Saturday, February 09, 2008

Support Nancy Grant - Unjustly Sentenced for Unlicensed Practice of Law

Sept 2007 AVNetnews - Nancy Grant was sentenced for 28 counts of third degree felony unlicensed practice of law. She was given approximately a $33,000 fine and 15 years probation. The legal community and constitution watchers such as Jail for Judges, which Nancy is Florida's Jail for Judges chief Jailer are abhorred by such legal actions, since Nancy has been actively seeking relief for throw aways in our legal system.


-Florida Dept of Financial services audited the DeSoto County Court Clerk and reached the following decision June 2007, several months before Nancy was arrested for UPL: see page 4 of or download the full document:


Based upon our review, we found the Clerk’s budgeting practices and expendituremethodologies for State funds to be efficient and accurate. Also, we concluded the Desoto County Clerk’s Office is currently able to report on all required performance standards.However, we noted that during FY 05-06, the Desoto County Clerk’s Office is not compliant with the surplus remittance directives described in Section 28.37(2), F.S.


The Clerk should closely adhere to and follow all surplus remittance requirements as directed by Section 28.37(2), F.S. Our review concluded that $33,841 should be remitted to the Clerks of the Court Trust Fund to ensure complia nce with the one-third remittance requirements as described by Florida Statutes. " See p. 4.