Thursday, February 21, 2008

Got McCain?

Got McCain?

To be fair:

1) I want to see hundreds of billboards throughout Arizona asking women who have had sex with John McCain to call an 800 number and get a reward.

2) I want to know NOW which way his dick leans. (even though the Rightwing says it goes left, I want pictures)

3) A congressional investigation. Subpoena the woman, Vicki Iseman, her mother, friends and any children she may have as to her propensity to oral sex or be thrown in jail.

4) Assign Michael Moore as an "independent prosecutor" to research every private matter in McCain's life. With the power to subpoena and jail any woman who does not tell him what he wants to hear.

5) Have PETA draw up findings that McCain and his wife have murdered at least 50 people.

6) And of course, assign the most liberal 12 congressman as House Managers to proceed with having him removed from the Senate.

7) And hurry up with all this, we have an election coming up!