Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Gold & Silver Robbery!!!

Larken Rose
(The following is based upon recently received information, which I
assume to be accurate. A message went out, claiming to be from
Bernard von NotHaus, the "head dude" at Liberty Dollar, reporting
the following. I'll let you know if I get more confirmation of its

But we neeeeeeeeeed "government" to protect us! From what? How
about from armed robbers?

Well, a dozen armed robbers just pulled off what is probably the
biggest precious metals heist in this country in a very long time.
Somewhere around a million dollars in gold, silver, and platinum
were stolen this morning by a dozen armed thugs. Unfortunately, the
crooks got away. But don't worry, the government is on the case!

Unfortunately, they're "on the case" going after the VICTIMS of
this crime. You see, the armed robbers were agents of the FBI and
the Secret Service, and the victim was the "Liberty Dollar"
organization--not to mention all the people who rightfully OWNED
the stolen property.

I probably don't have to tell you the motive: the folks at Liberty
Dollar, by offering an inflation-proof, precious-metals-backed
currency, were messing with one of the tyrants' biggest power
games: the robbery-via-"inflation" game. And in the land of the
free, this is what happens when you threaten the megalomaniacs'
power. Never mind that the Liberty Dollar is perfectly legal, as
confirmed by U.S. officials. To hell with the law; there is POWER
at stake, and you can bet that that "goddamn piece of paper" (as
Bush called the Constitution) isn't going to stop Fuhrer W. and his
jackboots from living out their little power trip fantasies.

So, are all you "limited government" Republicans proud of the
regime you created? Is this fascist empire what you wanted? Let's
see: "your" party got the House, the Senate, and the White House.
And years later, what do you have to show for it? The biggest
federal budget ever? The creation of the biggest federal
bureaucracy ever? Wow, good thing the Democrats didn't get into
power, or we'd be seeing the growth of "big government."

Wake up and smell the jackboots.

If you actually support the Bush regime, then put the damn swastika
on your sleeve and be honest about it. If, on the other hand, you
actually believe in "limited government," and you insist on
engaging in the insane ritual of voting, then how about supporting
the ONLY one in the presidential race (from either party) who ISN'T
a devout collectivist, national socialist? And I don't want to hear
any crap about "wasting your vote" on someone who can't win, or
down the road, you can proudly tell your kids how you voted for the
fascist/socialist who won, instead of the guy with PRINCIPLES who
didn't. Yeah, there's something to be proud of. Again, for those
who believe in the "election" ritual, you have two choices: Ron
Paul, or totalitarianism. I don't know how much more proof of that
you could possibly need.


Larken Rose