Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Special Post - Jekyll Island May 2009 - Summary:

By Ernest Hancock

Individuals are motivated by their own experiences and interests, and the quest for freedom brings many diverse interests together, but any attempt to have an individual set aside their goals for the goals of another individual or a collective of individuals has more often than not resulted in a loss of interest.

The idea that we must all focus on a single goal in order to accomplish “a victory” has distracted us from the power of individuals motivated to strike deep into the marrow of abusive collectives and leave a mind freeing infection that spreads rapidly.

As time passes and events unfold it becomes clear that advocates for humanity’s evolution into an autonomous creature, that benefits from voluntary relationships with others, will become the dominant philosophy. I am of the opinion that the only way we are to be diverted from a path of peace and liberty is to change human beings at a fundamental level. History is full of attempts to accomplish that very end. Religion, Nationalism, Patriotism, Fear, Chemicals, Propaganda, Lies and ultimately FORCE have all been the tools of those hoping to get ‘voluntary’ compliance from a species destined to be unfettered in their individual pursuit of their own happiness.

The meeting at Jekyll Island this May 2009 reaffirmed several things for me. The most important is a philosophical gap that many may confuse as ‘generational’. The young were generally unrepresented in the effort to restore a respect for the documents that have become culturally associated with the principles of liberty. The more mature activists looked to the romanticized version of the past for inspiration, while the young have come to look to each other in the contemporary fight for freedom that is far more relevant and personal to them.

An effort to link past efforts and successes to a divine intervention takes away from the divinity expressed in the individuals that were the vehicle for the successes. Any spiritual strength an individual might acknowledge is labeled and packaged into a specific religious package that is expected of everyone with similar goals. As a supporter of Christ’s message of voluntary persuasion (witness, parable, testimony, example,… without the advocacy of using Caesar’s legions to make another be his brother’s keeper) I was comfortable raising my young family as ‘Christians’ and sending my 4 children to 6 years of private Christian school from 7th to 12th grade. But what I learned was that you can never be ‘Christian’ enough and that political force (which was commonly avoided by many denominations until the birth of the ‘Christian Right’ in the early ‘80s) was ‘God’s will’ and the chosen method for bringing the USA within his favor.

The claim that there are Individuals, Organizations, Nations and/or various collectives with God’s “Power of Attorney” on Earth is a sure sign of individual rights being set aside for the benefit of a collective that is trumpeted to be under constant threat.

Fear is the mind killer and has been a favorite tool to keep humanity under control,… ‘Because if you are not in control, you are Out of Control’,… but something happened on the way to a total Police State.

Technology allowed an entire generation to directly communicate directly with one another in many variations of ‘Peer to Peer’ sharing of all sorts of information.

What was highlighted at Jekyll Island were the differing opinions regarding the need for “Leaders”. The r3VOLution of the past 2 years demonstrated just how out dated the notion is that we need ‘leaders’ to show the coming generation how to be their own sovereign. This ‘Generation Gap’ results from differing perspectives on the methods needed to combat collectives used to enslave populations for he benefit of those wielding the power at the top.

Many decades of liberty advocacy has conditioned mature freedom fighters with the belief that only a bigger and more dedicated ‘collective force’ can hope to deter and/or defeat the beast that is devouring us. But if successful we are then left with an even more powerful collective to contend with.

What the r3VOLution’s experience has reinforced in the minds of the young is the inefficiency of paperwork and records and meetings and titles and individuals with ‘shiny badges’ that want to direct the energies and talents of self motivated activists away from the projects and interests that started them on their path to freedom in the first place.

More than two centuries of experience has provided more than enough evidence of the accuracy of the Anti-Federalist’s predictions, ‘Concentrated power and Central Planning never produce desired results.’ In almost no time at all the interests of the collective become more important than the reason for its creation. Decentralization of power, down to the individual, is the ‘secret’ to effective opposition of tyranny.

Predetermined goals of maintaining the “Union” or ‘Rebooting the Republic’ detailed in the US Constitution eliminates the possibility of creating something better. 200+ years of philosophical evolution, the technical ability of instantaneous communication, the ability to travel anywhere on Earth in less than a day and the ability to live a modern life totally ‘off grid’ will be combined with the imaginations of youth to find an improved future of human interactions,… guaranteed.

For the Continental Congress of 2009 to have any chance of success, it must include the representation of those that will inherit this planet and are now on the front lines demanding to be left alone to thrive in a new culture that demands the liberty to pursue their own happiness,… because they already know that they’ll be successful. In the end, Freedom Always Wins,… it just might get a little messy first.

“Freedom’s the Answer,… What’s the Question?”