Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Links

The Fifth US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, in a welcome display of common sense, that cops can't get around the requirement for a search warrant by sending SWAT officers to accompany ordinary regulatory inspections. The Agitator

Don Siegelman, the former Alabama Governor railroaded into prison by the Bush-Cheney administration's corrupt Justice Department, has had his appeal denied by the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals. And federal prosecutors — in other words, the Obama administration — has recommended that Siegelman's sentence be nearly tripled, to twenty years.

While he was Secretary of Defense under Bush-Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld routinely added inspirational Bible verses to the cover sheets of daily war briefings delivered to the White House. How frickin' creepy is that? This is why religion in government is dangerous, especially with a frantic "born again" like Bush.
You've no doubt heard about the Bible quotes by now, but there's more, much more in this
belated but invaluable coverage of Rumsfeld's tenure that paints the fellow as an
extraordinary jackass. What stands out the most to me, is that one of Rumsfeld's key
accomplishments was actively working to block rescue efforts in New Orleans after
Hurricane Katrina.
Gentlemen's Quarterly