Sunday, January 02, 2011

News of Interest

From:  THINKonline!

A mother in Oklahoma is charged in the faith-healing death of her nine year old son. He suffered from diabetes and could have been easily treated but he also suffered from a superstitious Bible believing Christian mother.

A mother in Indiana kills her three year old son while trying to get demons out of him. (I'd say it's time for Deism to replace the "revealed" religions! The editor)

Muslims in Iraq and Egypt are killing Christians. In Egypt, the Christians are striking back and attacking Muslims.

Christian billboards proclaim Jesus is coming back on May 21, 2011! This prediction will be as accurate as Jesus' own prediction in about his return in Matthew 24:34 !

The Pope and his lame excuses for pedophile priests.

After being blamed for resisting rules to stop money laundering, the Pope signs a new Vatican law which will allegedly correct the problem.

A Catholic priest in Oregon is suing Mount Angel Abbey because he was sexually assaulted by a priest when he was a student there.

U.S. politicians abandoned efforts to stop Israel from stealing land from Palestinians for Jewish settlements. This helps people to see that Obama is nothing but a politician and his speech to the Islamic world was nothing but meaningless talk.

Argentina recognizes Palestine within its 1967 borders. If American politicians had not sold their country and their souls to Israel's lobby , the U.S. would also recognize Palestine within its 1967 borders.

An aid caravan with over 300 tons of aid is on its way from India to Gaza. Israel will probably not allow it into the Israeli concentration camp for Palestinians known as Gaza.

Rabbis forbid their congregation from viewing a website which reports on sexual abuse against children by the Jewish clergy.

Christian investors will probably get tax breaks for a new Christian theme park.

Astronomers in Australia discover where giant stars are born.