Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kick-Ass KICKS ASS!!!

I have the comics and KNEW that this was special. Go SEE IT!
The question still stands. Why hasn't anyone done this before? Because it hurts? Nah!!! It may be because they have listened to what the "liberty" poobahs (on radio and in print) have been saying.

"OMG that's against our passive aggressive pacifist imperative we try to guilt complex impose on the rest of the "freedom movement" rendering them impotent. Let's have another public protest where we can bleat and ululate our frustrations for the FedGov moles in ours midsts to record us for future processing, and call up our local or internet "patriot" radio show and vent our steam there to the "choir" who will "Amen" us their support! Remember, to hit back is the same as initiating force."

What is actually needed are some young people with a clear moral understanding of who actually initiates coercive force and the right to protect the injured. Young people who have quietly observed their elders petition for redress of grievances from a government who responds with repeated injury. Young people who are not in the FedGov matrix as "patriots" or "protesters" or "Tea-Partiers" or "anarchists" or "Ron Paulites," who will employ the natural right of retributive justice on their own or someone else's behalf. The first rule is: Injure only the injurers. Second rule is: No innocent "collateral damage!"
Third rule is: No claims to fame, notoriety or any form of credit except enigmatic or cryptic reference to the "We Are Everywhere" campaign of the Sipsey Street Irregulars or The Iron Web!