Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My name is Earl: Collateral Damage

By Phasma Scriptor

The path of the jetstream, previously described as “tak[ing] a soft left turn up through Montana into Canada, thence east after a soft right, followed by a rather crazy hard right over Maine and, then, a very tight u-turn northward over the Atlantic”, is in a pattern similar to that generally seen only in the spring, although characteristics of the current path aren’t usual at all. The clockwise curl north of Maine, coming straight south, has become more pronounced over the last two days, whereas, on the western end of this jetstream, the appearance is one of eastward progress, both of the jetstream and the weather system below the jetstream, being forced in a northeasterly direction by Fermilab/Argonne-Labs. This would have, and is having, two major effects. One, the forecast of the cold front behind the northeasterly line being able to move east to push Earl away from the East Coast would fail; two, stacking up the cold front (seen in the speed of the jetstream) would cause, and is causing, threats of tornado activity in the upper central plains. The latter isn’t a target, but is suffering as collateral damage with respect to the intended target of Earl, that is, the Northeastern Corridor (NEC).
Moreover, the Huntsville/Oak-Ridge facility is maintaining the disorganized weather system as previously predicted as being required to keep wind shear, destructive to hurricanes, from getting at Earl. In addition, Huntsville/O-R is adding some push to the jetstream manipulation by forcing hot Southern air straight north, which also aids in preventing the cold front from reaching the East Coast. The temps forecast for Illinois have missed on the low side because of this. There is an increased risk of reaching the nuclear reactor power supply’s limits with this heat and the stress of generating the enormous amounts of electrostatic force fields necessary to keep the jetstream heading into Canada. Meteorologists have predicted that Earl will quickly pass by the East Coast based upon the probability (theirs) of Earl being sandwiched between two systems that effectively whip Earl northward; however, if the cold front doesn’t reach the Mid-Atlantic Coast as Earl is moving north, then the jetstream curl forming a blockage, will instead stall Earl’s northward progress, strengthen Earl’s CCW motion and allowing Earl to cause far greater damage as it pauses over the NEC. Lastly, even if the cold front reaches the Mid-Atlantic Coast in time, Norfolk and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL) still have the ability to stymie the hoped-for effect, although that would require manipulation producing extremely weird weather.