Sunday, October 03, 2010

Enviro-Nazis Show Their True Intentions

Do it...or else!!! What all governments actually mean. So if you sit idly by and allow this kind of behavior doesn't that make you also responsible? In a Talion legal system the injurers specifically would be held for the injuries they cause. In our ecclesiastical Roman merchant blended legal system any member of the body politic is liable. You are not just an "innocent civilian." (See the Nuremberg arguments)

Enviro-Nazis Lose Their Marbles

By Larken Rose

Today someone sent me a link to a video about an environmentalist group call "10:10," which has the stated goal of having people reduce their "carbon emissions" by 10%. (For now, I'll skip the topic of how scientifically misguided that goal is.) I watched the video, and was absolutely convinced that it was a spoof of environmental wackos, made by some clever pro-freedom folk.

But it wasn't.

I'll post the link to the video below. Be warned, it's graphically, gruesomely violent. If you want to watch it, do so now before reading on, or my following comments might spoil the video (if such an abomination can possibly be "spoiled").

In case you didn't have the stomach to watch it, the video depicts several scenes, and in each one, people are politely asked to agree to do things to lower their carbon emissions, with a "no pressure" approach. But at the end of each scene, those who don't agree to the 10:10 plan are graphically blown to bits, with blood and guts flying everywhere.

After watching the video, and realizing it was NOT trying to make fun of enviro-leftists, but was MADE BY enviro-leftists, my brain almost exploded. What were these psychos thinking? Other than deep- seated hatred of humanity, I can't for the life of me imagine a motivation for making such a video. Like I said, it WOULD be funny (though still rude) if it was made by libertarians to mock the fascist mindset of enviro-lefitsts. But it wasn't. So what was the intended message?? "Follow our clueless little collectivist agenda, or we'll kill you. Ha ha ha, isn't that funny?" Um, not really.

Purely by accident, the video very profoundly illustrated the true nature of the state: compassionate-sounding rhetoric, followed by brutality against the non-compliant. That pretty much sums up "government" in a nutshell: a facade of compassion over a heart of aggression and violence. What I can't imagine is why a group of devout statists would want to so plainly expose the essence of what they advocate. No, they wouldn't blow you up on the spot; they'd merely "fine" you, or imprison you, and if you're silly enough to resist such aggression, well THEN they'd blow you up. But they'd give you lots of opportunities to unquestioning bow to their agenda before that point. Because they're so loving and caring.

Amazing. Just amazing.

Larken Rose