Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This too shall pass!

So many have been hurt. So many look to leaders for help. So many want answers. I am a gnostic agnostic. I know that I don't know. Things are not as they seem but that doesn't change the heartache or the sorrow. Loss is loss. Life, liberty or property. It is all the same pain. Pain so acute that you think you may die. Pain that you want to hide from it. Pain killers help but for only a a while. Facing it is the only way to deal. To deal or not to deal that is the reality. So the question is are you the kind of person who when faced with a swimming pool of water that is cold do you gradually enter or do you just jump in? That is how most of us deal with pain. One way or another you deal or you don't. The best thing to remember is that this too shall pass.