Monday, May 11, 2009


BACK TO JEKYLL ISLAND: May 20-22, 2009

Defenders of the Constitution to Meet

On May 21-22, Patriots who have given so much for America and the preservation of its governing documents -- the greatest ever given to man – will meet at Jekyll Island where, in defense of the Constitution of the United States of America, as now written, they will lay the groundwork for a NEW AND RIGHTEOUS RECORD FOR AMERICA to replace and Redress much of the evil our Republic has endured since 1910.

In 1910, a group of the world's most powerful financiers traveled incognito by train one night from New Jersey to Jekyll Island, Georgia to covertly design the strategic, political and legislative foundation needed to install the privately-owned banking cartel that we now know as the "Federal Reserve System."

In 1913, this private banking cartel was quietly and fraudulently granted power by the U.S. Congress to conjure the currency of our nation out of limitless debt. For almost a century it has effectively bankrolled (through populist fraud, political deception, and financial alchemy) a broad array of escalating, unconstitutional acts by the federal Government. These acts, in violation of the fundamental Rights of the People, have taken our Republic - and the Liberty of the People - to the brink of ruin.

On May 20th, 2009, many of the Jekyll Island participants will board an Amtrak train in New Jersey and travel overnight to Jekyll Island. They will retrace the very footsteps of the global financiers who succeeded, via stealth almost a century ago, in seizing the monetary machinery of our nation to finance their elitist and despotic ends. Those attending will meet, eat and sleep in the very same rooms occupied by the men who endeavored to enslave us for their benefit, profit, and power.

The meeting at Jekyll Island will bring together leaders of the Constitutional movement from across America for the following purposes:

1. To participate in a bold, momentous “on-location” event of vast potential significance to set forth a NEW AND RIGHTEOUS RECORD for America to replace and Redress the legacy our Republic has endured since the events on Jekyll Island in 1910;

2. To make evident and secure the collaboration of national leaders who have dedicated themselves and their organizations to the preservation of the Constitution and our Founding Principles.

3. To emerge with a shared vision and a viable plan of action to re-ignite the Flame of Liberty within the Hearts of our People and bring them the hope of peacefully restoring Freedom that is the promise of CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009.

In short, while Bob Schulz has been traveling across the nation promoting the coming Continental Congress, WTP has been quietly arranging for many of the leaders of the Liberty movement to convene at Jekyll Island. With the support of these leaders, the CC2009 initiative will move forward much faster.

Read the letter sent from Bob Schulz to the Sheriff of Glynn County, Georgia.

The Appropriate Next Step for a Free People

As many know, WTP is facilitating the Continental Congress assembly that will be held later this year.

What must the People of America do when their elected officials decide that “[T]here are things in the Constitution that have been overtaken by events, by time…things that are no longer relevant
to a modern society - things that are inappropriate, anachronistic." ? (Footnote 1)

What is the appropriate next step to take when the Government’s violations of our Founding Documents are causing the collapse of our Republic and the suffering of our People?

What can we do, as witnesses to a system of government that now includes routine abuses of long-settled judicial doctrines and the People’s Right to Due Process which deny the People not only any modicum of Justice, but their constitutional Rights? MORE HERE