Monday, April 20, 2009

Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs? (Part 3)

Once again Larken hits the nail on the pin head of the fascist police state mentality. COPS ARE NOT YOUR FREINDS!!! There is NO place in America for what this this kind of "law" enforcement has become. Today's poLice have very little difference from how the Nazi Gestapo, the East German Stasi and the USSR's MVD/KGB operated.

Cops: Public Servants or Fascist Pigs? (Part 3)

Again, this series of messages is addressing the question, are today's American "law enforcers" noble public servants, or fascist pigs? Ironically, I remembered a video I had seen that was really bad, but that I did NOT consider evidence of the fascist mindset. I was GOING to reference the video as an example of the fact that cops being rude, obnoxious, even violent, or using bad judgment, is not necessarily proof that they think like fascists. They might just be bullies, or hot-tempered morons. So I looked for the example I had seen before, of a rather large off-duty cop brutally beating a petite female bartender, because she didn't want to give the violent drunk any more alcohol (go figure).

What I was GOING to say about the video was that, while it may demonstrate that cops can be stupid, abusive, violent alcoholics (and they are, more often than the general public), it's not what I'm talking about when I say that they are fascists. However, when I looked up the video again, the aftermath of the event gives a perfect example of how "police" ARE fascist pigs.

Once again, the goal here is to determine which of the following best describes American police today:

A NON-fascist cop, when he looks out at the world, would see lots of good people, whom he would want to protect, and would never want to harm, intimidate, or even inconvenience unnecessarily. His goal would be to find the nasty people in the world, and see to it that they are prevented from harming any of the decent people.

A FASCIST cop, on the other hand, would view everyone as his inferior, to be controlled, interrogated, or even abused at will. He sees himself, a representative of "authority," as having the right to forcibly impose his will on anyone he wants, whenever he wants, for any reason (or no reason), and the right to use outright violence against any who do not obey his every whim.

So let's consider this example, and see what we can learn from it. Here is the video:

The video of the original beating clearly demonstrates that "officer" Anthony Abbate is a violent sadistic bastard, not to mention a mean drunk. However, it doesn't by itself prove that he's a fascist pig. Being a vicious scumbag who likes to beat up petite women is not a good quality. And giving someone like that a badge and a gun seems like a stunningly bad idea. But he may be merely a stupid, power-happy animal, rather than a genuine fascist.

(It would have been nice if some of the other people who were there had had the spine to actually DO something about it. Yeah, the scumbag is a big guy, but he was also so sloshed that his swings missed a stationary target several times. I doubt a target that swung back would have had much trouble subduing him. If nothing else, I think one hollow-point 9mm to the kneecap would have slowed him down quite effectively.)

However, the AFTERMATH of the event is a classic example showing that "law enforcers" ARE fascist pigs. If the other cops cared about law and justice, and that sort of thing, how would they have responded to the incident? They would have been screaming for Abbate to be fired, charged with assault, and thrown in jail. In fact, had the other cops roughed him up a bit while arresting him, I for one wouldn't have complained.

But what did they do instead? They spent lots of man-hours PROTECTING the thug, from public scrutiny and from public anger, using their pretend "authority" to scare away the press. In other words, they showed that loyalty to their gang of thugs matters more to them than loyalty to justice or the law. Where are the GOOD cops screaming for Abbate to be hung out to dry? I haven't heard any yet.

So once again, the verdict must be: American cops are fascist pigs.

Larken Rose

(P.S. The fact that sometimes a cop goes after someone who's actually a criminal does NOT mean that that cop can't be a fascist. Even the Nazis sometimes went after real criminals. Likewise, the fact that a cop might not harass everyone he meets also does not mean he's not a fascist. If he thinks it's up to HIM who he stops, detains, interrogates, etc.--whether he has any "probable cause" to suspect a crime or not--then he is an honest-to-goodness fascist.)