Sunday, September 05, 2010

My name is Earl: Rocky fights back

By Phasma Scriptor

At the last post, Earl was the strongest hurricane on record to reach the latitude where Hatteras sits. It was moving air around at 145 mph, a Cat 4 with pretensions to be a Cat 5. When Earl got near Hatteras, the eye stayed clear of the outer banks, allowing Earl to continue to draw energy from the water, as opposed to weakening over land; that did not bode well for the communities further north had Earl been eased into a path heading over land.

Then, as if a switch was turned off, Earl’s eye went all googly and became irregular, while the diameter of the storm expanded in fairly short order; expansion is usually a sign of weakening, where the well-defined eye indicates strength while the sloppy, vague eye indicates the opposite. The cold front which had been hoped to be the savior of the East Coast was stalled over the Midwest, held in place by the jetstream shoving/pulling air into Canada, for 3 days, 2 days longer than forecast and, at the time of Earl’s getting out of proper shape, was still several hundred miles to the west. That trough was, thus, not much of a factor in the rapid dissolution of Earl. So, what changed?

In the past, despite the weather bombs thrown at the Northeastern Corridor (NEC) by the network of national labs partnered with the necessary nuclear power supplies, there hasn’t seemed to be any resistance by the home base of the Rockefeller family, the Biblical Whore, to these attacks by the Biblical Beast, the Rothschild family, using Chicago as its US headquarters (where the Vatican keeps its vast holdings). This time, Rocky might have put up a defense. From where?

Despite the fact that the Rockefellers founded the University of Chicago, and were the patrons of Argonne Laboratories and Fermilab, which grew out of the pioneering work of Enrico Fermi in developing the first atomic bomb under the old Stagg Field football stands on the UofC campus, that didn’t stop the Rothschild-controlled crew at Fermilab/Argonne from taking advantage of the free rein they enjoyed. Soviet scientists, who were also effectively working for the Rockefellers (see Antony Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution), had used the papers of Nikola Tesla to fulfill the fantasies of czars and commissars who had dreamt (for as long as those crazy people had been crazy enough to try to subsist, for generations, on the frozen tundra) of thawing, so that summer was possible, more practically, summer wheat. Unfortunately for those fond hopes, the Soviet nukes were no match for the power drain of the electrostatic force fields that drove the winter blues over the polar ice cap onto Canada and the US (see the really nasty winter of 1978-79), Chernobyl being the most glaring example of really shitty Soviet technocracy.

When the Rockefellers withdrew their decades-old support of the Russians (the oil franchises granted to Vacuum Oil, later Mobil, now merged into Exxon-Mobil, were rapidly coming up E - peak oil, don’cha know), the Rockefeller puppets in the Kremlin came up craps and the Soviet Union collapsed; both before and after, the scientists who had worked on the failed weather machine were recruited by Fermilab/Argonne in the late 1980s. That’s when the fun began. But, for decades, the game was only being played by the Rothschild boys.

The disemboweling of Earl, on track to repeat the successful double tornado strike on Manhattan and Philly in July, seems to signal that the Rockies are going to make a fight of it. Late-breaking information points to the return of the USS Cole to Naval Station Norfolk on September 1, ordered back from the Gulf of Aden, as an indicator; to paraphrase Ellen Page hawking Cisco Systems, “Gulf of Aden, that’s pretty far.” Even further from October 12, 2000, when the USS Cole had a large 35 foot hole installed in its hull by Mossad saboteur-provocateurs … in the port at Aden. The USS Cole is in the Arleigh-Burke Class of destroyers which are considered the most deadly ships on the sea, bristling w/sufficient firepower to prosecute a small war in, inter alia, its battery of 90 missile silos (typically loaded with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, that’s 90 nukes on 1 relatively small ship), a pair of enormous Gatling guns (Phalanx
Close-in-weapons-systems) capable of getting off 4500 20 mm uranium-tipped rounds/sec., which can cut objects w/o very, very thick armor literally into shreds, tiny shreds. Sharp shooters are so 20th Century.

That’s the obvious scary stuff; the state-of-the-art-of-war techno-features that aren’t so visible are the huge cache of electronic gear that evokes gasps from military hardware geeks, a trove that’s stuffed into the windowless compartment below the bridge that dominates the front of the ship and three vertical-take-off drones. In the USS Cole’s case, these drones are now equipped with the latest in plasma field transponders that draw power from the nuclear pigs (small nuclear reactors) in the hold.

You can now guess for yourself how Earl got the Wicked Witch treatment w/the USS Cole playing Dorothy and her bucket of water. Oh, what a world, what a world.

The weather assaults and the responsive defense and perhaps counter-punch will make for much more competitive entertainment from now on.