Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cops you won't see on TV's COPS

Feb. 24, 2009

Corruption cases against cops call 1,000 convictions into doubt

Cops retaliated against reporter who wrote of police brutality, says ACLU

Border officer sentenced for taking bribes

Cops conspired to cover up killing of 92-year-old woman in botched drug raid

Cops sue the TV station that reported on strip search and naked jailing

Police officer caught on camera tackling a bicyclist is fired, 18 months after the incident

Cops get probation for dog attack, conspiracy to commit witness tampering

Cop gets two years, eight months, for videotaping teenagers having sex

Police officer quits after domestic violence charges filed

Ex-cop violates sex abuse probation

Parking regulations don't apply to Boston Police

Dallas District Attorney reviews cases filed by 6 Dallas officers named in lawsuit

Police officer charged in 2006 gun scam pleads guilty to lesser charge

Internal Affairs "investigated" allegations of police brutality and exonerated cops without talking to victims, witnesses, or police officers involved

List of recent murder charges against police officers -- charges tossed, acquittal, acquittal, acquittal, conviction reversed on appeal, charges tossed

Cop accused of buying steroids while on duty turns himself in

Feds charge NYPD officer with laundering $230,000

Guards plead not guilty in 'nightmare' Rikers beatings

No charges will be filed against British cops who shot innocent man seven times in the head in mistaken terror panic

Deputy who fired shots in wrong house acted 'reasonably and lawfully'