Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mmmmm...Baked Apple...Where's the Cinnimon?

By Phasma Scriptor

Baked Apple - the weather bombers of the Rothschilds score a direct hit on the Northeastern Corridor

On August 14, 2003, the lights went out in BosWash (the largest urban area in history, Boston-New-York-Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington-DC), a condition that rolled hundreds of miles northwestward, into the Canadian province of Ontario, westward into Michigan and Ohio. Although some estimates claimed that about 55 million people were affected, that was undoubtedly a lowball, practically speaking, in the dirt; 75-90 million was probably more like it. The affected area experienced as much as an 80% drop in load, along with about a 500% increase in stew-pid with the release of numerous “official”, later found to be false, claims of the cause, including, in that era of highest stew-pidity maybe of all time, “terrorists”; that would be stew-pidity level RED. That doesn’t mean the BosWash power grid ain’t in jeopardy.

A regional heat wave helped trigger the outage, but, much more significantly, the power grid itself, not having had the necessary upgrades since the last Great Blackout of 1965, is easily the most vulnerable power grid on Earth, relative to its concentration of human activity dependent on that power grid. Among the multitude of cracks in the Northeastern Corridor power supply system, is the disconnect between the allegedly automatic fail-safes triggered by computer brains and the human brains that are supposed to intervene in the event the computer brains have an aneurysm, or vice versa. Among the burgeoning multitude of likely disastrous consequences are the keeling over of all the conveniences of modern life, such as cellular telephone systems (and all the attendant texting, tweeting, etc., spelling the end of life as we know it for nearly all teen-agers, exception - Amish teens), transportation systems (all electric commuter trains would thereby become large, expensive paperweights), utility systems (such as water pumping stations, giving new meaning to “getting hit with a shitstorm”), et cetera.

The Great Blackout of 1965 should have been the hot poker up the ass of the jokers who pretend to be the leaders of this deteriorating nation. Nya, nya, the pols and, worse, the voters, ignored this threat. The even Greater Blackout of 2003 should have been ground glass in their eyes. Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya, nya, the pols and the voters prove to be impervious to having ground glass smooshed into their eyes, ears and every other orifice on their bodies. The Economic Stimulus of 2009 was supposed to be spent on these very problems of literally disintegrating infrastructure. Nya to the nth power; some of it was spent on infrastructure, but was way, way, way too little, and almost certainly too late.

Thus, the Northeastern Corridor has become targeted by the Masters of Weather-as-Strategic-Weaponry, definitely NOT a recent development.

While the Soviets were and continue to be amongst the most incompetent practitioners of modern policy, warcraft, spycraft, technology, oh, you name it, they’ve probably screwed it up. Only because they were propped up by Wall Street tycoons (the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds) from the beginning (see, e.g., Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Antony Sutton), continuing through their dithering attempts to build the semblance of a military (see, e.g., Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, Antony Sutton, also, The Best Enemy Money Can b Buy, detailing the transfer of hundreds of tons of military equipment from the US to the Soviets) and the necessity of having to present nuclear devices, silver-platter-style, to them (see previous posting about where the actual control of those terrifying Soviet ICBMs was resident), did the Soviets manage to keep so many otherwise intellectually and morally superior peoples under their control.

However, they did do one smart thing. One. Sneaky, sort of, but still smart. Well, maybe, because Americans were too smug. The Soviets came to America and acquired the papers of Nikola Tesla, who might have been the father of the modern wireless, direct-current power grid (a misnomer, since wireless DC wouldn’t require an enormous power GRID, or infrastructure), except Thomas Edison had more money behind him. Of course, if that had been the path of power generation in this country and, ultimately, the entire globe, the Great Blackouts wouldn’t have happened. But, I digress.

What did the Soviets do with the inspired ideas of Tesla? Why, what they always do, Pinky. Try to take over the world. But, like Brain, the Soviets were always well short of being able to make good on their threat, there being no Rockefeller or Rothschild funding for anything that could present real geo-political discomfort (the Lend-Lease equipment was at least one generation into obsolescence); no different with the Great Tesla Weather Weapon project.

