Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Open Letter to Wen Jiabo and the Chinese Government

Thanks to Bill St. Clair at End the War on Freedom!!

From http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/bennett.htm

Open Letter to Wen Jiabo and the Chinese Government

By Kyle Bennett

"You've expressed concern with the safety of the hundreds of billions of dollars of US Treasury instruments that you possess. Your concern is well founded.

They will not be paid in full.

First, while I have your attention, let me state that since you are communist thugs who brutalize your people and have no right to run a country, or even to breath the air of this planet, I have no sympathy for your predicament. Its a shame that some in this country are burdened with the belief that they are in debt to the likes of you, but that is their problem. It is not, generally, a problem the American people are saddled with. We never agreed to be in your debt.

Understand one thing, and though I'm sure you already know it, I will spell it out clearly so there is no misunderstanding. That paper you hold is backed by only one thing: the presumed ability now and in the future of our government to rob or extort from the American people the money that will be used to repay you.

I refer to the paper you "hold", rather than own, because you own nothing. What you were promised was not the property of the people you made your deals with. It was not theirs to offer, and it is not now yours. Your deal was with a relatively small handful of United States officials, George Bush, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson, Barak Obama, Tim Geithner, and others. It was not with us. It was with them, and it is with them or their assigns that you will have to deal in the future.

That they have promised you our cooperation, willing or otherwise, should be of little comfort to you. They have no authority to make such promises on our behalf, nor on generations yet unborn. Their promises were based on the assumption that the force of law, or the naked force of arms, will remain at their service to be placed in your service. That is a risky assumption."

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