Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs? (Part 4)

Boy is Larken on a roll!!! The fascist anal orifice porcines must be stopped or they will continue to think that they can get away with this behavior. If you can't sue them into compliance, and if you can't embarass or shame them into compliance then all that is left is for vigilante heros to give to them what they have given to others.

Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs? (Part 4)

Once again, it's time to take another look at American "law enforcement" in action, to determine if they are noble and brave public servants who deserve our utmost respect, or if they are fascist pigs who deserve our scorn and condemnation. So here is today's e
xample (only a few minutes long):

During the incident shown on that video, most of the cop's comments demonstrate that he is a belligerent jerk and an obnoxious butthead, but that's not really what we're looking for. The fascist mindset is more than just being rude, or even being a bully. So, for example, when the cop yells at the kid, assaults him (in a relatively minor way), pushes him to the ground, threatens to smack him in the head for his "attitude," and steals his skateboard--not to mention making what is basically a veiled death threat--that shows that the DUDE is a basically rotten human being, who certainly should NOT have a badge, or ever be given any power over anyone. But it does not, by itself, prove that he is an honest-to- goodness fascist. The indications of THAT are more subtle.

Once again, here is the test for whether a cop is a fascist or not:

A NON-fascist cop, when he looks out at the world, would see lots of good people, whom he would want to protect, and would never want to harm, intimidate, or even inconvenience unnecessarily. His goal would be to find the nasty people in the world, and see to it that they are prevented from harming any of the decent people.

A FASCIST cop, on the other hand, would view everyone as his inferior, to be controlled, interrogated, or even abused at will. He sees himself, a representative of "authority," as having the right to forcibly impose his will on
anyone he wants, whenever he wants, for any reason (or no reason) and the right to use outright violence against any who do not obey his every whim.

So, aside from being a bully and a thug, what indications do we see of "Officer" Rivieri's view of the world? Well, he seems to think that when HE is talking, "you shut your mouth." He also gets rather dramatically offended when someone calls him "dude"--which was the cause of his prolonged, delusional temper tantrum to begin with. (Of all the teenagers out there in the world, the one in the video seems to be rather LOW on the rudeness scale.) The cop also orders the kid to sit down, suggesting that he likes to be standing over people.

What do all those things tell us about this cop? They tell us that he loves DOMINATING other people. In other words, he loves pretending to be AUTHORITY--the one with the right to boss everyone else around. Notice how vehement he is about being called "OFFICER Rivieri." (Personally, I think "Nazi Swine Rivieri" would be more appropriate, but that's just me.) He repeatedly demands "respect," which, in that context, obviously means that he wants everyone else treating him as their SUPERIOR.

And the dead giveaway--the FIRST thing he complains about to the kid--is that the kid "disrespected me, this badge, and my department." By doing what? By not groveling to the master, obviously. The kid didn't fight, didn't resist, didn't yell, and didn't do any of the other things he would have been perfectly justified in doing. In the eyes of Fuhrer Rivieri, the kid committed blasphemy by calling GOD ALMIGHTY "dude." Because Mr. Rivieri is no mere mortal. Oh, no. He is a representative of AUTHORITY, and thus must be obeyed without question, and treated at all times as a superior being!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the mindset of a fascist pig.


Larken Rose

The poLice culture of corruption and abuse is pandemic. Sometimes the cops are punished. However, it is usually a lighter sentence or fine than if it were you or I. The only thing that bullies understand is retributive force be it legal or extra-lawful.