Friday, April 24, 2009

Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs? (Part 5)

He is right you know. ALL cops are bad cops. ALL cops are fascist pigs. If they were good people they would not be cops. It is either abuse by commission or abuse by omission. Either way they are abusive of your rights by blindly carrying out unlawful but "legal" orders. They are the enforcers of the statutory corporate policies of the ruling junta under the guise of "law." Face it folks. This is one of the points of conflict in the undeclared American civil war between freedom and despotism. The poLice of today are no different than the Redcoats of yesterday.

By Larken Rose

(Warning: My language gets a little caustic in the message below, but nothing worse than a PG rating.)

Once again, it's time to put American "law enforcement" to the test, to see if they are noble public servants, or fascist pigs. This time, let's have some audience participation. Let's play, "Spot the Fascist Pig" while viewing the following video:

So, did you have any trouble spotting the fascist pig? Well, let's see. Did you choose the sadistic bastard beating up the defenseless girl (Deputy Pig Paul Sheen)? If so, you only get a "C." While it's very likely that that thug was indeed a fascist pig, the evidence in this video didn't actually prove that.

Again, let's remain clear in our terminology. "Officer" Sheen is obviously a sadistic piece of excrement, but was there actual evidence of the fascist mindset? Not really. Someone who doesn't pretend to be "authority" could still exhibit such violent, bullying behavior. As a result, the violence, by itself, is NOT proof of genuine fascism. I guess one could make a case that anyone who would characterize a girl daintily kicking off her shoe as "assaulting an officer" is pretty likely to be a fascist pig, but it's not nearly the strongest case shown in the video.

I know the video is unpleasant to watch--at least if you're a human being--but I ask that you watch it again, keeping your eyes on the OTHER cop. Here is the link again:

Now recall the test for fascism. Does that guy--the one NOT actually beating up the defenseless girl--look like his goal is to protect the innocent? Hardly. Does he look like a defender of truth and justice? Uh, no. Does his failure to intercede, and in fact his assistance in the assault (though relatively minor), show that he is a fascist pig whose loyalty is to his fellow thugs, no matter what they may be doing? Absolutely. Being able to assist in such abuse and oppression when one is NOT enraged is a BETTER indication of the fascist mindset than someone having a violent temper tantrum (which may instead merely indicate that someone is a stupid, violent animal).

But even if you chose the thug's "assistant" as the fascist pig in this case, you still only get a "B." It was really a trick question. The correct answer was: the thug's assistant AND the "spokesman" for the gang of Nazi swine, who refused to condemn actions that were obviously illegal, unjustifiable, and downright despicable. Instead of openly condemning such blatant evil, Sergeant Jim Laing, like the spineless little worm he is, refuses to comment. (I'm assuming the guy is the fascist gang's "spokesman," but what good is a "spokesman" who refuses to SAY anything?)

Several people, including my brilliant wife, have recently taken issue with me seeming to imply that ALL police are "fascist pigs." Well, that is EXACTLY what I am implying, and this is a perfect example of WHY I believe that. Being fascist pigs is OFFICIAL POLICE POLICY across the country. The other cop in the room, does he try to stop the vicious attack committed by his fellow "officer"? No. Does he even seem slightly shocked or surprised? No. He calmly ASSISTS in the abuse.

I'm sure many of you would have many well-deserved, less-than- complimentary words for the thug himself, but I'd like to add a few for the thug's "assistant": You are a worthless, cowardly piece of crap. You don't deserve a shred of respect, regardless of your stupid badge and your imagined "authority." You are not a man, you aren't even a human being. I hope everyone you know, all your friends and family, see that video, and see what kind of spineless maggot you are. And I appreciate you giving such a fine example of how courageous and principled the "men and women in blue" are. You are a Nazi pig, and you'd be doing the world a favor if you go jump off the nearest cliff.

While I'm at it, how about a few words for the floundering, evasive police "spokesman"? Dear Mr. Spineless propagandist. You would have made Joseph Goebbels proud. My only hope is that some day some noble "law enforcement" officers, not realizing that you are a member of their club of inferiority complex, sadistic scumbags, beat the living hell out of you, until one of two things happen: 1) you die, or; 2) you suddenly find yourself able to identify evil as EVIL, even when it is committed by one of your fellow "officers."

One--just ONCE--I want to hear some police "spokesman," when asked about such a blatant example of police abuse, say something like, "I think that Officer Paul Sheen is a cowardly piece of crap, and given the chance, I'd gladly pound the living hell out of him myself." When THAT happens, instead of their predictable butt- covering, obfuscating and excuse-making, THEN I might regain some respect for "law enforcement." Until then, they're all fascist pigs as far as I'm concerned.

Larken Rose

(P.S. As I'm finishing up this message, it's coming up on 11:00 p.m. And as luck would have it, just down the road from my house, the local fascists have once again set up their warrantless, suspicionless, random stop of everyone, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment. So how many cops do you think refused to participate in it? I'm guessing: NONE. So does anyone still want to complain when I say that ALL American cops are fascist pigs? Being fascist pigs is now OFFICIAL POLICY of all American police departments. And you'll see more evidence of that in upcoming messages.)