Saturday, April 23, 2011

Losing My Religion

A friend sent me this link. I had read these articles years before and it is good to read them again. The poem A Visitor from the Past is one that has haunted freedom loving Americans for years. I have often wondered why nothing really changes in this country and why a "Liberty Lite" is the only fare on the menu. The history presented in the articles is true and tells of a pernicious flaw in the paradigm of American liberty. Larken Rose has coined part of it as "The Most Dangerous Superstition." 

However, it is more than just the belief in "authority," it is the "religion" (faith based belief system) of "Authority" that is the root of the problem. Governments, secular or ecclesiastical, rely upon the faith and trust of their subjects to do what they do without effective opposition. That is why little changes. People continue to believe that the "system" just needs a slight "reformation" by way of just a few "adjustments," a "tune up", a tea party, really just a a reorganization. What is really needed is an actual reformation (The act of re-forming or the state of being reformed.To be formed again.) That, however, is probably beyond what most of this generation of American "Liberty Lite" drinkers can handle. So, pass on to the next batch of liberty lovers, who won't settle for their parent's swill, a full bodied and flavorful flask of Freedom!

Read the articles and then the comments below.

Remember law IS religion and religion is law. 

Law/sacred text comes from a "lawgiver" either a made up Deity or the State or both as the two in one with no separation. Even with a "separation" of religion and state, the assumption is that the State can be a secular entity apart from "religion." This ignores the reality of the existence of non-theistic religious belief thus a secular faith based belief system IE: a secular religion. Thus a "secular" State takes on deific characteristics. Invisible but present, all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. The State creates a monopoly on the creation of law/sacred text, the interpretation of law/sacred text and the enforcement with coercive lethal force of law/sacred text.

The State has its High Priests (Supreme Court), its Lower Priests (lower judges) and the advocate priests (attorney's aka Doctors of Law/sacred text) for the people who have sinned/lawbreakers. They advocate with prayers and pleadings to the representative of the Deity (Judge) seating on the seat of judgement (Bench) and receiving the petitions (legal process), prayers (motions) and offerings (lives, liberty and property) of the people to forgive their sins/lawbreaking. The State has now replaced any other deity and considers itself alone and supreme.

If you want to change the "law" you must first change your "religion"!  NO religion/legal system has ever been "reorganized/reformed."  A new and different legal/religious system was acknowledged or created to compete with or replace the old. Various interpretations of law/sacred text lead to different denominations or legal philosophies about the interpretation of law/sacred text. Whose version gets enforced is determined by who has enough coercive lethal force to dominate or broker a compromise.

This country cannot be fixed by "going back to the constitution" because:

1. Those in conflict cannot agree to which of the "constitutions" by date and amendment to "go back to."

2. The "constitution" itself was a counter revolution to the agreed government set up at the revolution. It thoroughly repudiates the 5 truths articulated in the Declaration of Independence as the causes and premises for the Declaration by declaring itself to be the "supreme" law/sacred text of the land. Thus creating itself as a "sovereign" with divine right to rule because its subjects have elected representatives to plead and petition the sovereign. The eventual corruption was systemic from the initiation as articulated by the "Anti-Federalists." They were right and the Federalists were wrong.

All that is going on today "politically" is a verbal religious war by different denominations who will eventually resort to coercive lethal force to make their interpretation of their version of made up law/sacred text paramount to all the others.

It is time to change your religion!