Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ron Paul on Bailout Fallout

Ron Paul appeared on CNN this afternoon to discuss the bailouts. The interviewer put up a quote attributing it to Ron Paul that was actually written by Lew Rockwell on his own site. The site the interviewer found the quote on was actually, which is not Ron Paul’s site, but rather a very popular Ron Paul site run by a supporter. That site aggregates Ron Paul related news and posts it. In this case, the words quoted are from this post by Lew Rockwell on

Not surprisingly, this is a great example of the media not doing their homework. It is like during his presidential campaign in many interviews where the interviewers marginalized Ron Paul and his opinions . Just when you think Ron Paul was starting to get some respect the media makes a feeble attempt to marginalize his opinion on the bailout. Neil Cavuto recently called Ron Paul a genius. All that being said, Ron Paul does a great job!