Monday, May 18, 2009


From The Libertarian Enterprise

by Jim Davidson

Special to the Libertarian Enterprise

They were slaughtering civilians in the countries they occupied. Their soldiers were raping civilians and torturing prisoners to death. They were committing war crimes abroad. They were slaughtering civilians at home, too, and silencing dissent through brutal repression. Children and adults were being spirited out of their homes by gangs of thugs to be imprisoned, tortured, and abused without any legal process at all. Families lost contact with the disappeared, and there was no way to provide legal counsel or any help at all.

The government leaders pretended they didn't know, that they had not been told, or that what they were doing was "necessary" to defend freedom. But how is murder, rape, and torture involved in defending freedom? What does the slaughter of men, women, and children in a church have to do with the rights, liberty, and property that make a free society prosperous?

Instead of revealing information, the government was withholding information. Instead of a commission of inquiry to reveal the truth, those in power continued to insist on secrecy, equivocation, and lies. Instead of resisting them, many of the people were prostrate, silent, and complicit. The news media instead of asking the difficult questions and demanding answers, was silent and complicit. Instead of applauding protests, the news media were mocking and deriding them.

Nazi Germany? Yes. Militarist Japan? Yes. Soviet Russia? Yes. Communist China? Yes. The United States of America? Yes.

Is anyone surprised? Does anyone, at this point, doubt the facts? Then let facts be submitted candidly. (I found it surprisingly easy to find links on these topics, and often hundreds of thousands of results. If you don't like my links, search for your own. See how easy? Can you read each of these pages, please, and tell me that you aren't disturbed? Why not? What's wrong with you?!)