Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Welcome to Marshall Law - Misuse of the PATRIOT ACT

Found on The Agitator

Too bad the mother doesn't believe in guns. She sure found out that they exist now. Anyway, let's examine what supposedly happened and twist it to fit a freedom fighter mentality.

Sooooo, the FedFascists will attack a home in the middle of the night and arrest a kid for supposedly making "bomb" threats from his home computer. I bet that they will coerce him into saying exactly what they want. Psychological, emotional, maybe even physical threats. Threats of ruining his mother's life, the lives of his siblings, maybe even the grandparents. Remember the kids in Gitmo? How were they treated? According to the PATRIOT ACT the FedFascists say that any of us are no better off than the "detainees" at Gitmo. After all now its Homeland Gestapo running the show and they don't have to follow the "Constitution" because our fear mongering pack minded mongrel CONgresscritters voted away his, your and my rights. Hell No! Time to fight back.

According to the news source the kid's IP address was stolen and then used to mask the ID of the "bomb threatener." It is pretty easy to get an IP address since they are available in most emails from anyone (see http://www.elitehackers.info/forums/archive/index.php/t-2827.html.) If that is true then maybe thousands of "stolen" IP addresses could be used to send all kinds of messages to the FedFascists.

ANYBODY'S IP address is vulnerable! Even the FedFascists' IP addresses. City, county and State governments' IP addresses are vulnerable to use to mask any kind of message that anyone would want to send. Even your CONgresscritter's offices IP addresses. (For info on IP addresses http://whatismyipaddress.com/)

What if the FedFascists decide that they don't like you and what you are doing. What is stop any of them from setting you up so to take you off the street and intimidate you to SHUT UP, SIT DOWN AND OBEY???

They want to follow IP addresses? Then maybe they should be given lots of IP addresses to follow. Maybe not. They might get real urinated and turn off the Internet. Oops! However, that and several hundred people including Congresscritters being raided in the middle of the night would not go over real well.

Now what if this kid did it? FedFascists are supposed to get subpoenas to obtain the specific physical address of a computer and its operator. Maybe they did. Maybe this kid thought some crappy anonymizer program would cover his tracks. That still doesn't excuse the OVER the TOP handling of this case. Welcome to the USSA Amerika.

This abuse needs to be nipped in the bud by all peaceful means necessary to inflict pain and cost to Homeland Gestapo. Fraking fear mongers. Molon Labe!