Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When the weather goes south ... then north ... then south, again (Bonus: When interest rates go south and stay that way)

By Phasma Scriptor

There’s an understandable disconnect, at least, for those who aren’t weather nerds, about Pentagon weather modification, which is just about everybody. Yet, ever since the water witch and the far more sincere (wrought by drought desperation) sacrificing a few community firstborns gave way to seeding clouds (to say nothing of Spahn and Sain and pray for rain), weather modification has progressed as far as any other field of technological endeavor. The only problem is that, like so many other beyond-public-consumption-state-of-the-art, weather modification remains packed in the super-frigid ice of need-to-know security clearances. So, here’s a quick/dirty summary of late developments.

The Sovietization of Nikola Tesla. The realization that it’s a no-contest between electrostatic energy, gobs of it, vs. air (i.e., not concrete blocks). The record-setting North American winter of 1978-79, courtesy of the Soviet Union giving Tesla’s brilliance life in order to make Russian winters last more than two weeks in August. Blown substandard Soviet fuses. Chernobyl. The Soviet kiss-off (Kissov?). Soviet imports distributed across the US national laboratory system. Transplants take hold, bring forth abundant harvest. Pentagon doing what the Pentagon does, weaponize, weaponize, weaponize. Unintended/unforeseen consequences of messing with Mother Nature - wildfires not seen, ever (at least by humans), in Mother Russia, the long-term aftereffects of several years of softening Siberia’s hardcore tundra (which is like radical climate change accelerated, a tell on where so-called global warming can go). Note: Russians are abysmally inept unless given a proper, detailed roadmap w/footnotes, little arrows, dotted lines, lots of Xs and Os (as in Tesla’s easy-to-follow instructions); so, there having been no hint as to the ecological effects of utilizing electrostatic energy to alter climate, the Russkies naturally had no clue what havoc they were wreaking on their historically sub-basement-zero temps.

The dead-on prediction, in a previous post, of a direct weather-bomb hit on Times Square (it was described as the “heart of the NEC [Northeastern Corridor]” wasn’t all that, but the precision (not predictable, but knowable) was still impressive, since the eye was pretty small), with the follow-up on Phillie (and a similarly small eye). What was new with the slow-motion missile that triggered the issuance of a tornado warning NYC, observable on the Weather Channel, that bastion of military intelligence, was the double course correction (first a soft, but noticeable, left; then a soft, but noticeable, right) imposed on the severe weather system that went through Manhattan; pure guess, at this point, since there’s no previous provision of information about the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (in NJ), is that the PPPL was responsible. Else, military stealth craft with recently developed portable transponders.

Not sure what the score is with respect to these weather strikes, but the patterns are consistent and recognizable enough, such that there’s been few misses; can’t remember the last. The twin tornadoes on the NEC were the debut of a precision summer bombing run; air doesn’t exactly cooperate all the time and hot air, like from a politician, is subject to more uncertainty (oh, yeah, politicians blow hot air with 100% reliability); something about entropy that makes itself more evident, like in the jetstream, stronger in the winter than the summer when heat expansion pretty much dissipates concentrated energy in air movement, except when there’s a severe weather system; NYC and the NEC, generally, generate so much heat from their collective concrete surfaces, along with an exceedingly small amount of moisture that emanates from those surfaces, that tornadoes rarely get through (Phillie, for instance, has a less than 1% of experiencing a tornado (1/200 years). The existing conditions friendly to the development of severe weather must then be used and given an electrostatic boost. An extra charge sufficient to power up the system burns so much energy that the power usage from the required local nuke must be monitored to prevent the regular users, residential/commercial, from being deprived (and, therefore, much more prone to scream foul) of their refrigeration. During the summer, that restricts weather modification to periods when the area from which the modification is generated has relatively moderate temps.

Thus, the double twisters were notable for, one, being artificially fabricated twisters, the most concentrated and dangerous form of weather, and, two, the apparent directional control exercised over them, and, three, packing the most serious form of heat in the weaponized weather arsenal which had formerly consisted solely of the winter feat of dropping multiple-feet-of-snow on the NEC. Certainly, the latter stresses the extremely vulnerable and fragile infrastructure of the NEC; however, the potential for bringing the NEC infrastructure (which extends west past Pennsylvania to Ohio and Michigan, and north to the northern tip of Ontario) to wipeout status, as has been the case for nearly a half-century even without the threats of weather-as-strategic-weapon, is enormously enhanced with a summertime attack, when all the AC dials for 100 million hot bodies (give or take 20 mil) are cranked as far as they can go.

Bonus track: As advertised, mortgage rates sank to the lowest in the history of mortgage rates in modern America.
10-year Treasury yields, bouncing for a short period off of 2.9%, broke through this week, seeking support at 2.8%. The headline from a NYT report today (Fed Will Meet With Concerns on Deflation Rising ) confirms my 3-year-long insistence (see "Ranting will not make it so") that inflation is off the table, way, way, way off the table. As recently admitted by financial "experts", real interest rates are negative. Paying up $106 per $100 bond face value on the 10-year is the market saying so (Gosh, the market? The DSTs worship the "free market"; so their god is kicking their brains out). While real estate pricing remains soft, the reality of real estate is the realtor's mantra, "They're not making any more of the stuff"; so, the urge to have children and keep the population growing mandates that, despite the deflationary scenario, real estate prices, being based upon the necessity and the utility of having a roof over your head, will be buoyed by this fact of life (unless there's a catastrophe which wipes out a substantial number of potential home-buyers, like, say, the Super-Size-Me Syndrome clogs the arteries of every adult eating fries in a McDonald's, suddenly and without remedy).

Gold, on the other hand, has very little utility and, as noted in "Ranting", is very hard to carry around in any significant amount and has never, ever offered the salutary effect of paying interest, even at a negative real interest rate. BTW, for the DSTs who think they believe in the Bible, bite this --- Matthew 10:8-10, James 5:3, I Peter 1:18 and Ezekiel 7:19.
If I ever want any gold/silver, I'll come by your street, when the time is right, and wait for you to toss your worthless coins out the window. Oh, no, wait, that shit's too heavy to carry away. Never mind.

Deflation always proceeds into uncharted territory because the manner in which it plays out is subject to the rapidity with which prices go down, unlike the more or less steady climb of prices in inflationary times. Bargain-hunters, in their feverish minds, think a crash in prices represents the golden buying opportunity. The Rothschilds' slogan was more practical, ruthless, but practical - "Buy when blood is running in the streets." Of course, they're the ones who provoked the blood to run in the streets. Nice guys.

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