Using Tesla’s research and experiments, the Soviets set up stations which were intended to and did (much to their surprise) produce electrostatic fields; those fields were able to effectively push large volumes of air, thus, enabling them to generate weather fronts. The initial efforts ultimately were successful in giving a glimmer of hope to the oldest Russian dream - warm weather. Oooh, suntans without freezer-burn. The Russians apparently forgot that the only strategy that ever worked for them against any well-armed (as in up-to-date) adversary (with bullets, as opposed to snowballs) was waiting for the super-frigid Russian winter to infect the arrogant invading army with an epidemic of terminal frostbite. The lust for a growing season longer than 7 days was just too much to resist. We could grow … what’s it called? Summer wheat. Holy mother of Pravda! Wait, wait, what about the Gulag? Fuggedda about it, we’ll just ship ’em off to Canada as draft-dodgers.

The winter of 1978-79 was the pinnacle of Russian prowess with respect to electrostatically rerouting the Siberian express from their territories up and over the North Pole and, mush, onto North America. The result was record snowfall in, for instance, the Chicago area. Little did Mayor Michael Bilandic, favorite son of the Daley Machine, realize that the blitzkrieg of snow that shoveled him from office in favor of the super-longshot, Jane Byrne, was blown in courtesy of the Soviet weather bombers.

Ah, but, just as in every episode of Pinky and the Brain, the inevitable overlooked Murphy’s Law corollary intruded on the Soviet plan to throw off the domination of their financial overlords. It’s a name that will live in obscure Soviet infamy - Chernobyl.

Tesla’s DC powering up of wireless electrostatic energy was tremendously efficient, in theory, but in the realities of process development, weather modification was hardly a slouch when it came to power requirements; the supply of electricity necessary to create a weather front was still pretty formidable. What to do? What to do? Comrade Brain would have been so toasting us w/best Wodka awailable. We’ll use our poorly designed, never-quite-manufactured-up-to-proper-code, nuclear power plants to usher in the golden age of Soviet farming. It’ll be just like the Amerika, with amber waves of grain, and, and, Soviet beer. Of course, as Pinky would say, “Oh, oh, no, wait …”

Chernobyl went Three-Mile-Island on radioactive steroids during a major ramp-up of the system and that was pretty much all Solzhenitsyn wrote. But, the dream lived on, amazingly enough, even before the collapse of the Soviet faux empire (let’s see, can a faux empire actually collapse? The answer, my friend, is breakin’ in the wind). In 1988, the techs involved in the Great Tesla Weather Weaponization were brought over to Fermilab in Geneva, Illinois, where they proceeded to huddle with guys who might truly have a clue, which also included the Argonne Labs crew.

Shortly thereafter, the sights and signs in the sky began in earnest, of which I witnessed many. It began with a cluster of news reports describing “balls of lightning” that electrocuted several people in forest preserves in the Western suburbs of Chicago. At the time, I was living in the Western suburbs of Chicago; within days of those reports, I was sitting at the kitchen window reading, when a very light drizzle began to fall. Not a big deal. At first, I paid no attention … until the drizzle had lasted for about 15 minutes, with the droplets coming straight down. No wind. Slightly unusual. I went outside and looked up. Drizzle coming straight down, no wind, blue sky very visible through wispy clouds. I’m now intrigued, never having seen anything like that in the Chicago area, or anywhere I’d ever been. That condition lasted for about another hour before finally just dissipating. Very curious. Question to self: Is it connected to the sort-of St. Elmo’s Fire occurrences? Don’t know.

