Monday, June 02, 2008

Too Weird for Words

Too Weird for Words

As anyone who reads my rants knows, I like to make fun of people who deserve it (particularly tyrants and their stooges). And I often employ sarcasm, exaggeration, and analogies to do so. However, I just ran across a story that has all but left me speechless. It's just too weird, too funny, and too amazingly ironic to fully express in words.

Apparently two sets of federal parasites--those from the IRS and those from "Homeland Security"--had a little difference of opinion recently down in Austin, Texas (to put it nicely). It seems that the IRS parasites, as members of the National Treasury Employees Union, wanted to protest how the agency treats them. (Stop that snickering!) However, the other set of parasites showed up and informed the IRS parasites that they needed a permit to do a protest. They didn't have a permit, and so "Homeland Security" ordered them to disband. Yes, the cops forcibly silenced the IRS employees by breaking up their demonstration.


Sorry. That was a typo. Unfortunately, none of the IRS parasites were flung in cages for a year or so for speaking their minds (unlike some people I know).

But here is where the story gets REALLY amazing. If you watch the video at the following link, you can see IRS employees carrying protest signs. When I first watched it, I thought some "tax protestors" had decided to get in on the action. But no, the signs were being proudly waved around by employees of the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE:

Some of the signs said "IRS anti-family" and "IRS not family friendly." How's that for an understatement? And how's that for hypocrisy? Does having my home invaded by IRS thugs, so my kid had to hide under a dresser in terror, count as the IRS being "anti- family"? I hope all the IRS employees protesting get raided by armed thugs. THEN they'll know what it means to be "not family friendly." And have any of the paper-pushers who were protesting taken two seconds to ponder just how "family friendly" their day-to- day extortionistic activities are? Highly unlikely.

But wait. It gets worse. Others were carrying signs saying: "Empower, not raw power." Yes, these were IRS employees carrying signs saying that. Like I said, I'm at a loss for words. How psychotically hypocritical can someone possibly be?! How about whining to the hundred MILLION people you robbed this year, by means of your "raw power," and asking them what they think of your complaints, you damn thieves?

But, just when you thought it couldn't get any more insane, there were other IRS employees carrying signs that said this:

"IRS management: follow the law"



Larken Rose

(P.S. Next time IRS employees and Homeland Security thugs have a disagreement, I hope someone is there to hand out machine guns to both sides.)