Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ron Paul Liberty Dollar Confiscated by Government Goons!

Larken Rose
Well, it was true: our wonderful protectors who work for the
federal government just pulled off a massive armed robbery. Based
on a few questions I got, I should give a little more info.

The "Liberty Dollar" is an alternative to the constantly devalued
"Federal Reserve Notes" (what most people call "dollars"). In
short, the Liberty Dollar is what all paper currency USED to be: a
representation of actual silver or gold. The Liberty Dollar comes
in coins made of precious metals, but it also comes as pieces of
paper (lots better-looking that FRN's) which represent gold and
silver. In other words, in a warehouse there is actual silver or
gold which each paper Liberty Dollar represents. So people can
trade with the paper, and they're exchanging ownership of the
actual silver or gold sitting in the warehouse.

Fed-issued currency, on the other hand, is backed by NOTHING. They
make up more constantly, out of thin air, which results in
"inflation." In short, it amounts to counterfeiting--making up new
money, which makes all the money already in circulation worth less
than it was before.

Because it is backed by silver and gold, the Liberty Dollar is
inflation-proof. In short, if we all traded in LD's, the fed would
go out of business, and inflation would disappear. And tyrants
would have a lot less power, which is why the federal Gestapo
committed armed robbery this morning on the Liberty Dollar offices:
to protect the power of tyrants.

Luckily, most of the silver and gold of Liberty Dollars is in
private hands. However, about a million dollars of the actual
silver and gold, represented by paper Liberty Dollars in the hands
of lots of different people, was stolen by the feds. In other
words, all those people holding the paper LD's were robbed of the
gold/silver which the currency represents. (So you can see why I
was more than a bit huffy in my last message.) If any lawyers are
reading this, I highly suggest an immediate, class-action motion
under Rule 41(g) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedural, to
retrieve the gold and silver owned by all those holding paper LD's.

The legal excuse for the robbery is unclear at this point, except
that a while ago the U.S. Mint made the false allegation that
Liberty Dollars might violate federal currency laws--even though
top U.S. officials have previously stated that that is NOT the
case. But the "legal" excuse is irrelevant. The real reason is the
preservation of power of megalomaniacs.

But there is another "detail" I didn't mention in my last message.
Not only does the robbery protect the Federal Reserve's fiat
currency scam, but as it happens, a rather large shipment of newly
minted Liberty Dollars, with RON PAUL'S face on them, was also
stolen. Golly gee, you don't think the Bush administration would
steal them to try to keep an ACTUAL Constitutionalist out of power,
do you? (If you don't think he would, you're an idiot.) Imagine a
TON (literally) of Liberty Dollars with Ron Paul's face on them,
circulating around the country. No wonder the federal fascists
stole them all before that could happen.


Larken Rose