Friday, September 26, 2008

Police State Identification for Dummies

By Larken Rose

Every time I think the current fascist regime in this country has been as ridiculous as it can be, it
does something worse. The news is now spreading that the federal tyrants' mercenaries, whose
misconduct and oppression abroad I have been criticizing recently, are about to bring their jackboot
show to a city near you! The Army Times reports that a group of mercenaries, having been killing
people in Iraq for a while, may be called upon "to help with civil unrest and crowd control" right
here at home. Well, that's comforting.

In case you're one of those too dense to grasp the bleeding obvious, the literal translation of that is
that they may be called on to EXTERMINATE YOU if you ever decide to disobey or resist your
masters in Washington. And these are people who have recently had experience in killing other

(Being exposed to mortal combat, and especially being engaged in mortal combat, psychologically
messes up a LOT of people. Vietnam is a glaring example, but the conflict in Iraq--the parts the
government and media routinely cover up--shows the same thing. The suicides, mental problems,
war crimes, etc., all show that putting someone into hell ("war") tends to mess them up. I don't
know why that would surprise anyone. But my question is this: If average Americans shouldn't
be allowed to have machine guns, why is it a good idea to put some of those Americans through
emotionally and psychologically scarring hell, and THEN give them machine guns, and let them
walk the streets of America with them?)*

So exactly what has to happen before the American public recognizes that the U.S. is a police state
? Well, how about this?: Soon airports might make you walk through a magic machine that can
decide whether you're a good guy or a bad guy. (I wish I could make this stuff up.),2933,426485,00.html

If you ask me, this is absolute bullpoop. Notice that they CLAIM impressive results, but won't say
what they are. Much like the "lie detector," this new intrusion/harassment device is scientifically
worthless, but gives people the false impression that "the powers that be" know everything. All
they have to do is claim that the machine showed something, pretend they can read your thoughts
and motives, and then they will try to scare and/or torture you into giving a confession.
(If you think I'm being paranoid, read "Tremors in the Blood," by a real expert on the misnamed
"lie detector," to see how it is REALLY used.)

What the fascists want this new hocus-pocus, mind-reading machine for is not to DETECT actual
bad intent, but to have a trick which lets them PRETEND to have probable cause to stop you,
interrogate you, detain you, etc. It is a cheap psychological trick designed to make you think that
random, unjustified and unconstitutional searches and detainments are really justified. And, as
usual, whenever they stress that it WON'T be used for something--they claim it won't keep a
record of individual readings--you can bet that that is exactly what they INTEND to use it for.

Hilariously, Those pushing for the Orwellian scheme say they hope it "restore[s] a sense of
freedom." Notice, the goal is not to restore freedom, but a SENSE of freedom. That about sums it
up. They might as well just say: "We want to monitor and control everything, while giving you the
SENSE that you are free." Welcome to 1984, just a couple decades late.

Incidentally, this gives me one more reason to never fly a commercial airliner again. You see,
unlike many sheep who seem quite content being herded, maltreated and sheered, I don't like
being treated like a slave. I'm sure if the magical hocus-pocus machine reads anything, I would
set it off in a heartbeat, because I would want to strangle every fascist moron administering the
thing, and the people who decided to subject me to it. "Golly gee, this machine says you're angry
and wish us harm." Damn right I do, you fascist bastards.

Larken Rose
(* Just to be clear, especially for the combat vets on my list--and there are a bunch--I'm not
saying that being in combat makes someone evil. But being exposed to the horrors of war,
especially for a long time, would mess up ANYONE'S head. Plenty of people have managed to
return to relatively normal lives after seeing gruesome combat, but statistically speaking, cops
and combat vets have a far higher rate of violent psychoses than average folk. My only point is
that letting THEM have tanks, bombs, machine-guns, etc., while depriving the general public of
them, is a really bad idea.)