Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ten Reasons Republicans Love Sarah Palin

10) Her Yankee Midwestern/Canadian accent "you betcha!"

9) With our serious unregulated free market meltdown she is still pushing the government is the problem crap.

8) She puts her religious beliefs above her country and the US Constitution.

7) She denies most every facet of scientific knowledge by claiming Biblical creationism is equal to evolution, and human action is not responsible for climate change. Which also shows her lack of logic, reason, common sense and grasp of reality.

6) She reminds Republicans of their Sister in Law who is on the local school board screeching about queers, atheists, sex education and baby murderers.

5) She is an NRA Life Member who likes to kill and gut large animals and wear their skins.

4) She promotes the two wars we fight today, and three more wars with Iran, Pakistan and Russia.

3) Being from Alaska and educated in Idaho, she has never met an African American.

2) She is smarter than most invertebrates.

And the number one attraction Republicans have for Sarah Palin...

1) They know she's no smarter than they are.