Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tasered Hula Hoop Lady Sues A-hole Porcine

Well here you go all you a-hole porcine lovers another perfect example of why YOU are the domestic terrorists. What a wonderful example of serving the public by abusing mentally challenged harmless people who are telling you they have a medical alert notice and can't comply due to injuries. Time to take this porcine into the woods for a wet down and tasering!

The officer who used a Taser to shock the Hula Hoop Lady of Granby Street in October felt he had no choice but to do so, according to Norfolk's city attorney.

On Tuesday, lawyers for Pamela Brown filed a lawsuit in Norfolk Circuit Court, seeking $5 million in damages against Officer Nicholas Parks. The lawsuit says Parks violated Brown's civil rights and used excessive force during the incident.

Brown, 49, was charged with making excessive noise and assaulting Parks after he responded to a noise complaint on the median of Granby Street near Wards Corner, where she hula-hoops. Brown suffered a brain injury in 1977 when she was hit by a truck, and she has seizures and short-term memory loss. A prosecutor dropped the charges in November.

According to the lawsuit, Parks disregarded Brown's repeated statements that her injuries prevented her from putting her arm behind her back, as the officer had ordered. The lawsuit says Parks ignored Brown's efforts to tell him about the documents she had with her that described her condition. MORE HERE