Thursday, February 26, 2009

Skeleton Nation: Law enforcement as slave catchers


Wendy McElroy is scared witless, and with good reason. Despite apocalyptic populist chatter about martial law, I think it’s doubtful you will see anything so sudden and dramatic on a nationwide scale (selective local use would seem a given, on the other hand). That’s not the modus operandi of these jokers. Instead, I believe we’re set for a smooth but quick “fade to black”, akin to the oxygen being cut off to the brain of a person being strangled.

Anybody with a correct understanding of class conflict and economics can foresee the way this is all going to go down. It’s also readily apparent in the anecdotal evidence coming in to me of an exponential increase in traffic stops nation-wide, as municipalities are getting crazy-desperate for cash.

They will come for you piecemeal. You will all be picked up one at a time as criminals, not met on some imagined heroic field of battle. You are all guilty of something, or they can say you’re guilty of something or they can pass new laws if they have to (although there doesn’t seem much ground left). Professional police forces, in violation of the spirit of the Third Amendment if not its letter, are themselves all of the occupying army they need.

The ruling class has got itself in a pickle, you see. The cancer is metastasizing. They’re issuing more credit than they have assets to back and foreign creditors will not long tolerate that — unless they get more assets. Guess what? You’re a “human resource”.

The United States will be quickly hollowed out by its rulers as a major portion of its population becomes “criminalized” as a facade for slavery. And I don’t mean the way we compared the tax burden to “tax slavery” back in the 90’s. I mean you’re going to jail and few will panic until their turn comes. And because there aren’t enough jails to house all of the slaves they’ll need to keep the skeleton crew of unincarcerated living at the expense of their fellow North American, you will probably be sent to a hastily constructed prison camp. Welcome to the American Gulag.