After that, the weird, unnatural (meaning, man-made) psyche-rattling skyscapes kept showing up. Among the more memorable sights were a cloud formation shaped like wagon wheel spokes (flat, sharply defined w/straight edges, narrowing towards the center w/a hole at the center); a second, more intricate, spoked formation (w/concentric circles cutting through the spokes, each segment having sharp, cone-shaped spikes that looked like snow-covered pine trees, all of which went limp within two seconds, upon which I immediately looked up and saw three military fighter jets turn on their afterburners and rocket off in opposite directions); a late-evening build-up of storm clouds which, from my position looking west, was slightly illuminated by the post-sunset sky, showing clearly three distinct, discrete sites to which all the green-hued lightning from the approaching front struck; the view, from my window, looking toward Fermilab in Geneva, Illinois, of a monster bolt of electrostatic energy that arose from the ground and, after rising to a height, measured in arms-length perspective, of about the width of my forefinger and thumb spread apart while the bolt’s width was about a finger’s width, turned back to the ground from a near-v-shaped top; giant tube cloud formations, again very sharply defined, bent in sine-waves, lined up perpendicular to and along a major expressway, with wispy lattices evenly spaced between each tube shaped formation; a sharply-defined cloud formation, from below about 4” in width at arm’s length, that was a ruler-straight ribbon running from beyond the horizon in the Southwest to beyond the horizon in the Northeast; orange and blue spoke-shaped rays of light emanating from a setting sun, which was the subject of so many panicked and curious inquiries from the public that local weather reporters had to comment (they were said to be reflections of ice crystals … NAARF!); a sharp straight visible division between what amounted to two halves of the sky, noticeable for two reasons: one, the two distinctly different blue hues on either side of the divide and, two, the clouds that existed on either side of the divide, but not the other, sharply ending at the juncture (a military intel individual looked up when I asked what it was and he proceeded to look up, look back down quickly after a wincing/shoulder-shrugging reaction and, then, gave me a quizzical expression signifying knowledge of what it was, but being unable to tell me); finally, the two-hour-long formation of a thunderstorm, well after sunset, wherein a dark mountain-shaped cloud was bombarded with electrostatic energy, that looked like large camera flashlights (in attempting to get closer to the huge cloud, which didn’t move for the entire time of the bombardment, I finally ran out of time headed for Argonne Labs - the cloud began to move east, just as the newsradio station to which the car radio was tuned announced the approaching storm, whereupon the mountain very quickly arced around to join rapidly-forming thunderclouds to the west and then northward). Most of these incidents were localized in the Western suburbs of Chicago (the orange-blue rays, of course, were seen over a large portion of the Chicago area; the sine-wave cloud formations were probably a product of an apparatus at Glenview Naval Air Station; the 1st cloud spokes were over the Northwest suburbs of Chicago; the divided sky was seen near the huge Naval installation at Norfolk, Virginia, where national security secrets sit floating in the water).

Were these all fanciful experiments that resulted from the newly-allied Soviet-techies and the Fermilab/Argonne-Labs scientists? More importantly, do they bear any relationship to subsequent events, like the current state of weather, not climate, on a fairly short-term basis? Methinks the answer to both questions is yes.

In previous communiques, I proposed that the weather patterns preceding the monster snowstorms on the East Coast in early February of this year had been repeated in previous seasons; this year’s was called “potentially epic” by the NYT. The pattern is simple - strong winds, roaring straight south out of Canada over Lake Michigan, pick up moisture from that longest of all the Great Lakes, continue southward until they reach the Southern States of Alabama and Tennessee where they pick up more humidity, whereupon, the prevailing Southwesterly flow of air currents pushes that epic-proportion of airborne water up into the Northeastern Corridor, at which point, another massive cold front puts the brakes on all that water, now snow, causing it to be dumped on the 50 million or so residents of BosWash. The jetstream looked like a graph of recent stock market action - diving straight south, then doing a near V-shaped single toe-loop in Alabama, then racing northeast.

This time around, the capper was an “extremely unusual” (Weather Channel language, not mine) weather system (an “anomaly”) that traveled westward toward Western New York State, pulling frigid Atlantic Ocean moisture towards the humidity freight train bearing down on the NEC. That system wasn’t just moving in the wrong direction; it was elongated, stretching from the NEC to Lake Michigan (think Nathan’s hot dog, w/ice chips), where the western edge stalled, keeping the snow pump primed for about two weeks.

