
We ducked inside the doorway, thunder crashing
As majestic bells of bolts struck shadows in the sounds
Seeming to be the chimes of freedom flashing
Flashing for the warriors whose strength is not to fight
Flashing for the refugees on the unarmed road of flight
An' for each an' ev'ry underdog soldier in the night
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

In the city's melted furnace, unexpectedly we watched
With faces hidden while the walls were tightening
As the echo of the wedding bells before the blowin' rain
Dissolved into the bells of the lightning
Tolling for the rebel, tolling for the rake
Tolling for the luckless, the abandoned an' forsaked
Tolling for the outcast, burnin' constantly at stake
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Through the mad mystic hammering of the wild ripping hail
The sky cracked its poems in naked wonder
That the clinging of the church bells blew far into the breeze
Leaving only bells of lightning and its thunder
Striking for the gentle, striking for the kind
Striking for the guardians and protectors of the mind
An' the unpawned painter behind beyond his rightful time
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Through the wild cathedral evening the rain unraveled tales
For the disrobed faceless forms of no position
Tolling for the tongues with no place to bring their thoughts
All down in taken-for-granted situations
Tolling for the deaf an' blind, tolling for the mute
Tolling for the mistreated, mateless mother, the mistitled prostitute
For the misdemeanor outlaw, chased an' cheated by pursuit
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Even though a cloud's white curtain in a far-off corner flashed
An' the hypnotic splattered mist was slowly lifting
Electric light still struck like arrows, fired but for the ones
Condemned to drift or else be kept from drifting
Tolling for the searching ones, on their speechless, seeking trail
For the lonesome-hearted lovers with too personal a tale
An' for each unharmful, gentle soul misplaced inside a jail
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Starry-eyed an' laughing as I recall when we were caught
Trapped by no track of hours for they hanged suspended
As we listened one last time an' we watched with one last look
Spellbound an' swallowed 'til the tolling ended
Tolling for the aching ones whose wounds cannot be nursed
For the countless confused, accused, misused, strung-out ones an' worse
An' for every hung-up person in the whole wide universe
An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Freedom Shenanigan #33
Use Surveillance Self-Defense

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) launched its Surveillance Self-Defense project Tuesday-- an online how-to guide for protecting your private data against government spying. You can find the project at https://ssd.eff.org/

EFF created the Surveillance Self-Defense site to educate Americans about the law and technology of communications surveillance and computer searches and seizures, and to provide the information and tools necessary to keep their private data out of the government's hands. The guide includes tips on assessing the security risks to your personal computer files and communications, strategies for interacting with law enforcement, and articles on specific defensive technologies such as encryption that can help protect the privacy of your data.

"Despite a long and troubling history in this country of the government abusing its surveillance powers, most Americans know very little about how the law protects them or about how they can take steps to protect themselves against government surveillance," said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston. "The Surveillance Self-Defense project offers citizens a legal and technical toolkit with tips on how to defend themselves in case the government attempts to search, seize, subpoena or spy on their most private data."

Surveillance Self-Defense details what the government can legally do to spy on your computer data and communications, and what you can legally do to protect yourself against such spying. It addresses how to protect not only the data stored on your computer, but also the data you communicate over the phone or the Internet and data about your communications that are stored by third party service providers.

"You can imagine the Internet as a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking up all of the private information that you let near it. We want to show people the tools they can use to encrypt and anonymize data, protecting themselves against government surveillance," said EFF Staff Technologist Peter Eckersley. "Privacy is about mitigating risks and making tradeoffs. Every decision you make about whether to save an email, chat online, or search with or sign into Google has privacy implications. It's important to understand those implications and make informed decisions based on them, and we hope that Surveillance Self-Defense will help you do that."

Surveillance Self-Defense was created with the support of the Open Society Institute.