Friday, May 21, 2010

Update on a "Cork"

By Phasma Scriptor

Since the day after reports of the Gulf oil spill began to be published, I've suggested that a balloon designed to plug catastrophic leaks in ships should be deployed. That design can be either the original from 1948 or combined with subsequent designs (see US Patents 2446190 - 8/3/48, 4329132 - 5/11/82, 4385582 - 5/31/83, 5143012 - 9/1/92). My communiques to a variety of influential individuals and groups has been greeted with ... crickets. Now, BP has stuck a siphon into the pipe disgorging the reserve's guts out, which is an apparatus that could be used to insert the balloon and stop the gusher; however, that would also permanently end production from that well. The recent interviews of the CG Adm who's been put in charge of the Great Oil Spill of the 21st Cent should give you a clue as to the cluelessness of anyone supposedly in charge over how to stop it. One revelation from Erich Pica, exec dir of Friends of the Earth, is that, after decades of offshore oil spills, Cap'n Crunch has no idea how to put a measuring device down there to get an accurate (read that non-BP) reading on the deepwater gusher. The lack of US deepwater subs is no excuse. Surely, one can be borrowed in short order from American allies. Furthermore, the remotes could handle the balloon fix which doesn't carry nearly the complexities of the other silly proposals like the pointless "junk shot". That the Feds have ZERO to offer in the way of solutions is consistent with the Minerals Management Service of the Dept of the Interior literally sucking up to the Oilies. The CG, no matter how much the Cap'n looks like Santa's bro, has been just as cozy with the Oilies. The criminality of the offshore drillers disappears under the influence of, eg, Zapata Offshore, owned by, well, you know, and Halliburton, with which the CG must be complicit. My very practical and elegantly simple suggestion has been ignored by everyone to whom I've sent it who has any way of significantly influencing this utterly failed process. Time to pay attention. The Blob that's going to eat the Big EZ, the Great Coral Reefs (the source of amazing natural cures for a variety of medical conditions and an obstacle to Petro-Pharma)and the Keys has now shown, via the telltale surface sheen, that it's taken a left turn @ Florida and has reached NC. Maybe, when it gets to DC, then the Jersey Shore, some dimbulb will get what a simple patented balloon designed to repair underwater leaks can do. Maybe.