Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Fat Lady Has Sung!!!

Mark tells it like it is! Bolt your socks to your shoes folks because this ride is going to be harrowing!

The fat lady singsby Mark Yannone

Speaking at a joint news conference at the Pentagon the other day, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said it's impossible to know when US troops will leave Afghanistan.


The Dictator of Afghanistan and Iraq, Barack Hussein Obama, has authorized the bankrupt, overthrown United States to send a double-surge military force to Afghanistan to bring the troop count there to 55,000.


"Bankrupt" means the United States cannot afford any government, let alone illegal invasions and occupations of foreign countries and the murder, maiming, and displacing of many millions of innocents.

A UN report released three days ago said that while important initiatives for reforming the courts were launched last year, "the judicial system remains weak, corrupt, and dysfunctional, and at times does not comply with international human rights obligations."

They could be describing the US judicial system. And America's role in fixing Afghanistan's judicial system is what? By what authority? This country can't even fix its own judicial system. And what is it using for money? We're bankrupt.

But the horror doesn't end with the bankruptcy. In our country of 306 million, we now have nearly 32 million Americans on food stamps; 22.5 million Americans in government jobs; 12.5 million Americans unemployed; more than 2 million men, women, and children in steel cages for such crimes as trying to keep the fruits of their labor; and one $50 billion thief we keep in a $7 million luxury penthouse for taking the fruits of other people's labor. We also have a Pentagon that can't account for trillions of stolen dollars and a Federal Reserve that won't account for trillions of stolen dollars.

WTC column cut by shape chargesBut wait! It's worse than that. The outlook here and abroad is dismal, and the monumental efforts being made to ameliorate the economic conditions are guaranteed to be catastrophic, as though they were special-ordered to do to the American economy what the carefully placed shape charges did to the three World Trade Center buildings when they were intentionally demolished on September 11, 2001.

From the currency to the income tax, from the elections to education, Americans and their dead and decomposing Congress are mired neck-deep in fraud and theft.

And somebody pretending to be a secretary of defense in a country that no longer exists is telling the world that he doesn't know when the troops he can't pay will leave our doomed empire-building project in Afghanistan, a sovereign country where we never had authority?

Are you kidding?

Stand down, gentlemen. You've lost your country, your contract is canceled, and your orders are null and void. A Continental Congress is being assembled from the 50 states to lawfully secure the federal government and impose the limits of the Constitution for the United States.