Monday, September 20, 2010

News for the Reasonable

From Deistic Thought and Action by the World Union of Deists

Parents who let their premature baby die because of their belief in the lies of the Bible regarding faith-healing have withheld evidence from the police according to the prosecutor.

Will the International Atomic Energy Agency demand to inspect Israel's nuclear arsenal? Iran wants them to as do many other nations and people. Israel is the only KNOWN country in the Middle East to have weapons of mass destruction. It is reasonable to have the IAEA inspect their nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Of course Israel's political prostitutes in the White House and Congress will either do nothing to see that an inspection takes place or they will actively oppose an inspection.

Non-religious Jews in Israel oppose the cruel superstition of Orthodox Jews who look to chickens as their saviors. The religious Jews swing chickens, some dead some alive, over their heads thinking this is an atonement for their sins. "Revealed" religions can get people to do some very silly things!

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is openly critical of Obama and Bill Clinton in regards to Israel's expansion into Palestinian land in his new book, White House Diary.

Is burning Korans a good idea?

Pat Robertson's former director of the Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed, is now back with his own coalition, the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Reed was mixed-up with the convicted felon Jack Abramoff and is a shyster of the worse sort. His goal is to not only for more riches and treasure, but to turn America into a Bible based theocracy where he is one of the important and powerful grand poobahs.

Here's an interesting article about the religious right's influence in the Tea Party movement.

Jerry Falwell is dead and gone but his deception lives on in his son, Jerry Jr., and in his Liberty University. Christian author Peter Lillback, who recently had Glenn Beck turn his book George Washington's Sacred Fire into a best seller, gave a speech at Liberty University. The event was Constitution Day and Lillback painted a false picture of America's Founders as Christian zealots. I don't know if he mentioned that the Bible and Christianity are not mentioned at all in either the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution. If America's Founders intended to create a Christian nation they would have clearly stated so in both of these documents. They did not. Click here for America's Deistic origins and here for the religious beliefs of George Washington.

The murder trial of a husband who killed his wife during an exorcism has been postponed until October. The very fact that superstition is alive and well to the point of people actually believing in Satan and exorcisms shows how much more work Deists have to do!

Tens of thousands of tickets to see the pope go unsold in the United Kingdom! That's some great news!

A Roman Catholic priest is murdered in South Africa for shortchanging a man after he had sex with him. The priest, appropriately named Father Sham, was in charge of Boys Town in South Africa.

Two more victims of pedophile Catholic priests step forward in California. I could fill this entire issue with accounts of Catholic clergy molesting innocent children. This just goes to show Christianity has nothing of value to offer people since it can't even keep its own propagators from committing such unnatural and disgusting acts.

God-given reason is not important at all in the "revealed" religions. An example of this is the Catholic Church applying harsher rules against priests who ordain women as priests while being much more lenient towards priests who sexually molest children and infants!

Satanists regroup and still plan a reverse exorcism! Satanism is just an unreasonable superstition just like all of the other "revealed" religions.

Islam attacks the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which guarantees free speech. An American cartoonist, Molly Norris, who published an image of Mohammed, ignorance and superstition is upon him, on her website entitled "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" was told by the F.B.I. to go into hiding so Muslims will not get a chance to murder her. To see how insecure Muslims are who are opposed to drawing Mohammed, here's a link to the images they want to murder over.

2,000 year old medicine in pill form found in ship wreck off of Tuscany, Italy. Can you imagine how much more advanced we'd be now if Christianity did not take Western civilization into the Dark Ages???