Friday, May 21, 2010

A Great Anti-Federalist Article!


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Veterans Today

I was asked during an interview on Al Jazeera the question that every Muslim lives with every day, “How can a small country like Israel control America.” My answer was simple. Imagine a friend comes to you screaming, “Someone stole my house!” You ask him what happened. His response; “I put my house up for sale, I asked $200,000 dollars. A man came to the door and said he wanted my house. He gave me $200,000 bucks and now I have no home.”

Israel doesn’t buy influence and control in America, we sold it to them. The price tags were there, had been there forever. Anyway, there isn’t such a thing as Israel. Yes, it is a country, like America but we don’t exist either, not really, we never did. Our Civil War proved this. A country is like a company with a flag, a company that doesn’t have to pay its workers, can even jail or kill them if it wants to. Real countries today are owned by stockholders, we call them banks, who hire managers who work for them.

We call this “government.”

This should explain why the two American political parties act the way they do. They really don’t exist. American history classes are filled with fun days and boring days. During the boring days, the teacher talks about monetary policies and banking. In 1791, Alexander Hamilton set up the Central Bank of the United States. It was controlled by England, our enemy, at least on the surface but was run by the Rothschilds. Jefferson saw that such a bank would turn America into a criminal empire. Jefferson favored “democracy” and Hamilton favored “conservatism” as expressed in “Federalism.”

There is a clear difference between these two. Federalism has always been based on elimination of personal liberties. A Federalist nation is a dictatorship of the wealthy where individual enterprise is squashed by syndicates and monopolies tied to the banks and the foreign owners of the banking system. Theoretically, a Federalist or Conservative government is one under foreign control through a central bank that funds a series of syndicates or monopolies that rule through government.

The idea of political parties and the Constitutional oddity of the “electoral college” and a Supreme Court that could overrule laws wanted by the people was how this foreign rule was to be implemented. The “rubber stamp” for this system was the Senate, a group chosen, not elected, until well into the 20th century. With vote restricted to larger land owners and successful merchants and political parties managed by the banks through control of capital, government had only one duty, protecting the owners and securing a ruling class.

During that same class that we all slept through, someone mentioned a Second Bank started in 1811. President Andrew Jackson hated this bank because he believed as so many do now, that “debt based currency” which we know as, well, what we carry in our pockets is nothing but a game that encourages economic manipulation and crashes that end up putting all wealth in the hands of speculators. You know what they are, Goldman Sachs/Wall Street types. Jackson took all government money out of the bank, fired two Secretaries of the Treasury to do it and fought back while our British and Rothschild masters tried to economically crush America in retaliation.

These are the reasons Presidents like Jefferson and Jackson were great men, reasons we don’t teach anymore. Even then, America was duped, milked for all it was worth by foreign groups that found the price tag that so many of our “better classes” were born with. If you wanted to find where they teach Americans to sell out, look to Harvard and Yale.

The final nail in Americas coffin was the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson. The history books fail us totally when explaining “national banks” and “state banks” and money for planting season. We slip into a century of ignorance ending with today’s America with half the taxes we collect going to pay interest on money that never existed in the first place and all but 3% of the population ending up with nothing at all. 80% of the “Reagan millionaires” still around have a negative net worth. 40% of American home owners owe more than their homes are worth and wages and our standard of living has plummeted since 2000.

What have we become? We have spent ourselves into a century of poverty developing weapons and fighting wars for multi-national corporations, bankster thieves and massive international drug cartels that control the governments of every “free country” on earth from England to Israel to India to Germany and, especially, the United States of America.


Stealing a term from Jeff Gates, the systematic manipulation and control of nation after nation by sinister interests that are very real, interests hidden behind mythology, be it fictions of religion, stories of imaginary national struggles against non-existent evil or the rallying cry of “us against them” patriotism or, as has become popular of late, incessant fear mongering and hate, all begins through the destruction of human reason.

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