Saturday, July 05, 2008

Breaking News - Aaron James Under Siege?

Ya hey der! What the heck is happening in Canada, eh?

The Aaron James story is intriguing and infuriating. Look to the side bar for the link to his story and here.

Aaron called afraid and concerned because somebody pounded on his apartment door but didn't announce who they were. Aaron kept silent fearing that if he acknowledged his presence the door would then be broken down and he abducted to the American gulag. His mother then came by the apartment and noted that Winnipeg police were in the area waiting.

The following recording was made in haste and under poor conditions. Aaron can be heard wonderfully. However, your reporter's voice is muffled and we are not sure why unless it has to do with the long distance three way calling connection. In our mind it is best anyway that Aaron can be heard better as it is his story that needs to be told.

Please listen, copy and post on your sites.
Call the Winnipeg police and ask why they are harassing Aaron James 204-986-6222.
Contact your favorite radio host with this story content.

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