The recent hiring by the Weather Channel of NBC weather guy Al Roker is interesting because Roker stated on air, while at NBC, that the weather was being manipulated. Exactly. Just way more than when Roker said it. These "anomalies" are not anomalies, but purposeful waging of weather warfare of the Rothschild stronghold (Chicago) v. the Rockefeller stronghold (BosWash) in North America. Tracking the weather patterns, the so-called "hundred year" rain of last year appears to have been the result of a combination of the nation’s weather altering facilities - in Alaska @ Elmendorf AFB (warehouse for a huge nuclear stockpile), in New Mexico @ the hypersecret Area 51 "UFO" facility, the high-security Huntsville/Oak-Ridge-TN axis (similar to the other facilities - Huntsville is HQ for much space exploration tech, Oak Ridge was the home of the development of the A-bomb and remains an advanced tech research facility and nuclear power site) and, of course, Fermilab/Argonne, powered by the vast electrical resources of Illinois which has the most reactors in the US; another would be Norfolk, manned by Marine personnel. No Chernobyls here, thank you very much.

In better lighting, the “anomaly” isn’t any such thing. The Fermilab/Argonne axis electrostatically pushed the air currents straight south from Canada over Lake Michigan, with enough force (we’re talking air here, not concrete blocks) to get the Lake-moisture-laden air all the way to the Huntsville/Oak-Ridge boys who caught the Midwest pitch and relayed it up the Appalachian ridge to the NEC, at which point, Fermilab/Argonne had already pivoted into pushing air west to draw an artificial Atlantic Ocean front over the NEC to collide with the Huntsville/Oak-Ridge relay throw. Snowstorm of the Century, resulting in extreme pressure on the NEC’s fragile infrastructure.

Ultimately, the cover story for these Tesla-based experiments is that the military is using Tesla's ideas to try to mitigate global warming, in which the Pentagon, under the recommendations of the Schwartz/Randall (the Global Business Network consultants) study, released in the fall of 2003 (commissioned for the purpose of determining strategic policy when, not if, radical climatological change occurs - forecast for this year), is heavily involved, both from its causation of global warming and from its experiments to cool off the North American climate. It may very well be that many techies who participate in such exotic exercises are doing it for what they believe is the good of mankind, but the results, e.g., the NEC burial in snow, don't bear that out. Of course, they’re not exactly privy to the Rothschild control of most, if not all, of these weather-altering apparats.

Moving ahead to today in the Baked Apple. Record high temps all over the NEC. Infrastructure in the crapper since 1965. Another weather bomb? Quoting the clueless deadhead of the Century, “You betcha!” If only this whole weather warfare thing was as unsubstantiated as virtually every peep coming out of that scar-for-a-mouth on Sister Sarah. It’s the opposite. The evidence is as plain as the weather patterns of the past week leading up to the enormous weather stressors unleashed on the NEC right now.

The weather system that was heading for the Chicago area, forecast to bring days of rain, missed, arcing northward into Wisconsin and further into Canada where it turned right and curled clockwise into a nice semi-circular blockade to cooler temps, simultaneously drawing air northward into Canada. Meanwhile, Huntsville/Oak-Ridge, not working very hard, merely had to ensure that the normal flow of hot, humid Southeastern air was dispatched into the NEC under the Appalachians along the hot, humid Mid-Atlantic coast and, thence, drawn up into BosWash.

Having Con Ed power supplies see signs of getting brown around the edges on top of record temperature-humidity-indices will usher in an NEC episode of Chicago’s Killer Heat Wave of 1995, which saw over 700 Chicagoans, not counting non-Cook-County stats, wilt to death (without a massive power outage due to the surplus of nuclear power plants in Illinois). Much more worrisome, the potential for a power grid wipeout, not blackout, is as high as the dials on the AC of everyone in the NEC.