Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is Your Brain on Religion...

Religious violence in Nigeria kills eight Christians and burns a church. Earlier in the week the Christians killed Muslims and burned a mosque. It's very obvious the "revealed" religions have nothing to offer us!

Dean of Jerry Falwell's Liberty University dismissed for lying about being an Islamic jihadist until Jesus saved him!

Any idea that can't stand open debate or jokes made about it is not a sound idea. An Islamic clergyman made this point when he said an American woman who drew cartoons of Mohammed "should be taken as a prime target of assassination."

Glenn Beck shows his ignorance again! He is a convert to Mormonism, which most evangelical Christians see as a cult. In a speech he made to 5,000 people when his travelling show, "American Revival", hit Salt Lake City, Utah, the center of Mormonism, he claimed that America is guilty of "collective salvation" which he says is an ungodly liberal goal of forcibly taking wealth from people and giving it to the needy. If he was familiar with his own Bible he would note that this is what was practiced by the early Christians. And if you didn't comply, the Christian Bible god would kill you!

Who is a Jew? A bill in the Israeli Knesset would give Jewish Orthodox rabbis more control over conversions to Judaism. Israel does not have a constitution even though it claims it's a democracy, so matters like this are still alive and well.

Get the demons out of the trees! Why not? The Bible claims Jesus sent demons into pigs!

Charges dropped against eight men involved in an exorcism at a Lutheran camp in Australia. In exchange for the charges being dropped, the men agreed to restraining orders to keep them away from the child who was the target of the exorcism!

Here's an interesting column about the Vatican, child molesting priests and women as priests.

The Catholic Church in Wisconsin defends a priest who was following boys into public bathrooms and who had child pornography.

The number of men willing to become Catholic priests is very low. In Scranton, PA there were no new priests this year. Unfortunately, the local parish is advertising and working to attract more men into becoming priests.

The U.S. Supreme Court deals a defeat to the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican wanted to protect itself financially from its sex crimes against children by claiming "sovereign immunity". However, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Unfortunately, a lower court could still rule in the favor of the Catholic Church, thus putting more innocent children at risk of being sexually attacked by the clergy.

A four year old boy in Russia dies from the superstition of exorcism. This time it wasn't a Christian exorcism. The world and the world's children desperately need Deism!