Monday, November 15, 2010

Freedom Shenanigan #51 Write/Call Your Congresscritter


Grinding Away

Read these two stories from our friends:

Codrea: Why Did The ATF Issue And Then Rescind A Ruling?

Vanderboegh: It's Amazing We Get Anything Done

Please consider using this (or a similar) message to your elected Federal officials on Monday:

Dear [insert title and name]:

I have read in reliable sources that the BATFE has issued rulings in the past month which make both certain airguns and all pistol-grip shotguns illegal.

As my elected Federal official, please contact this agency and deliver clarifications of these issues to me as soon as possible this week. I also urge you to call for immediate hearings into the operations and the continued necessity for this agency.

I await your written response.

Your employer,

[insert your name]

Yes, I know that the rulings did not say exactly that.

This is a freaking constituent letter/call.

What staff for these people do is exactly that -- get things straightened out for their constituents.

What we are doing here is exploiting the breakthrough made by others.

Please do this on Monday, via fax and by phone call.

Thanks in advance.