Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You Too Can Spy on Your Neighbors!

Home Network Awareness Program

The communities across our beloved nation have never been at a greater risk than they are today. However, the greatest threat that we have to combat within the community is primarily invisible and typically intangible. This threat is terrorism. Since terrorists operate in cells that embed themselves within the community they often go completely unnoticed, not unlike the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks.

Identifying terrorists is no easy task since they become a part of the community and rely on its resources, especially for communication. Cities, towns, and suburbs all across our nation often have computer networks. These networks are located within places of business, commerce, as well as our homes. With the widespread adoption and usage of wireless networks, it has created a climate that is ripe for exploitation by terrorists. Since these networks often times are unsecured or offered as a free service to the public it allows any individual to use them, including terrorists. Even the networks that reside in our homes can be used by terrorists who maybe our own neighbors or fellow building residents.

Therefore it is imperative that these networks do not go unmonitored. That is why the Neighborhood Network Watch was established and why now the Home Network Awareness Program has been created to allows individuals like yourself to make sure that terrorists may not be using your own home network to plan the next attack on our nation or your very own community.

If you are interested in participating in the Home Network Awareness Program please download the in depth step by step guide to collecting network data with TCPDUMP, "How To Sniff Network Traffic." Also, watch the following public service announcements:

The Incompetence of the NSA