Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Roots of the Current Global Crisis

Today more than ever we need to understand how and why we got into this mess. In my eclectic educational attempt to lead you to some of the best sources of intelligent water to drink I hope that you take the time to drink. Only you can educate yourself and then educate others. Please share this blog and its resources with friends, family, your own blog or website.

There is much out there in "internetland" both good and bad. Knowing the difference is the mark of maturity, self-sufficiency and individuality. I firmly believe that the way out is a different paradigm. There are so many that advocate the old ways of resisting tyranny. The same old ways that dishonor those who have lost life, liberty and property to tyrants. The same old ways that rely on the weight of the piled up bodies to somehow tweak a responsive chord of vestigial conscience within the despotic regime resulting in a brief respite of jackboot heel grinding.

Henry David Thoreau said, "There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

The thousands of branch hackers out there are advocating long term collateral damage accumulating, existing paradigm preserving "change" in the "Freedom, Patriot, Freeman, Liberty, Volunteerism, Constitutional, Bible thumping, etc.," movements.

However, if you want change within your lifetime or the lifetime of your children what do you do? You ask the right questions. Then you may get the right answers. Those thousands of branch hackers have asked and answered the questions for you. You already know their answers.

It is time to stand up and be mature individuals. It is time to re-examine the premises, build a new syllogism and come to a true and sound conclusion of the matter of freedom and liberty before us. The questions we need to be asking is "What is the root?" and "What and how is the best way to strike it?"

With the above in mind please take the time this weekend to read the following and follow the links. Email me with your comments if you want to. I WILL publish those that are "strike worthy."


The Roots of the Current Global Crisis

Little does the common man know the tales and travails that go on behind the scenes as the world lurches towards another Great Depression and a World War - see Sharp Increase in Global Tension since the G-20.

Half past 6 on the Morning after the Mad Orgy of Funny Money

The Uranus-Saturn clock chimes 6am; and
Pluto doth herald its morning in Capricorn;
Whilst the drunken vision of wealth without creation
Woven by black magic during the orgy of the night
Lingers on in the minds of little men
Who have pushed the snooze button.

The global credit crisis has the attention of the mainstream media which has so far has done its best to not examine the fraudulent roots of the entire monetary system. Even the lads on bubble vision know that something is amiss as does Warren Buffett. What Rick Santenelli needs to discuss on the floor of the exchange are the roots of the global financial crisis - Fraudulent Finance - and how The Law can be upheld once again.

Humanity is at a crossroads, mostly due to its failure to distinguish between a liability for a good and the good itself; as well as its failure to distinguish between what is lawful and what is legal.

What follows is a chain of deductive reasoning based on observable events in the markets and other information and disinformation that leaks out.


Make sure you also follow the links on the same site. Specifically,

Fraudulent Finance for Dummies

Extracted from the longer post on inflation and deflation at the same time.

Fraud in High Places

"Loss of reputation for honorable dealing will bring us unending humiliation. The impending legal and moral chaos is appalling.” Chief Justice Reynolds, in delivering the dissenting minority opinion on the 1935 Supreme Court decision that upheld president Roosevelt’s confiscation of the people’s gold

Unmitigated fraud in high places has resulted in war, death and destruction of liberty, honour, capital, savings and private property and the rule by force of arms by the criminals themselves.

Humanity is at a crossroads, mostly due to its failure to distinguish between a liability for a good and the good itself; as well as its failure to distinguish between what is lawful and what is legal.

This is what led to the 1920s stock boom, the default by the British on their gold obligations on September 20th 1931; the brazen theft by FDR; the last war of distraction from the theft by fraud - WWII; the theft of most or all the US treasury gold, the fight by the parasites over the Japanese spoils of war in Asia - the bars of gold in and around the Philippines; Nixon's default in 1971; the 1990s stock boom followed by the real estate boom followed by 911, Enron and the unfolding failure of money-based-on-nothing.

The last ditch effort to save the banks who circulate USD liabilities created via fraud as if they were USD by creating a super-parasite via Theft-via-taxation "T" bills will also fail.

There be parasites within the parasite, and so on add infinitum. Fraud produces more fraud and so on ad infinitum. All national debt in fraud units are FRAUD.