Monday, February 23, 2009

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VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: The Great Shaman Shamboozle

Steve McIntyre appears to have caught NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in a slight problem with the backup data for the outfit's "2008 was the hottest October on record" globaloney. (See

In fact, although Russia cools rapidly throughout the fall (as both Napoleon and Hitler learned the hard way) McIntyre discovered upon closer inspection that the institute's October readings were PRECISELY THE SAME for each Russian reporting station as their September readings, a statistically impossible coincidence.


The discovery followed McIntyre's demonstration in 2007 that NASA had been unjustifiably adding a significant 0.15 degrees celsius to its U.S. temperature reports since 2000, the Heartland folks report.

"The London Daily Telegraph calls this 'a surreal blunder (that) raised a huge question mark about the temperature records that underpin the worldwide alarm over global warming,' " wrote Wesley Pruden in The Washington Times on Nov. 21.

Because those who seek to grab political and economic control of the West's free-market economies, herding huge masses of people out of our cars and free-standing homes and into "mass transit" boondoggles and urbanized concentration ghettos where we're more easily watched and disarmed, clearly need the hysterical ululating to continue for a few more years, at least. Only hysteria and a quasi-religious jihad can get the job done. Look what they face:

1) Global warming may well be over.

2) Even if the globe continued to warm at the rate of 1 degree per century, this would be a net minor improvement, allowing us to grow wheat a bit further north. It's the next ice age that holds the real threat.

3) Carbon dioxide is not a toxin, but is natural and necessary for plant life. "Cleaning the air" of carbon dioxide is like "cleaning the earth" of topsoil.

4) If global warming were to continue and even if it were a bad thing, carbon dioxide is such a tiny part of the atmosphere -- and such a minor component among the "greenhouse gases," which also include water vapor -- that no change in climate trends would result even from shutting down man's industrial civilization entirely, overnight. Which can't be done, since most of the world only goes along with this baloney as long as we pay them to mouth the proper magic phrases. MORE HERE