Sunday, September 28, 2008

Anti-Conspiracy Kooks

Larkin has it right again!

Anti-Conspiracy Kooks 

If you get up one morning, stub your toe on a table, spill your morning coffee on your shirt, get a flat tire on the way to work,
and have to fix it in the rain, that's called bad luck. The likelihood that a group of devious villains snuck into your house
and moved your table a few inches to where they knew you would kick it, and then somehow sabotaged your coffee mug so you'd drop it,
then did something to your tires to make them go flat ten minutes later, and then somehow made it rain, is pretty darn slim. And if
you think all of that happened, I'd probably agree that you're a conspiracy kook.

However, it is not only possible, but quite common, for people to be "kooks" in the other direction: to not recognize conspiracies
when they are obvious. For example, billions of dollars are spent by people conspiring to get you to buy a certain car. The car
companies spend piles of money on crafting propaganda (advertising) to manipulate your feelings and emotions, because they want your
money. Their magazine ads, TV ads, radio ads, the slogans they use, the images they choose--it's all a "conspiracy" to get your money.
It happens to be a perfectly legal and moral conspiracy, at least most of the time, but it's still a lot of people CONSPIRING to get
money for themselves.

The same is true of just about everything you buy, everything you see in the media, and everything you read. There are thousands of
groups very deliberately trying to persuade you to give them your money. There are, after all, TRILLIONS of dollars at stake, and
almost everyone would like to have lots of those dollars for themselves. So of course companies "conspire" to get you to give
your money to them. I can't imagine anyone being ignorant enough to not realize that.

Another indisputable fact is that some people are not particularly honest or nice. We've all seen the example of the used car salesman
doing his little psychological tricks and deceptions to dupe some poor guy into buying a lemon. And when two or more people cooperate
on coming up with such a scam, that is, by definition, a conspiracy. It's as natural for bad people to do it as it is for
good people to do it, if not more so. (Enron comes to mind.) When there are BILLIONS of dollars at stake, it's naive to NOT
constantly be on the lookout for conspiracy, deception, and trickery. (The Wachowski Brothers' version of "Speed Racer"
expresses this nicely.) Just about everyone has heard the saying, "Follow the money," yet people often seem to forget to do that. In
any news story, ask yourself, who got money and power as a result of this?

Right now we have a HUGE example, involving numbers almost too big to even comprehend. Almost everyone talks as if the proposed
$700,000,000,000 "bailout" is Congress irresponsibly bailing out lendors who, due to bad planning, gave out loans that couldn't be
repaid. Lots of people object to the bailout, as well they should, but in doing so, they assume that the government's version of
events is what really happened.

Suppose some very rich and powerful bankers were either buddies with those in Congress, had some blackmail leverage against them,
or came up with some other bribe or deal which would involve Congress giving them lots of money. If Congress announced, "We're
going to impose a new tax on everyone, so we can give billions of dollars to our rich banker friends," I don't think the public would
be too thrilled about it. So how would they do it?

When deciding what "conspiracy theories" might be true, I like to use this simple test: What would YOU do if you were a nasty crook?
It's a safe bet that anything I could think of, or anything you could think of, the nasty crooks already have thought of. For
example, if I was a crook and I was in Congress (but I repeat myself), and I had some slimy deal with big bankers--foreign and
domestic--that they'd do something for me if I gave them a huge pile of money, here's one thing I could do: Have them plan ahead to
give out millions of loans, including to people who can't possible repay them--in fact, ESPECIALLY to those people. Once there is a
nice big collection of people in debt that they'll never get out of, the bankers and the government can both say, "It's a crisis!"
Then, in the name of saving the country from economic catastrophe (intentionally caused by us crooks), I send BILLIONS of dollars to
my banker buddies and call it a "bailout." Where do I get the money? I take it from the people, of course, not only today, but in
the future. The "bailout" is backed by my promise to keep right on taxing the poor working slobs for years to come. So in reality the
scheme is a tax on everyone in the country, with the money going right to my rich and powerful buddies. But as long as it doesn't
LOOK like that, and as long as most people think the "crisis" was accidental, and don't think it was a conspiracy between me and my
banker buddies, they might get upset, but we'll get away with it anyway.

So is that what the "bailout" really is? It's hard to know what all happens behind closed doors, but if you ask me, the above scenario
is a lot MORE likely than the banks and congress, with all their experts and advisors, going along for years having no idea that the
lendors had made $700,000,000,000 in loans that would never be repaid, and then suddenly realizing it all at once. Now THAT is a
kooky theory, but it is what the media presents as indisputable fact. This is no bailout, nor is it any emergency solution for some
unforeseen crisis. It is a calculated, premeditated and preplanned way for a bunch of control freaks, in this country and elsewhere
(don't forget the Saudi and Chinese bankers) to get lots more money out of the peasants. And they're sure that all of you will just put
up with it. Yeah, you'll complain, and you might even whine to your congressman, but they couldn't care less about that. They get your
money anyway. And the best part is that, if you suggest that any of the above is what really happened, most of your fellow fraud
VICTIMS will ridicule YOU for it, because they're too gullible, or just too stupid, to use simple logic, taking into account human
nature, to figure out what is really going on around them.

Larken Rose