Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad Cops, Bad Cops whacha going to do when We The People come for you...?

  • Dear Chief Romero: You’re off your rocker if you think you can bring federal charges against someone for merely coming with an amusing and creative way of criticizing your department. Also, in making a big deal out of this, you only helped the critic’s message reach a wider audience. So congratulations!
  • This is absolutely chilling. Story here. The officer was fired, but is now suing to get his job back. The reaction from the police union is almost comical. “What we find to be unreasonable was the behavior of the suspect from the point she came in the room.” Really? Nothing unreasonable about the pool of blood she was lying in? The woman wasn’t being particularly cooperative, but it’s awfully damning that the cop turned off the camera. And sorry, but you don’t get those injuries from “falling.”
  • A cop in New Haven will get to keep his taxpayer-funded pension after pleading guilty to stealing seized drug money and from funds earmarked to pay drug informants. The reason? He was able to submit retirement papers before the city got around to firing him.
  • This one is priceless.
  • Car cam catches Tennessee officer (allegedly) planting marijuana after a traffic stop.
  • After a neighbor photographed police engaged in a drug raid, two cops charged the neighbors’ home, forced entry without a warrant, seized the camera and destroyed the film, and arrested the men who took the photographs. Charges were later dropped, and the men are now suing. In court, the prosecutor who tried to bring charges against the men finally agreed they’d done nothing wrong, and that the cops were out of line. But she still wouldn’t call what they did “criminal.” A police captain referred to their actions as, “a mistake in judgment.” Seems like a rather mild characterization of a home invasion, theft, wrongful arrest, and wrongful detainment in response to someone who was exercising his First Amendment rights.